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Found 32 results

  1. Hello everyone, i recently picked up the pmdg 737 but im hacing some troubles with programming the reversers. I have a hotas warthog with airbus detents that look like this: https://flightsim.to/file/16290/generate-your-own-warthog-throttle-detents What i want to do is to make the idle to climb 0-100 in power (which i have done), and then idle to idle reverse and idle reverse to maximum reverse. The latter is where i have been stuck. I picked up FSUIPC to be able to program it but i was only able to program the normal thrust and not the reversers. There are only 2 options for reversers in FSUIPCs action tab being ThrottleDec and ThrottleDec small both of which only makes it go into idle reverse. I have tried all combinations and even sending the levers to FSUIPCs own reverser calibration which also only makes it go in to idle reverse. So i am wondering if there is any way to make idle to idle reverse in my detents actually be idle reverse and then maximum reverse on my detents maximum reverse. Any help is greatly appriceated Thanks in advance
  2. I post this in case anyone else is experiencing the same CTDs. My rig, 13900, RTX4090, 64GB 5500 RAM. SU12 beta latest. P2A beta latest. FSUIPC latest. I typically fly VR - two FS Economy missions daily in 3rd party aircraft (not Asobo stock). My simconnect connections are complicated with a Buttkicker, Navigraph Charts, P2A, FS Realistic, FS Traffic, FS Economy and my VR rig - HP G2 with Windows Mixed Reality. I realize that there are a million possible combinations of these things that could cause a CTD. My CTDs typically happen after at least a half hour flying - around the time for the descent and approach. The actually CTD seems to have various triggers - touching the autopilot, changing my view suddenly, touching other controls in the cockpit - it varies. But the result is that the VR headset suddenly goes dark and a few seconds later MSFS disappears from my screen as well. However, I can still hear motors. Often I have to go into Steam to close MSFS or use the Task Manager to do it. This has been going on for several weeks and I complete about 1 out of 4 flights. I tried all kinds of combinations - running in Safe Mode (works fine but obviously no P2A with that). I eliminated Traffic, Charts, Buttkicker, etc. to see if I could find the cause. The Event Viewer variously blamed MSFS, FSUIPC, and P2A. It varied each time, but I began to suspect the FSUIPC combination. When I stopped using FSUIPC and P2A, I started having perfect flights. Not a single crash in days now with all of the complicated stuff running. I have used P2A for many years with no problems. I write this to see if anyone else is having a similar problem - which would prompt Dave to get involved. I dunno. Perhaps it is my complicated system, but what are you seeing?
  3. Hi ScotFlieger, hi devs, I was fiddling around with Pete Dowsons "TripleUse.lua" which allows to assign also functions to single press, release like in LINDA and also doublePress and longPress functions. As i found that thread and figured out, that it is not possible to contribute via Fork + PR, i'd kindly ask whether adding those double-press and long-press functions for assignment in LINDA as it would be ways more convenient than doing that in lua scripts. Do you think that might be a future feature? Best regards, Joe
  4. Is there a way to operate the ALT inc/dec knob on the MFD via FSUIPC? When I operate the knob via mouse and do logging to file or console, nothing is shown. Already tried "Ap Alt Var Dec Fast", but that didn't do anything also ....
