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  1. cmtemariohenrique

    EDRM-Repaints on the FA50

    Your words are also in accordance with my outrage at these grotesque failures! Let's hope and who knows they will soon make some updates not only on the engines but also on the Winglets! let's wait for news. did a more work could get better quality
  2. cmtemariohenrique

    EDRM-Repaints on the FA50

  3. cmtemariohenrique

    EDRM-Repaints on the FA50

    A good texture to be made not too complex plus the fairing paintkit is missing part so the same would not be good because the 2 and 3 motor are mirrored the same way the winglets! some repintor would have the solution to this problem?
  4. cmtemariohenrique

    Paint Kit falcon 50 Failed

    you said it all because there was only one change of file format right! and as said by min before this paintkit missing parts of texture Falcon 50 😞
  5. cmtemariohenrique

    Paint Kit falcon 50 Failed

    Team Carenado parabens for the launch of the beautiful machine Falcon 50 very good PaintKit well funcinal and easy to work! but for a future upgrade of the aircraft check the paintkit because it is mirroring the engine is missing one side of the engine! and the same situation is the winglet ok! more help in the developers and textures ok! thank you
  6. cmtemariohenrique

    GTN 750 Panel

    Does anyone have the solution?
  7. some texture started for pa42 new textures and images soon
  8. I made some changes in the cj1 but I'm having some problems regarding the light refex on the panel could anyone help me !? observation with the panel lights add the refex on the GTN
  9. Pls Could send me the link of your paints! tks!
  11. Very good to all I was a little annoying to do some repainting for models fairing more with a lot of work because the paintkit are well complete more is not the case! I come in this request a tip or solution to open the ModelConverterX because this model Piper is not opening with it and in the absence of it the work gets even more complex! Because if anyone can help me, I'm grateful! thank you Follow image of my work
  12. cmtemariohenrique

    Texture Brazilian

    tks! tks!
  13. cmtemariohenrique

    Texture Brazilian
  14. cmtemariohenrique

    Texture Brazilian
  15. cmtemariohenrique

    WX Advantage Weather Radar! P3DV3

    Thanks for the info! I could explain how I do because I'm not using much more PMDG using Level D GRATEFUL for attention not quite understand what can happen ??