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  1. lewblok

    ILS approach not centered on runway

    I am flying the PMDG version and the scenery is Megascenery Earth and even had the offset problem landing at KDAL on either runway. I also have the same problem at KAMA flying instrument approaches with a Skymaster 337.My question is there a way to put these approaches back on centerline in the settings of FSX? Thanks for the replies Lewis
  2. In FSX, I was doing an ILS approach to KDFW 36L and broke out of overcast and was lined up to the left of the runway in a 737-800. I cannot find anything about an offset localizer on the approach plate. I think I am reading it correctly. My question is this a problem with FSX? If it is, can it be fixed by a novice with changing config settings. While on here what can I do about disappearing aircraft with only wheels on tarmac or in VC buttons on cockpit instruments are not visible. Thanks for any help! Lew Block
  3. lewblok

    SXAD KAMA Rick Husband Amarillo Airport

    Shaun, how would I get the update to correct the runway numbers, 22 on runway 4 and no runway markings on 22
  4. lewblok

    SXAD KAMA Rick Husband Amarillo Airport

    Shaun, the airport is awesome. I live in Amarillo and love your work. One question I have is my control+j will not move the jetway while parked at gate 10. It was working before Kama download. Again good job and thanks. lewblok
  5. lewblok

    flight yoke unresponsive

    I mean control panel checking shows all of the proper responses for pitch and roll from yoke and the same for calibration in FSX. Only trying to fly in FSX pitch and roll does function but all of the buttons work on the yoke. So in trying to fly the aircraft, pitch and roll does not respond and the rudders function as normal. After a little brain work, checked the axis controls and for some reason the x and y axis on the yoke had disappeared. Just reassigned them and viola it works. Appreciate the replies. Lewis Block
  6. lewblok

    flight yoke unresponsive

    My Saitek flight yoke is not being detected by FSX. Checked the calibration phase in controls and it is working fine, also checked calibration in control panel and everything working fine. I just need to know where and what I need to do to fly the plane and make it functional. Thanks for any help! Lewis Block
  7. I am planning on moving my flight sim computer into my media room with an eighty inch 4k tv. My question here is my computer going to work on this big tv without any problems? Windows 7 64 bit 16 gb ram Intel i7-4790k cpu @ 4.00 hgz Nividia G force GTX 780 Ti Intel HD graphics 4600 Many Thanks Lewis Block
  8. When I log onto FSX pick the boeing aircraft and the airport and the gate and click to flynow, the aircraft starts with auto throttle on and engines going full blast with throttle levers at idle, and autopilot is on and cannot set up a flight on FMC. Do I need to reload the pmdg program or can I change so aircraft starts at gate running at idle or cold and dark? Thanks for any replies Lewis Block
  9. lewblok

    Autopilot issues

    I am having lots of trouble using the trim wheel to adjust a climb, descent and level flight. Using the AP and set altitude it flies straight and level. But when I try to fly without altitude hold, the trim wheel just rolls up and down causing constant adjustment of the pitch control with the yoke. I pull the yoke full either way and the wheel is just moving constantly. Love this aircraft, but this problem is creating more work flying than I want to do. The trim buttons on my yoke will move the wheel, but then the trim wheel starts its up and down adjustments. Makes it tough to set up a climb or descent. On an ILS approach with AP on, it will follow the descent to the runway, but turn off AP and then it goes bonkers. Help please. Thanks for any responses. Got to thinking this topic should have been a new topic but don't know how to move to a new topic now. Sorry Lewis Block
  10. lewblok

    Weather radar

    I have FSX and the pmdg 737-800 and was wondering what I need to do to use the weather radar on this aircraft. Thanks Lewis Block
  11. lewblok

    Audible alarm sitting at gate

    In doing a short turnaround and sitting at the gate while GSX ground services are preparing the aircraft for the next flight, there is an audible alarm that has no indicator light and cannot figure out what it is for. Engines are shut down, APU is running and park brake is on, but still this sound will not shut off. Hope someone can help me fix this obnoxious problem. I know I have probably done something wrong, but cannot figure it out. Thanks Lewis Block
  12. lewblok

    FMC some altitudes are red

    I did fly the tutorials, but don't remember that particular instance. Appreciate finding out what it is. Thanks everyone for the help. Lewis Block
  13. lewblok

    FMC some altitudes are red

    All of the responses and no one has said what the magenta 7000/9000 is indicative of on the FMC? Just thought someone would know. Thanks for the responses. Lewis Block
  14. lewblok

    Ran out of memory in FSX PMDG

    Thanks everyone for the responses, I will do some work on re-adjusting. Lewis Block