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  1. hahaha yeah, as I have both of them, me too, I like the size and power of the C404, which is much better than the Navajo, but yeah, the Navajo is much more popular...anyway...
  2. I purchased them both, first it was the C404 and then the Navajo after so much thinking about it...the C404 is heavier, bigger, and you can leave the ground with 8 pax in a simple 4 rows cabin layout, while the Navajo only 4 pax as club seating...I'm really dissapointed that they didn't inluded the 5 or 6 seat...it does have the enough room, they did the holes on the floor and there are the windows for it!!!, anyway...that's a complete down side for me...would have been much, much better, if it had 5 seats at least... I like them both, both are great!, neither of them is better than the other one, in terms of quality or FDE's...it only it depends on what you prefer...or you need...the C404 as I said, is heavier, 8 pax, faster and powerful (375hp per side) and 2,000nm max range...Navajo 4 pax, lighter, 310hp per side and 1,000nm max range... I prefer the C404, because is 3 bucks cheaper and you have a bigger and faster aircraft...but I'm happy with both...the Navajo, was never my cup of tea, those extremely big windows compared to other aircrafts, are quite annoying...haha but that's just me...I'm starting to like it a bit more...
  3. Yes but no...on their version there's no difference on sounds between 30 and 40", as Gregg said and it's still not from 40 to 46", JUST when you pull back the rpms to 2400...there's a tiny bit difference, but not that much...
  4. I have experienced OOMs by years, with some Carenado/Alabeo aircrafts, but just in the first run of the aircraft in the FSX...then it's fine...it should go away for the next "runs"...if it stills there, reinstall or contact Carenado or Alabeo...
  5. Me too, it's the Saitek Multi Panel!, works fine! Since most Carenado/Alabeo aircrafts, uses the default fsx autopilot system, it works with it...that's why I love the Multi Panel, I don't have to fight in the cockpit trying to find how the autopilot works, just simply select altitude, heading, course, V/S, speed (when needed), activate it, and there is! On the downside, as it just works with the default fsx autopilot system, it's not fully compatible with other developers autopilot systems, like PMDG, Majestic, etc and THAT'S why I don't want deeper navigation systems...I initially thought that the Hawker wouldn't work because of the VNAV mode and new autopilot system, and surprisingly it worked!!! clicking a mouse around the cockpit and systems (except the FMS), and just use the yoke or joystick for takeoff and landing, is not my cup of tea...that's why I have a nice Saitek setup with 5 panels, yoke, throttles and pedals...is just awesome!
  6. Interesting info!, sadly it's not simulated...
  7. this one is quite helpful... Are you using default windows internet explorer?, I had this problem with the explorer, then I use chrome when I'm on the forum and problem fixed!, I can quote, selective quote, copy-paste with no probs!, regards...
  8. Ok, well you should wait for someone to upload it...
  9. I've been able to fly 104 hours, mostly using VNAV to climb and almost the whole cruise, what's wrong with it?, my longest flight was 2,250nm, It follows the route correctly, also the ILS, it climbs correctly, follows the speed, etc...I was able to arrive to any destination...what is the exact problem?, because I've done 55 flights from A to B, with no probs at all...
  10. It can be flown using the FMS completely and NAV systems...I've flown 104 hours on it with no single prob at all...full ILS approach, VNAV mode works correctly, etc...I'm real happy with it!
  11. You can try this one... Also this guy have done some vids of the Hawker with complete flights... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh7wzvb1kz1_tVole0QQCGA
  12. Well, we have all different opinions, but..."in tastes sorts are broken", for me is not bad at all... I've flown almost 103 hours on it, full FMS, VNAV works nice, ILS works nice too, I added autothrottle, fully compatible with all my Saitek cockpit setup, what PMDG and others can't, scrolling or clicking a mouse for almost everything, and just use the yoke (or joystick) for takeoff and land is not my cup of tea, it does work with the Citation too, I'm happy with my purchase...but I repeat it again: "in tastes sorts are broken"...
  13. not close, but is not bad at all...I'm mean, it can't be flown with default FSX planner, that's a big step...
  14. They should release an SP2 soon, it still needs to fix some little things, but it's completely flyable (IMHO and for me), because there are some people that complains excesively...and the aircraft is not that bad, sincerely...
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