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  1. michelair

    Credit card stolen after a simmarket order?

    Sorry to hear, another idea to help combat this type of criminal activity, that does not cost you money like credit monitoring services. Use one credit card for all your online purchases, amazon, eBay, PayPal .ect... then contact the issuing credit card company and restrict the daily purchase amount. I have mine set at $300.00, I also have text alerts sent to me via phone on every transaction that is placed on the card, if I see one that I don't recognize, I call them immediately. If I need to go over $300 I call the credit card company and let them know about the exact purchase amount and they allow the transaction. I set the low daily amount to discourage thieves from getting high dollar authorizations approved, hopefully when these types of purchases get denied they discard my info... and when I get the text alert it is usually within minutes of the authorization and I can cancel the card quickly if need be. I agree, one should not have to do this but in today's world it is a must. john..
  2. michelair

    Directions, please?

    Rightseat, another way to look at upgrading is the following... Many of us upgraded our hardware over the last two years, but never achieved good results in our sim due to the 32bit limitation, since P3D v4 released using the 64bit architecture this upgrade was easy to justify the $200 Dollars... I am sure others will agree, but if your system is older and you have not made those hardware upgrades, I suggest you upgrade your hardware first, and then make the jump to the new platform, by then hopefully the vendors have upgraded their software from 32 to 64bit coding and most of the bugs are worked out of P3Dv4... Just a thought, I too agree with everyone else about LM refund policy.... But if your system is lacking you might not be happy with P3Dv4 upgrade... Again, just my thoughts, what ever decision is yours, but at least we finally have P3D in a 64bit platform. Good luck, on your qwest.. :-)
  3. I agree the 727 and 737-200 are great planes for FSX and P3D...... Have them Both. Thinking about the 777...hmmmmm If you like the older planes... at $9.99 it is a deal..........
  4. michelair

    Captain Sim Sale!

    Well, I bought the 727 for P3D and version 2.7, glad I did, best buy this Holiday Season,
  5. michelair

    Does Flight1 ever have sales?

    The answer is no, they usually only offer a coupon under the Bundles/Deals tab in the menu... John
  6. Overstock has this unit for sale under $800, might wait for Black Friday or Christmas sales, but reviews are looking great. I currently have three 28" 1080p Monitors, and I think I would rather have 1 monitor with the 4k Res, after reading all the reviews of simmers that made the jump to 4K...
  7. Glad to hear the new release has arrived, I am going to wait before I buy to see what actually changed and how the installers are effected. So yes, I will thank all you day one buyers in advance, please keep us upto date as to what works out of the box and what doesn't. The big question we all want to know is the performace issue. and how much better is VAS management. Everything else is Candy... :-)
  8. michelair

    P3D 3.0 Speculation & General Nonsense

    Pete, maybe put a Donate Button on your web page, for the people that want to pay you for your trouble and great work you do, to keep your software up to date. Just a thought..... :-) John
  9. michelair

    Salt Lake City to Great Falls

    Thanks for sharing.... great stuff...
  10. michelair

    UPS A300 reported down

    Thank you for posting this update, sad event...... glad to see that the NTSB figured out what happened.
  11. michelair

    To FSX users on the fence for P3D 2.5

    I haven't posted much in the last 5 years however I visit avsim everyday, and I guess I will finally jump off the fence and try P3D. Over the last 5 Months I have seen a many developers take the plunge as well. Over a year ago many of us really questioned this P3D as a future for our Flight Simulation needs, but the EULA question has everyone one making their own fit to meet the their needs. So with that said those of us that take Flight Simulation seriously whether one is a gamer or student of Flight Aviation, there is a place for all Flight Sim platforms in our community. I really don't see all the fuss, Whether Xplane or FSX-SE/FSX or P3D its all good, None of the members of Avsim have to justify what platforms they are using or why. We as individuals are in compliance with a Developers EULA or we are not, if it ever comes to question if and when Developers to hold those individuals who are not in compliance is their business. But to waste time on this forum as to who is and who isn't or what when and why,...well it speaks for its self. Don't get me wrong some the arguments or points of view when it comes to discussing this is quite entertaining sometimes, but at the end of the day we all need to get along. Bottom line is to grow the Hobby of Flight Simulation, grow the Flight Simulation as a great learning tool for Virtual pilots and real pilots or anyone who just wants to learn.... Just my two cents..... Okay back to me jumping off the fence, Its done. :-)
  12. michelair

    MD-80 Project Update

    Wonderful, great work.!
  13. michelair

    Words I need to share with our Community

    Tom; No words can describe when our lobby loses its leaders, especially those that contribute to our hobby as you have. In time, We all here will face the crossroads which you are now facing in one way or another, you are not alone on this journey.. but I want you to know.....Your leadership through Avsim.net have made my world of Flight Sim Aviation a great hobby for me. So I join the ranks of many and salute you today. May these comments and comments of the many in their own little way give you a little peace in the days to come. My prayers to you and your family. Your Courage to share this news with us, will remind us to make that call to our loved ones and say how special they are. -- John
  14. michelair

    [03MAR15] PMDG's First Product for XPlane...

    One step closer to leaving FSX and going to Xplane's 64 bit operating platform.