  5. Hi, everyone, Currently, I am running PMDG 747 -400X in FSX on a desktop in Windows 7 (64-bit), with FSUIPC used to control my CH Eclipse Yoke, a CH Throttle Quadrant and its relevant Keyboard Commands. Can anyone tell me how I can double-up the commands that I presently have available? I have been thinking about using Button 1 on the Yoke (PTT usually) as a Shift Button but I do not appear to be able to program the Shift Key in. I know that if I program button 1 as a Shift Key, I will lose its availabllity as a PTT, but this is more than compensated for by the extra number oif Commands that I would get as a result of successfully doing this. I have read Pete Dowson's 'Application Interfacing Modules for MS FSX' etc, (both the normal one and the Advanced one), but do not see how I can do this. Any useful suggestions would be most welcome, but please, please, make it so simple that a 3-year oild could understand it. I am not a geek or nerd, but I do love flying, and having recently had my PPL taken away for medical reasons, this is now my only way of feeling part of the party again! Regards and Happy Flying to everyone, Philhen1943
  6. Hi everyone. I have some problems with SimConnect or FSUIPC. I did a flight from EHAM to my brand new scenery Flightbeam KMSP. At 50% of my flight it freeze every few seconds. After a few 10 minutes later this issue disappeared. A few hours later this issue started again. Later I saw that my memory was at 100%, and a few seconds later my sim rant into OOM. Few minutes later the sim closed itself and my RAM was at normal again. After that I start P3D again, it was loading and the same happens again. But this time my computer froze and I did a hard shutdown. Now I flying back from KMSP to EHAM. And around 50% of my flight, I have again issues. I chose to play it save and close the simulator and restarting it form my last autosave. Again a few hours later, its happening again. This time I decide to just let the sim run, and the sim ran into a fatal error. Now I did some research, and discovered this in the FSUIPC logfile: 'No SimConnect events or states being received!'. Can a single scenery airport cause this? P3D fatal error: <Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event"> <System> <Provider Name="Application Error" /> <EventID Qualifiers="0">1000</EventID> <Level>2</Level> <Task>100</Task> <Keywords>0x80000000000000</Keywords> <TimeCreated SystemTime="2017-07-08T16:09:36.901370500Z" /> <EventRecordID>38317</EventRecordID> <Channel>Application</Channel> <Computer>Skynet</Computer> <Security /> </System> <EventData> <Data>Prepar3D.exe</Data> <Data></Data> <Data>57d9b14e</Data> <Data>SimConnectP3D3.dll_unloaded</Data> <Data></Data> <Data>58f1f032</Data> <Data>c0000005</Data> <Data>00001ec0</Data> <Data>6678</Data> <Data>01d2f7eb3cac8c87</Data> <Data>F:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\Prepar3D.exe</Data> <Data>SimConnectP3D3.dll</Data> <Data>d6251f2f-63f7-11e7-9e4d-d8cb8a9cd07e</Data> <Data /> <Data /> </EventData> </Event>
  7. Hello, I have FSUIPC configured however at random times the Hat switch (look around the cockpit etc...) moves really slowly? Is there something I am missing in my configuration. At the minute the hat switch is assigned in "Axis Assignment", should it be somewhere else? (I have disabled my joystick in FSX control settings, so that's not the problem) -Open to all suggestions many thanks in advance Ols :)
  8. <problem solved> Hello pilots, I have a strange problem with my IVAO IVAP client in combination with FSUIPC5103 "Press the key to be sent when you press this button" feature in P3DV4. Let my try to explain: I configured a few buttons on my joysticks (yoke and HOTAS Warthog) via the FSUIPC "Buttons + Switches" tab and the option "Press the key to be sent when you press this button". A specific example is a button that when pressed should output the "S" corresponding the keyboard "S" for this explame to P3D view switching. This works perfect in P3D until I start the Ivao IVAP client. The functions stops working the minute I start the IVAP client (ivap_dllhost). All other functionalies like joystick use, throttle assignment etc all woks fine. Even in the same FSUIPC tab "Buttons + Swtches" the option "select for FS control" in combination with "control sent when button pressed" works fine. But not the option "Press the key to be sent when you press this button". When looking in FSUIPC "Buttons + Switches" tab I do see that when pressing the joystick button the function works. So the button works fine but the "function" is just blocked in the simulator by IVAP because it will not do what is programmed for. When I close IVAP via the windows task manager the function "Press the key to be sent when you press this button" works again. So its a combination of the specific option in FSUIPC and IVAO IVAP. The problem is that I configured a button on my yoke via the first option "Press the key to be sent when you press this button" to configure the "0" key on my keyboard that relates to Teamspeak push to talk key. This options, as mentioned above stops working the minute I start IVAP. I configured IVAP via the following manual: https://flightsimeindhoven.wordpress.com/category/knowledge-base/ivao-ivac-ivap/ Please note that IVAP works fine (flights are tracked by tracker). I also have FSX Steam installed and have no problems at all with the above settings. Does anyone experiance the same problem? Is there a workaround to configure the "push to talk" option from Teamspeak to a joystick button without the use of the "Press the key to be sent when you press this button" option in FSUIPC? Or a solution overall? Thank you for your help! Mike
