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Found 37 results

  1. Hi, I'm owner of RealityXP GTN 750 and I've just bought the Aerobask-LegacyRG. I've just re-download ad re-install Reality XP Garmin and Trainer sotfware, but there is no way to integrate the GTN 750 on Aerobask (3D panel integration) nor to power on the 2D GTN 750 panel (it remains black). No errors received, and the plugin is correctly installed on XPlane. Can someone help me please? Thanks Mirko (Windows 10 Pro - XPlane 11.51 Vulkan)
  2. Good night everyone, I wonder if the GTN 750 can be added to the 3D panel of the C208 Super cargomaster via cfg file, I tried to add it but it only appears in the 2D panel Thank you all for the attention !!
  3. Hello. i have some problem. in my GTN 750 P3D i have invisible air traffic around me everywhere (http://i.imgur.com/xrP1EhN.png). What i need to do for fix it. before such problems wasn't. And sometimes GTN lost GPS signal - what is it? Lear, fsupic, P3D, GTN - latest version.
  4. Here is a trip to Phoenix from my home airport in my little CJ... When I'm in the CJ I usually have to wait at the end of the line for takeoff...that 737 got a ATC hold so I got to jump ahead of him! Liftoff from 17R...the AA farm in the background. Nice shot of downtown Dallas (One of those buildings is one I work at) In fact, why don't I just show you a shot from my window at work? (one of the dozens of SWA's that buzz by my window everyday into KDAL) That is the "building with a hole in it" right next to ours.) She is a good looking bird! Another glam shot, hehe. I turned the RXP GTN's screen to all black by turning off the Topo option (2 taps on the screen) as it really helps to simplify the view....no need for terrain awareness at 40,000 feet! Beautiful mountains below a lovely plane. You can't deny Carenado puts stunning detail in their models. Easing down into the pattern, the GTN set on Chart view...sometimes I like it better with its North-Up orientation vs the map on the ND with it rotating as you turn. Easy to see here that I'm just south of the localizer, going to capture in about 10 seconds. On the GTN I can also easily see in this view that my radio is tuned to the correct localizer freq. When you first go to this screen you'll notice your view of the map is limited because the relevant info for this chart is on the left in its own window. Simply touch the Split button and the map goes full screen. You're able to zoom in and out, pan all around the map with hand gestures common to any tablet user (or if you have it on your monitor, common mouse clicks and moves) Perfectly lined up now, gear coming down. Looking at the CJ2's instrumentation (cross-checking), you can see the APPR mode is engaged and I am in fact lined up right on the dots on the PFD. GTN mode on Safe Taxi® mode to get to our parking (well you just have to zoom in to a certain level to see the taxiways. The level of zoom it appears at is configurable in the menu...but for those who may not see the taxiways..beware that you can't have your declutter level set to its max...it declutters the taxiways too, hehe. Its just a few clicks to fix it). Ahhh....my little CJ gets to spend the night in the house tonight! All tucked in, beautiful sunset in the background (with a palm tree!) I wish Carenado put an option on the popup menu to remove the pilots from view (esp when it's parked) I have a few more flights lined up with some new birds, I'll keep showing you more features I use (and discover) with the RXP GTN as I progress in my GA career!
