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  1. I'm running FSX in win10 pro 64 no issues other than a problem with RXP gauges. Been on Windows 10 for about 9 months. I went with the upgrade on win 7 then formated and did a clean install of win 10
  2. Thanks Jean-Luc, that would be great! In time if you need them tested just PM me.
  3. Hello, I would like to report that the FLN and FLT gauges do not play nice under Windows 10 64bit op. I have a Carenado Bonanza dressed out with these gauges along with a RXP 430w and the plane is not loading into the FSX sim as it should. Is it possible to have you look into this and possibly an update to get theses working under win10? Thank you. Scott Specs: Windows 10 64bit FSX Box
  4. Thank you Rob, Sean for your amazing contributions to the flightsim community.
  5. Welcome back. Hope your return will be a bright future for you. :smile: Scott
  6. Loose lips sink ships over at Orbx land. Some folks come over here to vent as it's a bit more lax and tolerant here. :wink:
  7. Much better thank you. :smile: I'm using the this in FSX and all looks good but I did notice the ELT is now missing. It's just a black texture now. Also there are some black textures behind the red mixture lever that looks off.
  8. No go for me here at Oceanside CA. ISP Cox
  9. Peter, pm me with your email and I'll send you the fix.
  10. Stew, this is an optional patch and is not included in the purchased installer. It adds improvements as noted in the change log.
  11. Hi Ron, I'll be looking forward to Saturdays flight. I'll bring my RV7 :smile: Scott
  12. Thanks for the heads up. I hope Bert's mods still work with this. Scott
  13. Here is the window that pops up after I closed FSX the first run.
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