  9. Hello All, Can you advise what is FSUIPC, i have the flysimware lear 35a as an add on and recently downloaded the immersion package from orbx (//42) however during installation I get a message saying FSUIPC may not be installed properly & I need to install it?. (I don't have this on my system at all) I didn't get this problem when installing the immersion pack for 737 NGXu from PMDG? Do I really need this s/w FSUIPC and worry it may adversely effect my other add ons and or P3DV.5 generally? Any advice much appreciated. My computer spec is:- P3D V4.5 / Intel (R)Core TM i7-8700KCPU @3.70GHz3.70GHZ / Installed RAM 16GB 15.9 USEABLE / Graphics Card Nvidia GeForceGTX 1070Ti0.0 (12 Cores) Win 10 Home / 64 bit Best Regards Charlie McEwan
  10. Like some others here, I am waiting for the Voice control version of FS2Crew to be released for the 737NGX, and I'm aware the SDK is coming soon, so it "WILL" happen, but my specific question is can I run FS2Crew on my laptop whilst FSX resides on my desktop? I do this with several other bits of software, and my mic/headset is connected to the laptop (Squawkbox/Vatsim) and thus FS2Crew would be useless to me unless it supports dual PC configurations with FSX. Can anyone advise me? Brian?Thanks.
  11. Morning Folks,Doing my monthly update checks and went to the Schiratti/Pete Dowson site and the site appears to be gone, at least at this link:http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.htmlDid I miss something or has Pete moved somewhere else?Thanks for any help.EDIT: Never mind, found it at:http://forum.simflight.com/forum/30-fsuipc-support-pete-dowson-modules/Remember Gerald, search is your friend...sometimes :(
  12. Why is it that in order for ASE to work as advertised i need to purchase another program? ASE alone creates small erratic winds/turbulance changes that prevent proper function of any heavy metal i own, aircraft with a sensitive FMC will experience problems using any of the modes available within ASE with turbulance enabled right?I spend 50 USD on an advance weather program which then emediately suggests i disable some of its features (turbulance/winds) in order for it to function properly? I can understand the limitations of FSX and feel for the developers that have to struggle with the beast it is, but if Peter Dawson can somehow magicly make Weather and many other things work, why cant the folks at HIFI. There are a few payware aircraft/utilitys that only work properly using FSUIPC to fix one issue or another while at the same time swearing up and down how its not REALLY neaded, as does HIFI with ASE, but if i dont REALLY need FSUIPC why is it required in order for your product to function as expected. I refuse to spend another 30+ dollars just to get something i already spent money on to work properly. (Freeware FSUIPC does not help) End Rant.
  13. Here's my issue:Using these: Using FSX Gold with Acceleration Pack LINDA 1.3 PMDG 737NGX Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog FSUIPC 4.x (Registered) Was using but have removed Thrustmaster T.A.R.G.E.T. configuration softwareI experience problems with 2 buttons:The RED pushbutton on the front side of the Throttle grip is programmed to reset Barometer when I'm using REX 2.0HD Real-Time Weather It functions properly and sends the barometric reset command It additionally sends the FSX code for BRAKES The pushbutton on the lower right portion of the throttle base is programmed to activate the PARKING BRAKE command It issues the correct command, but somehow something somewhere ELSE in my system is ALSO issuing the command as well, a total of three times. End result, NON-RESPONSIVE, you hear the parking brake being turned off a couple times but doesn't turn on/off as expected.Troubleshooting steps Turned on keylogging (Tracing) in LINDA, also enabled logging window in FSUIPC as well Removed the command to activate the parking brake from LINDA - parking brake then works as expected. Problem persists with the altimeter reset mentioned herein for the OTHER button. I have spent a LOT of hours trying to chase this, but need some help with solving these two minor issues, PLEASE!!Questions:In FSUIPC.INI file, there is the usual 1 line about BUTTONS, but nothing else. There is no separate 737NGX Button area in FSUIPC.ini that I can see.So where in the heck are the programmed key commands stored for FSX?YES, I went into Controls (within FSX) and made sure NO COMMANDS WERE ASSIGNED to the Joystick or throttle. The AXES for the Warthog ARE there.The Key Command within FSX for parking brake is the semi-colon key (I have assigned that key) and NOTHING appears next to it for JOYSTICK command!Suspicion:I suspect POSSIBLY I might have originally tried to assign the RED button on the lower right base of the throttle control to parking brake using T.A.R.G.E.T. but as I said, I have completely removed TARGET from the machine. I deleted the FSC folder that was created by TARGET as well.I am betting one of you may be able to help me - I surely hope so :Whistle:Thanks in advance for tips and ideas.