  5. Here's the Flight1 GTN750 installed in the DA42 Twin Star. It's a custom installation so the GTN Config Tool WAS NOT used. Flight1 GTN750 not included. Has the GTN750 in the VC and as a popup. Alabeo G1000 MFD only available as a popup in case you need it. Reversionary Mode =ON so aircraft and engine parameters are on the PFD G1000 what it looks like JPG to see if you even want to do this How to install in 4 steps download size is 2.2MB This was installed in P3Dv4 but should also work with other flight sims. Alabeo Twin Star and GTN750 Complete (v2.0.3) were installed into their default locations PM me if interested with a valid email address and I will send the file "DA42_GTN750.zip"
  6. Hello fellow RXP users, I have a problem (actually 2 now given the first problem seems to have created the 2nd). I purchased the RXP GTN750pack and installed a few weeks ago. I followed the instructions for installing it in the AS Cheyenne III as posted in the configuration thread for P3Dv4. That worked extremely well and I am very pleased with the way it performs and how the setup went. I since bought the A2A C182 and installed it and enjoying coming to grips with its habits. On further reading I saw the instructions posted here on putting the GTN750 into C182. Beauty I thought, I followed the instructions - though I must say the first step is the most vague for an RXP noob ie what specific instrument do you replace in the RXP setup window with the GTN750 as it gives you several options? I went through that process and then closed down v4 I backed up the original GTN.ini and the C182 panel cfg, I then went about cutting and pasting the appropriate add in to the two files, saved them and reopened the sim, no change - original/default instruments still appeared. I retraced and checked the setup and checked the entries in the cfg and ini files (they were as pasted directly -from Nirgal76's post). I decided to undo it all and start from scratch because maybe I did something wrong in the setup, so back to the original files and reversed the setup in the RXP setup window and exited the sim. I restarted the sim and went into the A2A C182 and sitting on the tarmac I selected the RXP setup tab in the menu to recommence the setup and v4 stops working and creates a Windows error file. Note that the Cheyenne is still working fine with the GTN750 in the VC, v4 only crashes when I select the RXP setup option in the C182. question 1. I assume I need to uninstall and reinstall RXP to get it working correctly again in setup mode? As I seem to have managed to corrupt something in my effort to get it installed into the C182 I am guessing that would impact the Cheyenne III install as the RXP GTN.ini file will be deleted so I will restore that specific file from the backup I made of the working Cheyenne GTX ini file. question 2. If I proceed with Q1 can someone then advise which instrument I should select in the RXP setup options of the C182 to be replaced by the GTN 750 before I modify the panel.cfg and GTX.ini files? I do have the windows error report on the v4 CTD but they are usually not very informative in situations such as this. I would really like to get the C182 working with the 750 given how good the GTN 750 is in the Cheyenne. Any and all help is appreciated.
  7. I cannot get my Turbine Duke V2 or Legacy V2 Config Panel to allow me to enable my F1 GTN 750 in the planes, I only just purchased the F1 GTN and don't know how to enable it in very many planes, I have only been able to enable it in my A2A C172 and Carenado PA46. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello, I am using the latest update of the GTN750. I use it in all my planes as a floating window sitting on the copilot seat. I fly always in VR with the Rift-S and the floating panel is big enough that I can see it well and manipulate it with the Touch Controllers or the mouse. Another plugin that is active is Pilot2ATC that creates the original flight plan and then scolds me if I don't follow it correctly I enter the flight plan from Pilot2ATC manually into the GTN750 when I am in the cockpit. I also use AviTAB for nav charts and a moving map. So a few days ago, I would be in the beginning of a flight and all of a sudden the GTN750 would lock up. It wouldn't respond to any click from the controllers or the mouse. But it remained active and auto-zoomed when it approached a waypoint. But I couldn't control it at all. At first, I went to the menu and closed the GTN completely. Then I launched a whole new version of it and that would work after I re-entered the flight plan. I found a better way to work around the problem, I exited VR and with the normal screen I was able to select a Popup Window. I clicked on that a few times with the mouse to be sure that it was working - which it was. I was back to normal. So then I went back into VR and the popup window disappeared, but when I was in VR there it was floating in front of me, waiting to be placed on the copilot seat. It then worked fine and I didn't have to reload the flight plan. But I seem to have found a curious connection that seems to be related. This is a whole new bug. When I am making a flight plan, I select a STAR and it inserts correctly into the plan. But when I go to select an Approach, instead of inserting BEFORE the destination airport, it inserts AFTER - so that the plane goes to the airport and then goes to the approach. I discovered that I could just delete the airport name in the plan and then the preview would show the correct line from the end of the STAR to the beginning of the Approach and down to the runway. So it didn't bother me that the airport name was no longer in the plan as long as I got to the right runway. BUT, I noticed that, in the cases where I deleted the destination airport, I had the above problem with the GTN freezing in flight. But I just made a flight and when I selected the approach, the destination airport name disappeared and the STAR connected to the Approach just like it should. When I made that flight, the GTN didn't freeze up. So sometimes the approach connects correctly and sometimes it doesn't. This is one of those mystery bugs that involves a lot of plugins, but since I can reproduce it, I report it.
