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  1. I use the TSS soundpack instead and I'm very happy with it...since their soundpack is just a generic bizjet sound...nothing compared to a Citation...
  2. That's even more weird, I have not did that and it works...
  3. That's weird, because I too have the Multi Panel, and it works with no problem with all of their aircrafts, that's why I don't prefer deeper navigation systems because all my Saitek setup will not work, since they use default FSX navigation system, and for me is enough, I prefer to manage the cockpit through all my Saitek setup, rather than just move a simple mouse around the VC...but that's just me... Are you using the AP directly from the multi panel?, I'm mean, if you're not touching anything of the AP from the VC?, because then I guess It may interfere...it should work with no problem...if it doesn't work, check your Saitek drivers, reinstall them or reinstall the whole aircraft...I use SPAD drivers instead, since they're much more stable than original saitek drivers and you can create different profiles, if you want, you can try it also...
  4. Dude, you should install the Acceleration pack, is extremely complicated and full of bugs all you said, and that's not the reality, I have it on acceleration and there's no even minimal problem with it...one of the most very well done helicopter out there, even quite better than Nemeth and Milviz with their version 5 (or so), of the Bell 407...honestly, this helicopter is very very well done... So, install acceleration and see if all those bugs that appeared just to you, disapear...
  5. Sounds are not that bad, but are not the best either the inside is muffled, sounds like noise cancelling headsets...and if you turn the volume quite high, the sound gets distorted...but I don't turn up the volume that high...so is very acceptable, but interior sounds like noise cancelling headsets... Exterior is nice, quite loud (expected from a PT6A), nothing different, you can search in youtube, there are new videos, there's one with a complete startup, taxi, takeoff, etc, with no music, and there you can check the sounds... I tried with the TBM sounds and P46T, but I have 135 hours on the TBM and 168 on the P46T, so I want to hear something different haha...C208 sounds are unique from the C208...the PC12, has also a unique sound, and they're all PT6A, but they sounds different in every model...quite curious There's another one done by ECS (if I'm not mistaken), exclusively for the PC12, but is not that good...I'll wait if Arezone releases the soundpack for the PC12, will get it...
  6. jjmp

    PC-12 Problems

    Is there anyone else, having problems with the sounds in external view with headset?
  7. It really needs the spoilers!, very useful!
  8. Haha, I forgot to paste the link Here is: http://www.carenado.com/CarSite/Portal/index.php?accion=product&correl=105
  9. What do you think guys???, are you gonna add it to your hangar??? Cheers
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