  14. Hi, Please forgive me if this is not the place to post this but I would like to share my video on ATR 72 Engine fire procedure .I have built my own ATC, Copilot and failure procedure
  15. This is in the "share your experience" category so if anyone else has a similar issue, this might help. Over the last few weeks my wonderful, trusty old CH Pro rudder pedals have been giving me problems, mostly with uncommanded braking though some other weird stuff as well. I wasn't totally surprised when it started happening as I've had these pedals for a very long time and they have had a ridiculous amount of use. (Not gonna say how many hours as my wife might read it and I'll have to admit that she's right about me being addicted to FS9!) I figured they were justifiably worn out and ready to be replaced. But I tried calibrating them, both via the CH Control Manager and the native FS9 calibration interface and every time they showed they were working perfectly. After trying all kinds of things, I remembered that I had downloaded a new version of FSUIPC around about the same time these problems started. So I replaced the new one with an older version that fortunately I had in my backup files and PRESTO - problem solved! Everything is working perfectly. Has anybody else had anything similar? I'm not criticizing FSUIPC - what would FS9 be without it? But it seems the latest version perhaps has some issues that earlier versions didn't?CheersIan
  16. Hello, I got a VRi mcp combo 2 recently, but I am having some problems with it. I downloaded the software that was in the box(VRi sim), and it works fine when I connect it with B737NGX. All the buttons, knobs, switches work perfectly, but the mcp display is frozen. It indicates 000 for hdg, spd, vs, and alt. I couldn’t find out how to program the custom keys. The COM panel display works fine though. When I contacted the seller, they told me to download simconnect, but I’m sure I downloaded it when I installed PMDG. http://www.vrinsightshop.com/m/view.php?number=3 Also, I saw some people using Linda or FSUIPC5 with the mcp. I bought the registered version of FSUIPC5, but I don’t know what to do after that. I will very appreciate it if anyone teaches me how to solve this display problem and the whole LINDA thing. Thank you.
  17. Hello everyone, I seem to be having issues with my FSX and FSUIPC. I have just installed the latest FSUIPC 4.751 and whenever I start my FS up it gets stuck at the load screen. My log file gives this error:********* FSUIPC4, Version 4.758 by Pete Dowson *********User Name=""User Addr=""FSUIPC4 not user registeredWIDEFS7 not user registered, or expiredRunning inside FSX on Windows 7Module base=61000000 63 System time = 06/02/2012 16:23:01 63 FLT path = "C:\Users\owner\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files\" 110 Trying to connect to SimConnect SP1 May07 ... 125 FS path = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\" 858 LogOptions=00000000 00000001 890 Wind smoothing fix is fully installed 983 Failed on SimConnect_Open, return = 0x80004005: FSUIPC4 cannot operate! 983 ... Now trying to connect to another version of SimConnect ... 1030 Trying to connect to SimConnect SP1 May07 ... 1030 Now running with SimConnect SP1 May07 1139 Failed on SimConnect_Open, return = 0x80004005: FSUIPC4 cannot operate! 1139 ... Now trying to connect to another version of SimConnect ... 1186 Trying to connect to SimConnect SP1 May07 ... 1186 Now running with SimConnect SP1 May07 1280 Failed on SimConnect_Open, return = 0x80004005: FSUIPC4 cannot operate! 1280 ... Now trying to connect to another version of SimConnect ... 1326 Trying to connect to SimConnect SP1 May07 ... 1326 Now running with SimConnect SP1 May07 1420 Failed on SimConnect_Open, return = 0x80004005: FSUIPC4 cannot operate! 1420 ... Now trying to connect to another version of SimConnect ... 1467 Trying to connect to SimConnect SP1 May07 ... 1467 Now running with SimConnect SP1 May07 1576 Failed on SimConnect_Open, return = 0x80004005: FSUIPC4 cannot operate! 1576 ... Now trying to connect to another version of SimConnect ... 