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  1. Assistance Options > User Experience > Instrument Heads-Up Display - Chase Cam (set to OFF) Scott
  2. In regards to the airplane batteries, power, etc. not working. I had " Extend battery life" checked in the fsuipc7 Miscellaneous section. Once unchecked all was good.
  3. I never uninstalled P3Dv4. Have too much invested in it and I like my a2a aircraft and GTN750 too much to give it up. Also I am still able to use P3Dv4 and fly with my friends using MSFS2020 with JoinFS.
  4. By any chance, are you using fsuipc7? I had no power when using it in this plane.
  5. That was the issue. After following your instructions all is good again. Thank you for your help and for this fantastic program.
  6. After updating MSFS to v1.9.5.0 today, I have lost all my content in the "Content Manager". If I take all my addons out of the addons folder and place them back in the community folder all is good. So It seems their is an issue with this program and the v1.9.5.0.
  7. Hi Bert, I can confirm the same issue for me.
  8. Okay, All works good now Thank you much. Also will there be a way to see other multiplayers not live traffic on the map?
  9. Hello, Thank you Alexander for your continued work. I installed the new beta and ran the load scenery. It found the path and pressed load. After about two min I received an error. Caught exception NOT NULL constraint failed:tmp_waypoint.ident Unable to fetch now.
  10. I'm running FSX in win10 pro 64 no issues other than a problem with RXP gauges. Been on Windows 10 for about 9 months. I went with the upgrade on win 7 then formated and did a clean install of win 10
  11. Thanks Jean-Luc, that would be great! In time if you need them tested just PM me.
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