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  1. Hello. For over two weeks I've been trying to get someone in the CaptainSim Support forums to guide me where or how I can get the ACE utility to download and install textures for their Boeing 767-300 ER but no one seems to care. I bought their aircraft and wanted to install some textures. I understand I need ACE but I have no idea how to activate it. I just bought their 777-200 model hoping to find it there but I still don't see it. Can someone here help me please?. Many thanks.
  2. New Sort View › This PC > MSFS2020 (F:) › Games > Microsoft Flight Simulator Official OneStore OneStore Home Name Date modified Type Size Anibarro Personal .fscontent 1/31/2023 2:3... File folder asobo-aircraft-103solo-smallwheels-livery-xbox-aviators 2/26/2023 6:0... File folder Desktop asobo-aircraft-208b-grand-caravan-ex 2/26/2023 6:0... File folder Downloads asobo-aircraft-208b-grand-caravan-ex-livery-01 2/26/2023 6:0... File folder Documents asobo-aircraft-208b-grand-caravan-ex-livery-aviators 2/26/2023 6:0... File folder Pictures asobo-aircraft-208b-grand-caravan-ex-livery-emerald 2/26/2023 6:0... File folder Saved Pictures asobo-aircraft-208b-grand-caravan-ex-livery-global 2/26/2023 6:0... File folder Videos asobo-aircraft-208b-grand-caravan-ex-livery-kenmore 2/26/2023 6:0... File folder Music asobo-aircraft-208b-grand-caravan-ex-livery-xbox-aviators 2/26/2023 6:0... File folder Movies asobo-aircraft-a320-neo 2/26/2023 6:0... File folder Audacity asobo-aircraft-a320-neo-livery-01 View › ler › ler GalaxyPics asobo-aircraft-a320-neo-livery-aviators Sort by Group by Refresh < ler MSFS PROBLEMS asobo-aircraft-a320-neo-livery-global asobo-aircraft-a320-neo-livery-orbit ler Customize this folder... ler This PC asobo-aircraft-a320-neo-livery-pacifica Paste OS (C:) asobo-aircraft-a320-neo-livery-s7 ler Open in Terminal ler - DATA (D:) asobo-aircraft-a320-neo-livery-worldtravel Give access to > asobo-aircraft-a320-neo-livery-xbox-aviators ler - WINRETOOLS (E:) New > asobo-aircraft-b787-10 ler - MSFS2020 (F:) asobo-aircraft-b787-10-livery-aviators Properties ler Network asobo-aircraft-b787-10-livery-kim 2/26/2023 6:0... File folder asobo-aircraft-b787-10-livery-orbit 2/26/2023 6:0... File folder asobo-aircraft-b787-10-livery-pacifica 2/26/2023 6:0... File folder asobo-aircraft-b787-10-livery-worldtravel 2/26/2023 6:0... File folder asobo-aircraft-b787-10-livery-xbox-aviators 2/26/2023 6:0... File folder asobo-aircraft-b7478i 2/26/2023 6:0... File folder 1 items
  3. I am typing this for Hernan who is partially blind and nearly deaf. He tried to install FSLTL which caused it to crashed to desktop. I did a new install. Started in MS store and it went into Xbox. It asked "install to." I entered "MSFS2020 F:" (the new drive location that I created when 512gig drive stated running out of space). I let it run. When it was completed, Hernan took it for a spin and found missing items. I looked for Community but could not find because the old MSFS2020 file structure was lost when I had to move the app to a larger drive. Fortunately, I had a copy of the Community folder. What I need to know is where do I put it so that MSFS2020 can find it. I really don't understand why you put your app in 3 different places. Why not have one drive house the entirety of the MSFS2020 app and its components? Attached is a screenshot of the newly installed MSFS2020 file structure.
  4. Re-installed MSFS 2020 today 2/26/23. This time I had to do it via XBox. When installation was complete, there was no Community folder. I had a backup and tried to install somewhere near MSFS but did not know how to tell the App where to find the Community folder. Can someone assist me with this? I don't know, has the Community folder been removed? My Computer Specs: Alienware Aurora R11 Windows 11 Intel Cre 17-10700KF -CPU 3.80GHz NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super 32GBMemory 2GB SSD / 512GB SSD / 1TB SSD / 1TB HDD
  5. I am also hoping to find an answer. My case is very similar to yours. My FSLTL settings were very similar to yours. I tried to open my FS to verify if UI traffic was appearing but it crashed and was not able to start FS again. FSLTL suppport page addresses this problem. Apparently this is very common. They suggest to open the FSUIPC file. Where do I find this file? Where is it located? I am a complete newbie about this. I read somewhere it is located in the Community folder. I don't see it in mine. Can someone help?
  6. Thanks for your reply. I still don't see it: https://www.flightsimulator.com/store/ I've been flying the freeware A321 but it is not the one I need. I want the model with winglets and PW engines to make another video in Delta, JetBlue and Spirit Airlines colors.
  7. Hello. I have been trying everything about buying the Latin VFR A321 NEO. I went to Microsoft Store website, found infp about the aircraft, a section dedicated to comments, but not the area or page where to buy it. I don't know if I am missing that information somewhere during my search, but I spent a couple of days trying to find the section where I can buy it. Can someone put a link for that purchase page please. My failing eyesight is not helping me much either. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for your reply. I will attempt to create a new profile. My biggest probl4m is that I am loosing my eyesight due to glaucoma. As of now I am unable to see the entire screen, so I have to take the time to read the entire area with the help of a magnifying glass holding my nose almost close to the screen. A tutorial could help. I know "those are the breaks" I hope today's World Update will solve my problem. Thanks for taking the time to reply.
  9. In view of my a couple of responses to my recent post, I decided to make another video to show all of you the many camera display views that appeared in my flight simulator after an update that followed the world update Australia. THERE WAS a way to remove thoose displays very easily, but that is no longer available and they may have been moved somewhere else. I will appreciate if you can assist me in resolving this problem. Thanks to all. (89) MSFS 2020 camera display errors - YouTube
  10. Hi Roy. Yes, I am talking about not only the vertical lines bu, the POI and flight instruction tags that pop up. There were no vertical lines before as you can see on another of my videos: (77) MSFS 2020 Spirit lands Tampa International (KTPA) - YouTube
  11. Thanks for your reply Jim. I found the new location of these files. I wonder if this is a common knowledge to everyone to know they were moved. How did you know where the new POI files are now located? Anyway. I turned off all POI and other tags. I "saved and applied" them, and also pressed F11 to make sure. I loaded my next flight, made an approach into DTW, the tags, POI and bars were still there, no change at all. Instead it kept the plane going around in circles and it never landed. I'm still thinking this was caused by the last update, after the last world update Australia. Do you know if there is a way to download the most recent update that may "over ride" the error? Should I reset to default? if there is such a thing. I welcome any other suggestions. Always thankful to all.
  12. Thanks for your reply Jim. I am not using Wingman UI. By any chance, do you see the folders I am referring to? Camera HUD, and Point of Interest? Mine are gone.
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