1607 Trying to connect to SimConnect SP1 May07 ... 1607 Now running with SimConnect SP1 May07 1716 Failed on SimConnect_Open, return = 0x80004005: FSUIPC4 cannot operate! 1716 ... Now trying to connect to another version of SimConnect ... 1763 Trying to connect to SimConnect SP1 May07 ... 1763 Now running with SimConnect SP1 May07 1857 Failed on SimConnect_Open, return = 0x80004005: FSUIPC4 cannot operate! 1857 ... Now trying to connect to another version of SimConnect ... 1904 Trying to connect to SimConnect SP1 May07 ... 1904 Now running with SimConnect SP1 May07 1997 Failed on SimConnect_Open, return = 0x80004005: FSUIPC4 cannot operate! 1997 ... Now trying to connect to another version of SimConnect ... 2044 Trying to connect to SimConnect SP1 May07 ... 2044 Now running with SimConnect SP1 May07 2153 Failed on SimConnect_Open, return = 0x80004005: FSUIPC4 cannot operate! 2153 ... Now trying to connect to another version of SimConnect ... 2200 Trying to connect to SimConnect SP1 May07 ... 2200 Now running with SimConnect SP1 May07 2294 Failed on SimConnect_Open, return = 0x80004005: FSUIPC4 cannot operate! 2294 ... Now trying to connect to another version of SimConnect ... 2340 Trying to connect to SimConnect SP1 May07 ... 2340 Now running with SimConnect SP1 May07 2434 Failed on SimConnect_Open, return = 0x80004005: FSUIPC4 cannot operate! 2434 ... Now trying to connect to another version of SimConnect ... 2481 Trying to connect to SimConnect SP1 May07 ... 2481 Now running with SimConnect SP1 May07 2590 Failed on SimConnect_Open, return = 0x80004005: FSUIPC4 cannot operate! 2590 ... Now trying to connect to another version of SimConnect ... 2621 Trying to connect to SimConnect SP1 May07 ... 2637 Now running with SimConnect SP1 May07 2730 Failed on SimConnect_Open, return = 0x80004005: FSUIPC4 cannot operate! 2730 ... Now trying to connect to another version of SimConnect ... 2777 Trying to connect to SimConnect SP1 May07 ... 2777 Now running with SimConnect SP1 May07 2871 Failed on SimConnect_Open, return = 0x80004005: FSUIPC4 cannot operate! 2871 ... Now trying to connect to another version of SimConnect ... 2918 Trying to connect to SimConnect SP1 May07 ... 2918 Now running with SimConnect SP1 May07 3027 Failed on SimConnect_Open, return = 0x80004005: FSUIPC4 cannot operate! 3027 ... Now trying to connect to another version of SimConnect ... 3058 Trying to connect to SimConnect SP1 May07 ... 3058 Now running with SimConnect SP1 May07 3167 Failed on SimConnect_Open, return = 0x80004005: FSUIPC4 cannot operate! 3167 ... Now trying to connect to another version of SimConnect ... 3214 Trying to connect to SimConnect SP1 May07 ... 3214 Now running with SimConnect SP1 May07 3308 Failed on SimConnect_Open, return = 0x80004005: FSUIPC4 cannot operate! 3308 ... Now trying to connect to another version of SimConnect ... 3354 Trying to connect to SimConnect SP1 May07 ... 3354 Now running with SimConnect SP1 May07 3448 Failed on SimConnect_Open, return = 0x80004005: FSUIPC4 cannot operate! 3448 ... Now trying to connect to another version of SimConnect ... 3495 Trying to connect to SimConnect SP1 May07 ... 3495 Now running with SimConnect SP1 May07 3604 Failed on SimConnect_Open, return = 0x80004005: FSUIPC4 cannot operate! 3604 ... Now trying to connect to another version of SimConnect ... 3651 Trying to connect to SimConnect SP1 May07 ... 3651 Now running with SimConnect SP1 May07 3744 Failed on SimConnect_Open, return = 0x80004005: FSUIPC4 cannot operate! 3744 ... Now trying to connect to another version of SimConnect ... 3791 Trying to connect to SimConnect SP1 May07 ... 3791 Now running with SimConnect SP1 May07 3885 Failed on SimConnect_Open, return = 0x80004005: FSUIPC4 cannot operate! 3885 ... Now trying to connect to another version of SimConnect ... 3932 Trying to connect to SimConnect SP1 May07 ... 3932 Now running with SimConnect SP1 May07This is just a small portion of it it goes on forever but it is all the same as this with the exception of the numbers on the left. Hope you guys can come up with a fix thanks.
