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  1. Greg073

    Couatl crashes

    Couatl is an absolutely AWFUL executable. I bought a bunch of FSDT's sceneries but never re-installed them when I upgraded to P3Dv4.2 due to the instability and stutters. Despite what they say, it DOES make my sim stutter. But when I said that I was yelled at and called a liar. Thanks buddy, I'll be sure to never buy any more of your sceneries.
  2. Greg073

    Digital Designs LOWS P3Dv4 compatible?

    Awesome thanks!
  3. Greg073

    Digital Designs LOWS P3Dv4 compatible?

    Disregard last...i was talking about EDDP. Not sure about LOWS.
  4. Greg073

    Digital Designs LOWS P3Dv4 compatible?

    The installer does let you point to P3Dv4 now, however there is a severe terrain issue. As in there's no ground/terrain underneath the airport. Disabling the terrain folder didn't work for me. It appears to be jacked up at the moment.