  9. I made some changes in the cj1 but I'm having some problems regarding the light refex on the panel could anyone help me !? observation with the panel lights add the refex on the GTN
  10. RealityXP Carenado Baron B58 by Jul79_, auf Flickr Hello, As seen in the photo, there's a native RealityXP .ini in the Carenado Baron B58. I wasn't able to do it, but can anyone of you create one that also replaces the GNS430 at the bottom with a GTN650? Julius
  11. DA62 GTN Panel by Jorge Rexach, on Flickr The integration of the GTN750 into the DA62 MFD is now complete and ready for beta testing. The G1000 MFD gauge is replaced by a redesigned gauge that includes enhanced autopilot functions, including Alt Hold before selected altitude capture, saving the VS and/or FLC profile settings for resuming the climb/descent, AP auto disconnect based on airspeed, vertical navigation, altitude and extreme attitudes. The FLC algorithm has been revised to improve the accuracy of hold speed vs actual airspeed, both in climbs as well as descent, within two knots.A 2d autopilot gauge was incorporated, as flying into turbulence makes the virtual cockpit AP buttons difficult to use. Fuel system page now include separate gauges for main tanks and auxiliary tanks (visible when aux pumps are activated), as well as separate fuel tank quantity readouts. A fix for the auxiliary pump switches on the console has been properly coded to enable tank selection. Once the testing is finished and necessary approvals secured, the full package will be posted in the F1 site. If you are willing to help with the testing please PM me. DA62 GTN FLC Descent by Jorge Rexach, on Flickr DA62 GTN Panel 5 by Jorge Rexach, on Flickr DA62 GTN FLC Climb by Jorge Rexach, on Flickr
  12. Hey guys, in my last post I noted how I was routing to TOJAM in a previous flight. Well now I'm creating a flight and dropping the route into the GTN 750, and when I get to the leg on UJ24 where I need to hop off (sadly its TEQ and not the top selection)....here is what I'm presented with... Flying from Puerto Vallarta to San Salvador using SimBrief routing, it gave me this route and when you load airways in the GTN 750, it lists all the waypoints along that airway. Had I been flying an airliner (like I normally do) I would have never seen this interesting waypoint...strange coincidence. 🙂 Here is the routing in case you're interested in recreating the flight: PVR UJ14S VOLAT UPN UJ24 TEQ UL423 IZT J13 TAP UL423 PIXEN OBRAS This hobby can be so interesting, LoL.
  13. Hello, I bought the RXP GTN750 yesterday but when I do launch it in P3D I have a black screen forever, I tried everything ( restarting the computer, reinstalling everything etc..) can someone help me?
  14. Paro - Kathmandu Adventure. VQPR - VNKT I continue testing the use of modern avionics on a classic airliner. Now fly in difficult high-altitude mountains area. In addition to the GTN750, an improved PDCS now works. The modern firmware of the old device already allows me to even maintain a descend profile with deviations, but there are still many tests ahead. 🙂 So, we fly to Kathmandu and make a landing on RW20 with a short circle.