  18. For some reason, I suddenly started having CTDs (Crash to Desktop) during assorted FSX flight sessions. I thought I had discovered a cause - having Flight Sim Commander running weather as well as REX 2.0 OD doing real-time weather at the same time. However today, I had FSCommander off and it crashed.As a registered FSUIPC user, I naturally downloaded the latest DLL library and copied it to the FSUIPC folder. Unfortunately, that did not completely eliminate my CTD issue.Got a CTD this morning while I had FSX simulation speed running at 8x on PMDG 737ngx flight from Groton CT to JFK New York. I don't always use the speed-up function in FSX, but I was going to be unable to finish the flight if I ran it at "normal" speed. Bingo- I get the crash when I switched back down from 8x to normal sim rate.I am aware of the UIAutomationCore.DLL fix and had performed that long ago when I first installed FSX, so I knew the problem most-likely lay elsewhere, and having already updated FSUIPC - I had no clue what else to try, so I dug into the crash log to try to discover what modules were involved. Of course FSX itself was running, so it was listed int the crash log report - then another DLL was mentioned.I used the System Event Log to troubleshoot and locate the file that was involved in the crash, and the offender was shown (after googling it) to be a part of Microsoft's C++ runtime library files. So I then went to programs & features to look at the C++ runtimes that were installed, and discovered to my dismay that there several different 'versions' of C++ runtimes, and there were several different iterations (file dates) within those.Simply put, I believed there were WAY TOO MANY C++ runtime files - AFAIK you should only need 1 of each year for 2005/2008/2010. In theory, the 2010 version should be backward compatible with 2005 and 2008, possibly the system would operate with ONLY the 2010 runtime but I didn't take the chance.What I had prior to cleaning out the excess versions:C++ 2005 Runtimesx86 version << didn't think that belonged on a 64-bit version of Win 7 (removed)x64 versions (3 or 4 listed - picked the highest version number and removed all the older ones)x older version number (deleted) y older different version number (deleted)z newest version number (KEPT) x64C++ 2008 Runtimesx64 versions (3 or 4 listed - picked the highest version number and removed all the older ones) w older version (deleted) x older version (deleted) y older version (deleted)z newest version number (KEPT) x64C++ 2010 Runtimes (added by me) x64w current version (KEPT)Since I run Windows 7 --64 bit -- The proper C++ runtime libraries for me needed to be x64 NOT x86 (x86 is 32-bit) If you run 32-bit Windows or Vista, you would keep x86 versions NOT x64.So I found 1 instance of 32-bit C++ 2005 and removed it completely.I removed all but the latest (highest file number sequence) of Versions 2005 and 2008, and then I searched Microsoft and downloaded the 2010 version (x64) as well.So now I have only ONE version EACH of C++ 2005 / C++ 2008 and C++2010 on my system [All are x64]. (Looking at Programs and Features within Control Panel in Win7)I repeated the flight, and cautiously optimistic that the crash problem -- may -- possibly be gone. (It didn't crash again on the same flight plan running 8x sim speed)Elected to share this discovery with others here on Avsim.WARNING: If you're 'new' to PC's you may not have implemented a strong backup schema using a product like Acronis System Image or Windows 7 Built-in Backup. It's always wise to have a full system image (backup) of your machine BEFORE you make any changes (such as I am speaking of here).Of course once you do backups, you also need to know how to RESTORE your machine via those backups. Given the fact that hard disk drives are not bulletproof, you will greatly benefit from instituting a regular scheme designed to re-image your system to an external hard drive (e.g. USB External, eSata External or even in the cloud.Windows System Restore is not the same as restoring from backup - I'm sure there are tutorials on YouTube to cover this topic. Just want to caution everyone to backup their entire system prior to making changes. Worst case scenario: You make changes that later prove to either "not work as expected" or somehow cause problems ranging from low-grade to severe. That's when you pull your Rescue Boot CD out and plug in the external backup drive and "put everything back as it was".For those who already know this topic, I apologize. For those who didn't know about it - in the strongest possible terms it is suggested you undertake the backup advice....Hoping this works I will report back after further testing.Backup!
