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  1. theCessnaguy

    Plans after DC-6 FSX & P3D 3.XX Update?

    Wouldn't anyone love to see a Lockheed Electra? Saw them all the time at my hometown airport of Buffalo. -Mike Pesarchick
  2. Recent update pretty much solved my performance issues.
  3. for a dev's first plane, I think its outstanding. Great customer support too. I think with a few tweaks, there will be real winner here.
  4. theCessnaguy

    Some F4E Confusion

    I know! I have watched most of them. Your INS tutorial was very helpful. I just cant get the target coordinates to accurately, well, target!
  5. theCessnaguy

    Some F4E Confusion

    Thanks to both of you. I agree, while its cool to have the real world manual, its almost impossible to follow at times considering there are changes to the airplane after certain production numbers (which doesn't matter in FSX land).
  6. theCessnaguy

    Some F4E Confusion

    Just bought the F4E model, and its visually stunning and a very good flyer. I have some confusion on some of the systems, however, and I have poured through the manual, which hasnt helped me out (not a knock against Milviz, i just am having a hard time understanding things). Firstly- the 'MASTER CAUTION" light refuses to go out, no matter what I hit. Secondly, the INS seems to take me very off course. I have watched the tutorial, and setting it up is fine. It is when i set a target is where I have issues. The INS takes me either off course (by varying distances) or the distance computer says the target is 9000+ miles away (which is impossible!). I am confused as to what i am doing wrong. Lastly, I cannot get the wings to fold or the "reds" to appear on the airplane with the manager. I reinstalled the plane but this problem persists. Any help appreciated! I am posting here because I have not set up a Milviz forum account yet. Its a stunning plane overall, I have no issues with the quality. I just want to clear up a couple things. Thanks!
  7. theCessnaguy

    Installed latest patch update-now HGS wont work?

    oops, im an idiot. I installed the 'pilot' patch in the 'pro' version. All's well. Mods can close.
  8. Hey! Saw there was a new patch on the User Area of majestic's site. I downloaded it and installed it, but now my HGS screen only displays in red, "HGS". The glass itself is blank. Also, none of the circuit breaker popups are working. is this a bug or a common issue? Thanks
  9. theCessnaguy

    Majestic Q400 Makes Me Feel Stupid

    Dont forget, its a regional airliner, and therefore is made cheaper for small, fast routes for the commuter airlines. It wont be as "friendly" as a 737 for example regarding autopilot.
  10. Id be very happy to fly this event, probably will take up my Realair Lancair Legacy if the focus is going to be on smaller private planes. Will let some flight sim friends know as well. Might I suggest doing it a little later in the day, such as around 6 EST? Would make sure most of us (like me) are out of school/work.
  11. theCessnaguy

    Engine Fire!

    Could be an error. I sometimes have the plane start up in flames, and nothing makes them go away.
  12. theCessnaguy

    2nd flight using the pro version had a failure

    You too? I lost an engine on approach haha. Alas, I was too engrossed in the sheer awesomeness of the HGS to realize I was stalling. Good thing it was just a delivery flight..
  13. theCessnaguy

    HGS Takeoff help

    Thanks, both of you!
  14. theCessnaguy

    HGS Takeoff help

    Hi- Having a bit of issues trying an HGS takeoff-probably just me not understanding the manuel or what, but I cannot figure it out. Which ILS frequencies do I tune? The one from the runway i'm taking off from (e.g runway 5's frequency for taking off runway 5)? The one from the oppposite end? Both? And, which radio do I put it in? The setting all the speeds is fine, I can handle that. Same for setting the NAV sources. Its just the "which frequency do I tune, and where" that is stopping me. This is a fabulous aircraft, and I love the HGS landings. Just the takeoffs that are eluding me.
  15. theCessnaguy

    Fuel Warning Popup

    Empty your tip tanks!