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  1. Hi Dave, I seem to have lost P2A. I was having CTDs with MSFS and couldn't even get it to open. Their support told me to delete all the MS C++ programs installed and just install the latest one. I did that and MSFS now runs. So I tried to load P2A and it won't even start. The splash screen won't even appear. So I reinstalled it and still no luck. Any ideas???
  2. MSFS 2020 is all about CTDs for me, although I really like it. There seems to be a limit to the number of things that can be connected with simconnect. So when I have FSUIPC, P2A, and FS Economy, I am already teetering on the brink. If I open a map or other simconnect mod, the chances of a CTD grows. And then we have all the avionics bugs with the Working Title mods to the Garmins 1000 and 3000 plus the GTN750 that has recently come out. And then there is the "4 maps" bug where if you have 4 maps open, you CTD on opening the 4th. So I have had to repeat so many FS Economy flights that I have finally gone back to Xplane for a while. It's nice when stuff just works!
  3. Hi, I have been a happy user for a long time but there is one thing I would like to request. I would like a way to make sudden changes to a flight plan due to unexpected situations that occur during a flight like engine failure, icing, shortage of fuel, etc. The other day at 6000 ft I was getting severe icing and needed to descend to 2000 to get out of the clouds. But that was below the scheduled altitude for my route and ATC kept scolding me. I requested permission to descend, but it was denied and then all I got as "expedite your climb".... Since the pilot is ultimately responsible for the safety of the flight I would like to see a command like "cannot comply". And then ATC might come back asking what the pilot proposes to do. I do not know the correct protocols, but something would be handy. For now, I am cancelling IFR to stop the nagging, but that is not what would happen in reality, no? I really don't know what should be done, but throw the question out to the community because there are situations where the plan can no longer be followed.
  4. Previously I was having CTDs with P2A, FSUIPC, and FSEconomy. With the new update and patch, that seems to be history. I have completed at least 8 long flights without incident....
  5. I have been using this and it works great. The only problem is that, if I create a flight plan while on the monitor and then shift into VR, that flight plan disappears. I have to redo it while in VR. I wrote to him about that.
  6. I went back and tried again in the TBM930. I very carefully set the XPDR that P2A gave me and tried all three of the options - standby, on, and alt. None affected what was seen by P2A. P2A correctly received the code itself, but the mode didn't change, leaving the XPDR in P2A off. If I leave MSFS and click Mode in P2A I can set it and all is well, but cannot do it from within the plane (VR). Ident also has no effect. I will try this in other planes because the TBM G3000 system is modded by the WorkingTitle mod and it may be their problem as well. OK, I loaded the DA62 with the WorkingTitle G1000 mod. Loaded FSUIPC7 and then P2A. I entered a flight plan and submitted it to ATC. I received the squawk code and entered it on the PFD. It showed up on P2A, but no combination of On, Stby, Alt, or Ident could change the P2A mode setting of Off. So I removed the G1000 mod and restarted using the plain Asobo DA62. Same story. So I am no longer blaming Working Title at least.
  7. Hello, I normally fly in VR. So when I am ready to request clearance to copy an IFR flight plan, I am in the cockpit in 3D - TBM 930 - and without an easy connection to the rest of the desktop. When Clearance gives me the squawk code I enter it on the MFD and it shows there. But P2A doesn't see the transponder as active, so every radio contact starts with a request to Squawk XXXX. I have to leave MSFS minimized to get a mouse that will let me go into P2A and make the transponder active. From that point on, it works fine. I am trying to load P2A again to describe more detail and it says that another instance of the program is still running. Task manager doesn't show it. MSFS crashed with one of it's CTDs and seems to have affected P2A as well. I'll reboot and try again.... EDIT: OK, I rebooted and started anew. When P2A gives me instructions, I enter the squawk code into the MFD and press enter. It shows on the P2A screen, but then in the plane I can choose from Standby, Altitude, or Ident. None of them do anything. P2A shows the code but Mode shows Off. Nothing that I do in the plane turns it on until I leave MSFS and use the XPDR settings in P2A. From then on all is well. IS ANYONE ELSE HAVING THIS PROBLEM????
  8. Hello again, I discovered that I could get the voices going with no pause and then hit the Pause Between File Playback - and that worked. I was able to set the voices 30seconds apart, which gave a more relaxed atmosphere. So I am content....
  9. Dave, After a long absence from ATC-Chatter, I decided to give it another try. I didn't hear anything until I followed the suggestion of another user to turn off the Pause Between File Playback. Then if I turned off Play Chatter and then turned it on again, I suddenly had my voices. They mute when I am talking to P2A, but then come back on. I would really like the Pause because so much chatter is overwhelming. My root folder is blank which also helped get things working again. Any secrets to getting Pause working??? BTW, I have two batch files. One copies US Voices to the P2A/Sounds/ATC_Chatter/controllers folder and the other copies Europe voices. That works. I run the appropriate batch file before flying.
  10. I was just trading messages with Jim from Traffic Global, urging him to coordinate with you to keep from having ATC clearing me for an ILS landing and then at 500 ft. suddenly telling me to do a published go-around due to traffic on the runway. This happens a lot at busy airports. Or I am cleared for takeoff and on the runway when a jumbo jet lands on top of my plane. Rather ruins the morning..... TG is going to be the dominant traffic program and you have the best ATC solution available. It would be a dynamite combination.... BTW, I did the installation that Kennair describes in the post just above this one. It works great....
  11. There is an awesome new video on YouTube. Search for installing voices in Pilot2ATC. I got a whole bunch of great new voices and there appears to be no limit to the number available. They come directly from Microsoft and are free....
  12. I have English US as my primary language, but also have Spanish installed including for voice recognition. I wonder if I should remove the voice recognition for Spanish?
  13. I have managed to get little red planes to appear on the P2A map and have gotten warnings of traffic, so I am partly there. I haven't had any contact with planes on the ground yet. It would be way cool for departing traffic to queue, but with only 19 AI planes, there aren't all that many of them. Thanks for your response.... and your great program!
  14. Hello Dave, I have been trying Traffic Global and think that it is going to have the depth to become a major AI traffic mod. The developers say in the manual that they have created hooks for others to link up with them easily. It would be great to see their AI planes recognized by P2A. Their AI is basically invisible to Xplane but if you can link to them directly, Xplane won't matter..... Thanks for considering this......
  15. Hello, I have been trying Traffic Global and think that it is going to have the depth to become a major AI traffic mod. The developers say in the manual that they have created hooks for others to link up with them easily. It would be great to see their AI planes on the 750 (once it works on one GPS, it will work on all). Their AI is basically invisible to Xplane but if you can link to them directly, Xplane won't matter..... Thanks for considering this......
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