  19. PMDG StaffIn regard of FSUIPCIf I understand, maybe I am wrong, everybody here use FSUIPC not only to setup NGX but for every aircraft we use, wich help us to set correctly all add-on like squawkbox, fscrew, AS 2012, spad to interface Mutipanel, button, keybord, hardware like saitek rudder, yoke, quadrant and etc.Did i forgot something?I am aware that if I setup axis in FSUIPC can cause problem to NGX but I don't see other solution to set correctly all FSX universe.So if I have to follow the rule when I use NGX I have to install saitek driver and use FSX setup, wich is really worse, because you can't set flap, thrust and spoiler correctly, and with the handicap of using them in a really basic setup.So please what kind of setup all PMDG crew use and what hardware, if you fly other PMDG aircraft do you change your setup all the time just to konw, do you use FSUIPC registerd or not?I use FSUIPC since 2005 from FS9 to FSX and it get improve year by year on help simmer to enjoy this hobby.I understand that aircraft developer want to stay away for licence porpouse but you can't deny is necessity.I saw a message from Robert Randazzo sate, that you are working on a licence agreement with Peter Dowson so this can be a good starting point to develop and create compatibilty between FSUIPC and NGX (I really hope so) .Looking forward for reply
  20. Ladies and Gents My NGX is now running 100% perfect since Hotfix3 I have no panel freeze, No OOM and I have managed to make it run perfect with FSUIPC which as eliminated all the A/T, reverse on TD, autobrake etc issues also. I have had my FSX running now for over 8 hours - have not reset it, I have taken off from EGBB - with ASE running, and AES, using UK2000 scenery, REX HD clouds, UTX, GEX, and VFR photoreal scenery, running on 3 22 inch monitors at a 5040 resolution, using EZDOK and TrackIR5, flown it 2hr47 mins to LXGB(using aerosoft scenery) landed there, left it sitting there for a couple of hours(it got dark) - refueled and took off (having to use flaps 25) and flown to LEPA(aerosoft again) Passing over LEIB(aerosoft) just landed there manually with HGS on ARMIII parked up and pax are deboarding as we speak, and I am still get Locked 30fps at LEPA. I have my SAITEK yoke two sets of throttles and rudder pedals, all congfigured through a mix of LINDA for all the buttons and the AXIS through FSUIPC and not a single issue any more with not being able to select reverse, Autobrakes switching off on landing, etc. My brakes read temps of 3.1 when I was on stand at LXGB and didnt seem to cool at all even for the 2 hours it sat on stand, however just looking at them now in LEPA I have readings of 0.5 and 0.4. (so not sure if the brake cooling is still quite right) So for those who are having issues, please dont give up hope - I have had OOM, I have had Freezes, I have had a/t and autobrake issues, Reverse issues, and I have them all cured - I;ll try and right some guidance notes on setting up FSUPIC when I get chance - but quick suggestions are download LINDA - follow guidance in there for removing all your FSX mappings, I just keep the hat pan, remove all your FSUIPC entries for any buttons/key presses etc first(in fact best to start with a fresh .INI) Set up buttons etc you want using LINDA Then in FSUIPC map your throttles (I have six levers) so NO.1 is reverse thrust, 2 is generic throttle, 3 is throttle 1 4 is throttle 2 5 I dont have mapped(but do use the down button(when you move lever below detent) to set gear to off - 6 is speed brakes. I map all of them to calibrate with FSUIPC the reason I have 3 throttles as such is I can use just the one lever when I want more accurate equal engine settings for taxing straight, Calibrate all your throttles and sync the 2 levers. Create a bit of a NUll zone by selcting lower position just before detent. The clever bit is when on the page to assing axis, there is a part on the right which allows you to set up some actions for when the levers are between certain positons - Here a set the tiniest of range for when my lever is almost at IDLE postion, and set the action to only occur when moving down, that it sends the command throttle cut. Youll need to play about with the calibration a bit, and good way to check if they playing right is when at the gate with engines off, push your