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  1. Julian Tangney

    Looking to change to P3D

    nope id be willing to give it a try but for me, xpl11 doesn't quite fit what I want to do I love the 777 and 737 and if I get p3d they will basically be the only planes I will fly in xpl11 other than the Zibo 737 (or whatever its called) there isn't much else that interests me. don't get me wrong xpl11 looks amazing but for me, I just think p3ds more my style.
  2. Julian Tangney

    Looking to change to P3D

    so P3D will run better and smoother than FSX?
  3. Julian Tangney

    Looking to change to P3D

  4. Julian Tangney

    FSX or Prepar3D?

    because on June 9th PMDG is announcing their huge secret project at FlightSimExpo which is rumored to be a new flight sim platform.
  5. Julian Tangney

    Looking to change to P3D

    Hi all. I have been playing MS FSX for quite a long time now. I have an i7-7700HQ and a GTX 950m. I get around 20-50fps with the PMDG 737 and Rex4 texture direct. everything else is vanilla except a few freeware airports and Simstall. I'm looking to change to P3D before I go crazy with purchasing add-ons (i know purchasing more add-ons will affect my FPS but ill cross that bridge when I get there) but I want to know, will changing to P3D affect my performance, if so how much? Whats the biggest parts that factor in.I'm looking forward to what people have to say thank you.
  6. Julian Tangney

    pmdg 777 or QW 787

    I'm trying to decide between getting the pmdg 777 or the QW 787 and wanted to know, which is better, more realistic, most livery's, generally overall which is more worth buying and flying