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  1. Problem solved. It had to do with Microsoft updates...
  2. Today I could not start my flight simulator. I am getting the following notice: "Insert Disc for Microsoft Flight Simulator" then it gives me two options: CONTINUE/QUIT. I never ordered discs for my flight flight simulator. Is anybody else experiencing this?
  3. Today I was trying to check some airport sceneries for Central and South America and found they were missing or misplaced. An example, MPTO, Tocumen International airport in Panama, a central hub for Copa airlines is missing. SPIM, Lima, Peru is also missing. This airport is a major hub for Latam airlines and one of the busiest in South America. SGAS, Silvio Petrosi International airport in Asuncion, Paraguay appears right in the middle of Argentina's territory. SUMU, Montevideo International airport in Uruguay is also missing. I hope they update these and many other major airports around the world soon.
  4. I would love to see the Airbus A220-300. I have to have the D E L T A version. I've seen a video of the A220-300, however it is still under development. I can't wait.
  5. I don't know why every time there is an update for MSFS 2020 Asobo seems to disable how other parts of Flight simulator from working. I had two models by Canadian Mods, the Boeing 747-400 and Airbus A330-300 working very well before the recent updates. Now, the engines of my Boeing 747-400 won't start, and now every time I want to start the engines on my Airbus A330-300, the simulator shuts down. Also, I downloaded and installed textures for the Boeing 747-8 in the colors of Delta Air Lines. The titles were mirrored and the 'D E L T A" title on the fuselage appeared cut off. I contacted the artist who confirmed the titles were correct as shown in his published pictures and he thought it was done by Asobo. I wonder if Asobo is aware of this and what's taking them from correcting the error. This ruins our enjoyment of a costly new game for the rest of us.
  6. The same thing happened to me. Today I tried to open MSFS and the icon is totally blank and it won't launch! Why is this happening?
  7. Be aware. I wanted to get the KATL scenery for $19.99 from marketplace since November 18th. I clicked on Buy/Download button. It charged my credit card and never downloaded the scenery. Next day I got a message thanking me for the purchase advising me the scenery was available for download. No link or directions how to download it. I have been trying to deal with the support department. I got a case number, and I am still waiting to hear from them. I asked for a refund, but they never responded to my request. There were many suggestions where the download could be, none of them worked.
  8. Small suggestion. The Tegucigalpa International airport (MHTG) is done alst to perfection. My only complaint is that all take offs and landings are made on runway 2. There is a building that obstructs departures at the end of runway 2. Such building does not exist and it should be removed. Otherwise, it is a perfect copy of the real airport. Similarly, flying into South American airports, I found that El Alto International airport (SLLP) in La Paz, Bolivia needs a major correction. The parking and taxi area in front of the terminal is not flat. I was fmying an A320. When pushing bach, the planes goes into an embankment. The ramp and taxi area seem to be totallu uneven, like driving through "Mountains and Valleys:. I realize it is a default airport, but never seen anything that severe, It will be a long while until 3rd party can create a good scenery. Hopefully LatinVFR will de an excellent work as they did for FS2004. Please feel free to remove this post if it does't brlong in this thread. Thanks.
  9. Thank you all, but Ahsmatt7 is the one with right answer. After looking for videos with tutorials, I learned I had to turn off the AI pilot. This video answered my question:
  10. Hello everyone. At the risk of feeling embarrassed and perhaps ridiculed I am asking for guidance from all experts here. I still consider myself a novice, a beginner with FS2020. I wanted to enjoy flying FS2020 by myself . As an example, I wanted to fly out of Charles de Gaulle and fly around Paris for a sightseeing flight. I selected the airplane (Air France A320), selected the gate (medium) and selected the airport, ti,me and weather. Then selected "Set as Departure" and proceeded to "FLY" FS2020 pre set my aircraft on the runway, I thought I could do the flying, but the engines were already running and the plane magically took off and flew straight ahead, suddenly the engines slowed down and it overrun the runway and barely climbed out and flew straight ahead and I could not take control of the flight. I I will really appreciated if anyone can help me here. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for your suggestion SD_Flyer. Unfortunately KATL scenery is not in the Content Manager. w9nwrwi, thanks for the suggestion. I've already taken care of that charge with my bank.
  12. Pardon my ignorance as I am new at this. How do I locate the content manager?
  13. I tried to buy and install the scenery for KATL from Marketplace page @ MSFS 2020 section. The page directs you to their "BUY/DOWNLOAD" button. Followed their directions and they charged my card for $19.99 but nothing happened. The next day I received a message: "Thank you for purchasing. Your download is ready". Again, no link to download from or any other directions. I went back to the Marketplace page and under "download" got the message: "You already own this product". No other option. I tried to contact Microsoft Support, no one responds to my e-mails. I called directly, someone in India answered and charged my card for $1.00 promising they would resolve my issue. I was on hold for a good while and got disconnected. Has anyone else had this problem?