throttles forward and back and check to see they dont activate the reverse thrust. I have also mapped this throttle cut to my reverser lever but with the up setting instead, so again in essence as you apply reverse thrust(i push my lever forward) it sends another throttle cut before engaging reverse -this way it ensures you are at ground Idle. Finally i have set the button below the detent on the reverser to do a double period key, once when activated and once when released, so it kicks the auto brakes off, without having to stand on my rudder pedals to do the same(although that works to) you could set it to do an F2 also so it kicks reverse idle in - Many combinations to make it work. Anyhow - I just thought I would spread some good news about the NGX - Cant wait to see what features we get in the SP and so looking forward to being able to use my MCP/EFIS CDU when the SDK comes out! Going to fly back to EGBB now and see if it continues to remain stable and Freeze and OOM free! For those intereseted this is on a I2600K at 4.8 with 8GB of ram SDD drives(one for windows 7 64 ultimate and one for FSX) running on a ATI 6800 card in eyefinity across three 22 inch monitors - I have hundreds on addon sceneries and its now so so smooth!
  21. Hi all, I have an older version (5.12) of FSUIPC running with v4.5. When I upgraded to v5 I bought and installed FSUIPC6. Works great in v5. However... follow along... I got the Honeycomb yoke. It runs perfectly in v5 with FSUIPC6, but I cannot get FSUPIC5 in v4.5 to recognize it. Is there perhaps a conflict? Should I delete the old FSUIPC in v4.5 and install FSUIPC6? Thanks!
  22. Hi people, I am a RW 320 pilot looking to set up FS labs A320. To that end, I have recently bought a copy of P3D V4 and I'm having a lot of trouble setting up my Saitek Pro thrust quadrant, MadCatz joystick and Saitek rudder pedals. I am looking for an idiots guide to FSUIPC5. Although there is indeed already a lot of information from Pete Dowson and others about this software it all assumes a certain amount of knowledge that I simply don't have. I have tried to register on Pete's support Forum so that I can ask this question but I never received the registration email despite the site saying that it's been sent (yes I've checked my junk mail folder) The video's that assist to some extent don't seem to be quite the same as what I'm looking at. I would appreciate your help.
  23. Hi , Im looking at setting up my saitek yoke and throttle with fsuipc and the pmdg aircraft. I have managed to get the axis assignments working however I am struggiling with the button assignments. The buttons I want to assign are some of the lights such as landing , taxi and strobe and I also want the autopilot disconnect button as well. If anyone could link me or tell me step by step how to do this please I would be grateful. Thanks , Will
  24. Hello everyone Sorry if this is the wrong forum, but I thought this would be the best place. So I'm playing P3DV5.1 with my PS4 controller, and since I don't have a physical throttle quadrant, I use the buttons "triangle" and "cross" to accelerate and decelerate. This isn't the most convenient option, but it works, I guess. I have a registered copy of FSUIPC, so I'm wondering if I can do the following: On the right joystick of my PS4 controller, I'd like to accelerate when I push the joystick up, and decelerate when I pull the joystick down. I don't want it to be set up as a throttle axis, since the joystick resets everytime in the center. (so I would basically be at idle thrust) Is this perhaps possible with FSUIPC, if yes, any idea how to do it? If you need any further explanation, I would happily do it. Regards
  25. Hi, does reverse thrust work here as the same axis? I havent FSUIPC7 so here is a question for me. I talk about possibilty to set up for example for specific aircraft set up of axis to forward from 2/4 to 4/4 to forward thrust and from 1/4-2/4 as reverse (without touching any button) so how it worked for P3D for example. Is it possible here too? So on the same axis settings for: reverse, idle, max thrust. Btw. Does FSUIPC7 work on the background now and I must fire up it always manually before MSFS will run or it starts to working self, without touching any icon?
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