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  1. Sorry to hear, another idea to help combat this type of criminal activity, that does not cost you money like credit monitoring services. Use one credit card for all your online purchases, amazon, eBay, PayPal .ect... then contact the issuing credit card company and restrict the daily purchase amount. I have mine set at $300.00, I also have text alerts sent to me via phone on every transaction that is placed on the card, if I see one that I don't recognize, I call them immediately. If I need to go over $300 I call the credit card company and let them know about the exact purchase amount and they allow the transaction. I set the low daily amount to discourage thieves from getting high dollar authorizations approved, hopefully when these types of purchases get denied they discard my info... and when I get the text alert it is usually within minutes of the authorization and I can cancel the card quickly if need be. I agree, one should not have to do this but in today's world it is a must. john..
  2. Rightseat, another way to look at upgrading is the following... Many of us upgraded our hardware over the last two years, but never achieved good results in our sim due to the 32bit limitation, since P3D v4 released using the 64bit architecture this upgrade was easy to justify the $200 Dollars... I am sure others will agree, but if your system is older and you have not made those hardware upgrades, I suggest you upgrade your hardware first, and then make the jump to the new platform, by then hopefully the vendors have upgraded their software from 32 to 64bit coding and most of the bugs are worked out of P3Dv4... Just a thought, I too agree with everyone else about LM refund policy.... But if your system is lacking you might not be happy with P3Dv4 upgrade... Again, just my thoughts, what ever decision is yours, but at least we finally have P3D in a 64bit platform. Good luck, on your qwest.. :-)
  3. I agree the 727 and 737-200 are great planes for FSX and P3D...... Have them Both. Thinking about the 777...hmmmmm If you like the older planes... at $9.99 it is a deal..........
  4. If the ifly 747 and the PMDG 747 V2 sales are good, and interest is high, I am sure any of the developers will take a second look at developing a 757/767. Again its all about consumer demand. So don't give up on the this yet. I agree with most simmers that the CS 757/767 are buggy, nothing more makes me go crazy is CTD 30 mins into a flight. I have bought most of the CS products when they have their 9.99 sale. I am glad I bought them, however I would rather have paid 4 times that for a good operating 757/767 aircraft. So I agree with others, I too am waiting for a complex updated 757/767 Boeing to come to market... HINT... HINT... :-)
  5. I am very glad to see that there are other Sim developers making high quality add-ons, I am sure PMDG is taking notice, nothing better than having a little competitive edge that keep developers making new and better products. As far as I am concerned, it is a win win for anyone in our hobby. Yes, I am a PMDG loyal customer, however I am one of those that see the need for a 64Bit Sim. So, yes as soon as X-plane gets a few more high quality add-ons such as this aircraft, I will end my 20 + year love hate relationship with FSX.
  6. michelair

    Your age?

    50 and in a holding pattern....
  7. I just heard from Vrinsight via email,..... they have told me that they are making a profile so that we can use the MCP-Combo with the NGX, it will be out in a week or so. Please email them to support the need that this profile be created for MCP-Combo and other vrinsight products. John
  8. I am glad you are on this so quickly, I will be glad to donate to your efforts if you can figure how to create a profile the the Vrinsight MCP Combo so it works correctly with this bird. Again I am glad to Donate some funds for the cause... Let me know...John
  9. PMDG great job, worth every Penny...

  10. Just watching the Olympic's for the next few weeks...

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