  15. Hi all, Hoping someone can help. I am rebuilding an old B206 simulator under FSXSE as a favour for a friend who doesn't want to change to XPlane or MSFS2020. I have Panel Builder, FSXSE and RealityXP GTN750 on the same computer, and it's all running surprisingly well. However, I am seeing some odd - and 100% repeatable - behaviour with the GTN750 and the HSI. When the SIM starts, the HSI GS NAV indicators are red, and the needle shows no left/right deviation. I press the first Continue button on the GTN750, the HSI does not change. I set the active NAV to a local VOR, and press the "Installed Databases" Continue button. The HSI course needle immediately turns to point to the VOR, the needle splits to show left of track, and the GS and NAV turn grey. So far so good. But the instant I press the "All map and terrain data" Continue button, the GS and NAV indicators on the HSI turn red again, and the needle "unsplits". After that there is nothing I can do to reconnect them. As you can tell from my description, I'm not an IFR pilot, but I'm sure this isn't correct behaviour. I've tried the following in the RealityXP.GTN.ini file in my aircraft folder: LinkCrs = true LinkHsi = true LinkObs = true LinkVor = true But I can't see any obvious changes in behaviour. Ultimately, I will be connecting an Elite HDG/CRS panel (and others) to this computer, but that shouldn't make a difference, should it? Any advice would be hugely appreciated, I am just about start tearing my hair out, and I don't have that much left... Many thanks in advance Chris
  16. I've been using the GTN750 if FSX:SE for about 10 months now and its been good, especially in my A2A C182. Today the GTN750 screen started flickering and I cant stop it. All the functionality remains - it just flickers incessantly. I've tried repairing the four Simconnect modules, resetting the C182 gauges and re-setting the C182 gauges to original. I've also put the GTN into aircraft that I haven't previously installed it to. Whenever I try to reconfigure the GTN750 again, in any aircraft, the 750 screen flickers. I'd be grateful for any suggestion as to what might be causing the GTN750 screen flickering on the unit and how I might fix it and avoid it in future. Thank you.
  17. I am now getting black screens in every plane that has the GTN750 since an update. This has happened before. Is anyone else getting this issue. Ruining my flights with no GTN :|
  18. I am integrating the GTN750s into the LR King Air C90B. Everything works except for one thing. The CDI needle does not show up in RNAV mode. It does show up in VLOC mode. The CDI button works in sync with the sim. I removed the GNS 530 and 430 but kept the Lua code so that I can "turn them on" before the GTN's. GTN's are now powered from the Avionics bus, as are the phantom GNSs. 1. Am I correct to assume that the GTNs need the original GNSs to be there in some way so that the AP can control the plane from it? 2. Do I have to enable support sim GPS commands for this to work? I actually have tried it both ways. Additionally if I turn the GPS's on using DataRef Tool and cycle power to the GTN's the CDI indicator eventually does show up. I am attaching my ini file. https://drive.google.com/file/d/18nSEDXXM4VGjULPnYrxhg0c0s0m0KpCU/view?usp=sharing
  19. Hello Jean-Luc, I have not been having much luck in importing flight plans from my favorite planners. The most important of these is Pilot2ATC. If I create an IFR flight with P2A, the ATC will function correctly throughout the flight. But when I try to export the plan to the GTN750, the intermediate (enroute) waypoints are locked which means that I can't use the plan. I made a plan from KOAK BSR RZS KSNA and P2A wrote the following flight plan for the GTN: FPN/RI:F:KOAK:F:BSR:F:RZS:F:KSNA which gave me the result shown if you click on this photo https://imgur.com/a/Ds1gowE so I end up with just the departure and the destination. But I can take the same waypoints and enter them manually into the GTN and then the plan works. Little NavMap also exports to GTN, but substitutes lat/long for the named waypoints enroute like this: FPN/RI:F:KOAK:F:N36109W121385:F:N34306W119463:F:KSNA That works although BSR and RZS (which are in the Garmin database) are just listed as numbered user waypoints. It gets even more complicated when I try to use SIDs or STARs. I'm wondering if you could supply Dave at Pilot2ATC with current formatting data so that he could correctly export your plans?????
  20. Hello, The first time I imported a flightplan from Little NavMap, it worked fine. So I planned another flight and this time the 750 reported locked waypoints. In this case, I had selected named intersections and a few lat/long user waypòints. The 750 would not activate the plan and offered no way to edit or delete offending waypoints. In reading other forums, there is apparently a discrepancy between the AIRAC in the Garmin (outdated) and the one in Little NavMap (always up to date from Navigraph). However, there must be a way to use user waypoints. Has anybody found the solution????