  14. Thanks. I didn't realize it was so complicated! I was hoping to do Delta's Boeing 747. I'll have to leave it to the experts until I become more familiar with it. It;s not as easy as doing repaints for FS2004. 😞
  15. Does anyone know where to find or where to download the repaint templates for the A320, B747 and B787? Thanks.
  16. Please, I need help. I've s\watched tutorials about how to fly my new FS2020, but thhere is something wrong and I cannot understand why this happens,. Every time I try to fly somewhere, my flight seems to play by itself. It departs on its own as if it was on autopilot and goes on and on. I cannot take over amd fly the plane. For example, with latest update I wanted to see the new improvements around Los Angeles. I set up my A320 for take off from runway 25R, but it just takes off on its own and goes straight into the ocean , forever. I tried to set up a flight KLAX to KLAS, and the same thing happens. Please help.
  17. I downloaded and installed the recent pack of liveries for the A320 and Boeing 747s and noticed that all textures for the 747 have the right side of the fuselage reversed. I am sure the repainters are aware of this. Is there a link or place where I can look up for a corrected update? If this subject has been discussed before, my apologies. Thanks.
  18. That is a better alternative as the new icon for FS2020. Thanks
  19. Visually challenged, the 2020 icon is difficult to see. Is it possible to change it to something like the fs2004 Icon?
  20. Several months ago I uploaded two files for Delta's new Airbus A350-900. One for FS2004 and the other for FSX and P3D. I have been checking from time to time its status, however, when I enter the information to find the textures for: "Delta Air Lines Airbus A350-900" or any other combination, it does not show up. The only other way to find it is by placing my name in the search box (Hernan Anibarro) One of the files is this one: fspx_a359_delta_fs9.zip Can someone in the file library explain to me the reason why this is happening, please? Thanks. :(
  21. Recently I uploaded a repaint for AirBaltic new Bombardier CS300 using the model by Camil Valiquette. One day later I realized the "AirBaltic" titles on the inside of the engines were missing. I corrected my error inmediately and I re-uploaded the same fiile with a note to the "librarian" that this was an update and asked to delete the previously loaded texture. Apparently my request was ignored and it appeared as a new file. I did not change the file description as I was very confident the library manager saw my note. Unfortunately both files are being downloaded where some people without knowing are dowloading the file without the titles. Are the librarians really reading the messages or do files get uploaded automatically? :(
  22. Hello fellow simmers. I have FS2004 (yes I still use FS004 lol) A few years ago I downloaded from Flightsim.com a great freeware scenery developed by Italian Scenery Designers (ISD Project) for the Leonardo Davinchi Fumicino Int'l airport (LIRF). I installed and noticed a tree line alongside runway 7-25 shows up without the tree textures. I downloaded the scenery a couple of times to reinstall, but they still show up without the tree textures visible. I checked within the texture folder and the tree .bgls are there. My problem is: WHERE in the scenery folders is the file that need to be removed in order to make the bank blocks dissapear. I have decided to resolve my problem using my EZ Scenery program and replace the missing trees, but the "white blocks" are still visible. I have tried using the ADE9 tool yet as I assume it may not be able to remove them from a freeware scenery? Please correct me if I am wrong. If so, please what are the correct steps to accomplish this? I am hoping that there are great experts in this forum who have the answers and hope someone will be able to assist. I am enclosing a picture to show you of my problem. Thank you to all of the fellow simmers who come to this forum seeking help from the experts. :smile: http://You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community.
  23. After several days of trying to set up my FS9 using Windows 7, I am becoming more frustrated with the way it runs. All payware aircraft gauges cannot load up. Payware sceneries dissapear after a few minutes as if I had demo ones. In many instances just a portion will appear, such as missing jetways or complete terminals. One example when trying to use Simflyer's Phoenix scenery, my aircraft just sinks below the ground and it starts to float in the air. Other programs such as FSPainter no longer shows any of my aircraft, specially when trying to start a repaint. EditVoicepack couldn't find the path to FS9 (I read that I should reinstall FS9 outside the Program Files (x86) folder) AFCAD requires for me to individually search and open a scenery file, rather than listing all of the sceneries. I also noticed that freeware sceneries work fine, but payware sceneries are different. Is the installation of them different when using windows 7?
  24. Thank you gentlemen for your response. I was able to run Flight Simulator by removing the Windows 7 update. I am now following your recommendations. I will advise.
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