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  1. 06R

    V4 Scenery

    Ahh thanks that's great info I just found a thread that explains that will do it now :)
  2. 06R

    V4 Scenery

    I have an old version of global. Will that work on v4? Its version 140. Also its from Flightsim store and I cant seem to figure out how to get FTX central to recognise it. Tried installing and it just hangs on the "unwrapping installer".
  3. 06R

    V4 Scenery

    Many thanks for that. Will look into that tonight.
  4. 06R

    V4 Scenery

    I have just moved from V3 to V4. Seen a great increase in FPS (now running around 80). Does anyone have any recommendations for either global or uk scenery for V4? On V3 I was just running REX clouds and that was it. Cheers
  5. 06R

    737 NGX and QOTS help

    Up and running again now :)
  6. 06R

    737 NGX and QOTS help

    Yeah I am a dumbo.... I must have paid via paypal and that must have set me up on an old, old email address as I only used that email 20 years ago and no longer use it other than ... for paypal! Downloading now... Sorry all!
  7. 06R

    737 NGX and QOTS help

    OK so used the old grey matter and realised the 737 was showing v2/3 on the .exe so I went back to Aerosoft and it let me download the latest version which is great. Installed ok and a quick test flight all ok. Next problem is QOTS2. I cant for the life of me remember where I bought that from! I thought it was Aerosoft but looks like not! Anyone know how I can download the files?
  8. 06R

    737 NGX and QOTS help

    I have just updated to V4 and I am looking for a simple set of instructions to follow to re-install the 2 above aircraft. I uninstalled everything regarding V3 and then installed V4. Tested all ok. However when I go to run the 737 file I just get "a valid P3D install not found in registry" or similar. Anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  9. 06R

    P3D FIX FOR "Error Creating Child Window"

    Anyone got a fix for this yet? Really bugging me now :(
  10. 06R

    Aerosoft Manchester X issues

    Thanks guys. Well sounds like its pretty much a universal problem then. I might contact them to ask for my money back. If they refuse I can always go down the Consumer Rights Act route I guess via Paypal.
  11. I am going to guess a few of you might have this patch? I bought it over the weekend and have some issues. Firstly, FPS. Its dropped from 35 min average of 40 ish to more like 10 min average of 20. Is there anything I can do about that? Second problem is crashing / freezing. P3D has never crashed on me since I owned it. I have a bespoke rig for flight sim and VR and there is nothing else installed. It runs perfect. P3D hung on me 3 or 4 times over the weekend, always when I was visual with Manchester. Away from Manchester its fine. Just after any advice if someone knows what the problem is! Thanks!
  12. 06R

    HTC Vive + P3D + Flyinside = Mind Blown!

    Also invested in a VIVE. I was going OR but then changed my mind. Only just downloaded FlyInside - it seems pretty good. Still on the free trial version but so far it seems good and polished. Will prob buy the full version over the weekend. The immersion is just crazy with HMD and although its lacking resolution at present its not that far off being very useable. For me its just for fun but with a small step up in resolution of say 25-35% I think it will be suitable for most. I think my only issue at the moment is my 970 is struggling in p3d with the vive as its quite choppy if I move my head quickly but I plan to get a 1080ti as soon as its out. Last night flying some fast jets through the hills was really amazing. Lucky I don't really suffer from motion sickness unless I do something stupid and my ears don't like it but on the whole I feel fine for 2-3 hours gaming. The other games that come with the vive are almost more impressive than flight sims!
  13. I see plenty of people on here running 2 or even 3 screens? VR runs 1080 x 1200 x 2 so not that crazy really.I suspect 1080 or 1080ti will cope with that.
  14. What is the general feedback on which is best in sim? The reports I read say the rift has a larger area where the image is in focus and very clear - which is what you want in a sim. Vive is much smaller which can result in viewing issues in big jets etc. Anyone got any feedback on that?
  15. Any update on this? I have a rift due in the next few weeks but I am unsure about it now and I am considering cancel that order and going with vive... anyone had some air time with both?