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  1. Hi. I get CTD right after this window shows up. It never completes loading the update. I can’t even get FS to open the game like most of you do. I’ve updated drivers, terminated, repaired/reset and uninstalled Xbox all to no avail. At this point I’m contemplating uninstalling/reinstalling FS. Is this a good idea? My Computer Specs: Alien Aurora 11, Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10700KF CPU @ 3.80GHz 3.79 GHz, Installed RAM 32.0 GB (31.8 GB usable), 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor,Dell Monitor AW2720HF, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER
  2. Good for you Spitzer45, but how about the rest of us who simply play this game? What is a CPU Overclock? Is tthis a secret that only the "elite" MSFS users know about? How about sharing your solution with the rest of us.
  3. This is so frustrating. 5 pages and no solution to CTD yet. My FS crashed after the last update. It loads up to the page showing "landing Challenges"
  4. I wanted to make a video using Asobo's Boeing 747-8i in KLM colors showing its last service out of Sr. Marteen airport. When selecting the 747-8 I noticed there were 3 repaints for KLM. The 1st one didn't have a picture of the texture I opened it in SXM and noticed it had no texture, just lines as if it was the skeleton of the aircraft. From the Community folder I deleted that texture. I saw KLM 200 and KLM 300. Thinking these were textures for the Boeing 747 series 200 and 300 I decided to also delete them. I downloaded a new texture for the KLM Boeing 747-8 and I installed in the Community folder. I started Flight Simulator again, it run as normally does, it showed all updates, including the most recent one, new scenery and New Activities. At the end of this display, Flight Sim just crashed and went to the desktop. I tried to restart several times, but same result. Luckily I was able to retrieve all files I deleted and reinstated them. I verified it looking in the Community folder. I tried to restart Flight Sim and it still crashes. I thought about re installing, but I hear it is a complicated solution. I have already purchased and installed several payware sceneries and a payware aircraft. I would appreciate an input. Many thanks.
  5. thanks for your reply. I did boot (restarted flight sim), I also have Xbox installed
  6. Gentlemen, I need your help. I have been stuck for the past few days in trying to complete the latest upgrade. I got to the Microsoft Store page and downloaded the latest update. I got the response saying that everything was ok and i was ready to go. That was all. No progress bar or a message saying that installation was sucessful or even the usual: "Go FLY" I looked to the entire page for some direction of what to do next, so I'm stuck there and hope someone can help me. Thanks.
  7. It is almost one year since MSFS 2020 was released and I still don't see more models being added to this simulator. I am not sure if previous versions took longer to get models like all versions of Boeing aircraft (737-200 to 777-300) I believe there were so many to choose from. I understand MSFS 2020 is a completely different type of game. But some 3rd party modelers offered us great models like the Boeing 747-400 and recently I saw the A350-900 and A330-900 NEO, but they had to be scrapped with recent updates. Does Asobo test these models which 3rd party developers work so hard to make them available to us? I wish they would. I paid the for the Premium De Luxe version, but never got the 787. It is so hard to get someone to help that I gave up trying. Thanks for hearing my rant.
  8. Thanks Todd, I wish they would make it more clear for those of us who are can't see that well.
  9. I just received notification of a mandatory update and it says: "A new mandatory update is available. Please update Microsoft Flight Simulator in the Microsoft store before launching" I clicked OK, it takes me to the home page of the Microsoft Store, but I cannot find the "UPDATE" button. Is it hidden somewhere? Please help. ( a screen shot of its location will definitely help) Many thanks.
  10. KLAX Los Angeles International Airport KSFO San Francisco International Airport KDTW Detroit Airport KMIA Miami International KSLC SaltLake City Airport KPHX Phoenix Skyharbor
  11. I did! I found out that error right after posting. I didn't have the chance to cancel my post. I very much appreciate your reply which was the correct one. Thanks for taking the time to check for the error. This was the vodeo I was working on: (2) MSFS2020 United Airlines flight SFO-DEN - YouTube
  12. I was making a new video last night, and wanted to get a wing view after landing at DEN. I was able to record the landing and exiting the runway toward the terminal it was working just fine. I don't have a joystick, I use my keyboard. also I use Fraps to record my videos. After setting up the screenshot I noticed my fraps recorder FPS disappeared from the upper left hand corner, however, I continued to maneuver the plane to get a shot of the ramp and gates, but the plane kept moving on a straight line. I normally use 4 & 0(insert) on my keypad to turn left or 6 & Enter to turn right. For the first time I noticed that any time I hit "insert" or "enter" keys another view pops up, normally what appears when hitting the "home" or "page down" keys. I tried to restart MSFS, but the same thing keeps happening. I wonder if I accidentally pressed a key that locked those views enabling me to make a turn? I will appreciate your input. Remember I don have a joystick. Thanks. If it helps, I can post a video to show my problem. Thanks again for your time. :)
  13. I did too. This scenery is just wonderful/ I have a video I made a while back with that scenery:(3) MSFS 2020 LATAM aterriza en Quito - YouTube
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