  21. I fly only General Aviation aircraft with the Flight1 GTN750 Garmin gauge . Along at times using AivlaSoft EFB . I am searching to get good ATC, i normally do not fly online. P3D ver 3 What Airac Cycle would Pilot2ATC come with today and would I not have to get the same cycle for the GTN750 and AivlaSoft or any other software requiring Airac cycle files. Maybe I am out to lunch on this but would not everything have to match Pilot2ATC cycle so all ATC communications regarding the flight were proper. Thank you and product looks interesting Garry P3D Ver 3
  22. Hello, I have spent half-a-day testing and have to report that I cannot get any plane with a builtin G1000 to follow the flight plan I enter into a "floating" GTN750. I am in VR as well. However, planes with the older GPS models 530 will follow the flight plan just fine. The G1000 error isn't noted until there is a change of direction. The plane starts the turn but in the middle stops turning and just goes straight. If I click on NAV on the G1000, it will return to the new magenta line and finish the turn. I must select NAV after every change of course. At first I thought that this was an error only with new planes with modified G1000s like the Epic or King Air 350, but when I started testing on the C172 I found that all G1000s react the same - and all the 530s work. WHAT'S NEW: I have just begun to notice that, when the 750 is following a flight plan, the G1000 or 530 also show a magenta line and the name of the next waypoint.... but only a line to the next waypoint, not the rest of the flight plan. They didn't used to do that. When we get to a turn, the G1000/530 puts up a new magenta line and the next waypoint. But halfway through the turn the plane exits NAV mode and starts going straight. I have to tell PlaneCommand "LNAV" or push the NAV button on the G1000. Then we go back to the magenta line. So it appears that the 750 is controlling the plane fine when LNAV is initiated and when the flight plan has a change of course, the 750 gives the new waypoint and magenta line to the G1000 but forgets to say "follow the magenta line". I use the 750 in ALL my planes and I never noticed this before because I used to just set a direct destination on the 750 and then use graphical editing to add new waypoints. The plane always followed the course including the turns, but putting the waypoints into a flight plan isn't working. Is there something that I am missing in the settings???????
  23. Hello everybody, I have done a quick and simple intergation of the Flight 1 GTN750 into the GNS530 bezel. It is not perfect, and the display lost its quality due to the compressed size, but better than nothing at least for me :) You can bring a up the GTN750 2D popup panel by pressing Shift+7 for better controllability and the 'Direct To' Button. If you have an idea to make it even better, don't hesitate :) Just replace your Panel.cfg with the following lines, but don't forget to back it up first!! Have fun and happy Landings Valentin [Window Titles] Window00=GPS 530 Window01=GPS 430 Window02=Toggle_Control Window03=INFO Window04=ENGINE SETUP Window05=START Window06=Flight1 Garmin GTN750 U1 - DO NOT MODIFY [VIEWS] VIEW_FORWARD_DIR=-1.000, 0.000, 0.000 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window00] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 window_size_ratio=0.600 position=3 visible=0 ident=0 window_size= 0.300, 0.388 window_pos= 0.530, 0.324 no_luminous=1 zorder=6 gauge00=GPS_530_3D_P46350P!gps_500, 0,0,512,512 gauge01=PA46350P!ToggleCAR530, 0,0,512,30 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window01] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=524,310 window_size_ratio=0.600 position=6 visible=0 ident=10010 window_size= 0.317, 0.244 window_pos= 0.525, 0.716 no_luminous=1 zorder=7 gauge00=GPS_430_3D_P46350P!GNS430_nc2, 0,0,528,310 gauge01=PA46350P!ToggleCAR430, 0,0,512,30 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window02] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=500,261 position=0 visible=0 ident=796 window_size= 0.200, 0.200 window_pos= 0.020, 0.160 zorder=5 gauge00=PA46350P!Control_windows, 0,0,500,261 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window03] file=info.bmp size_mm=419,181 window_size_ratio=1.000 position=0 visible=1 ident=10020 window_size= 0.200, 0.115 window_pos= 0.020, 0.040 gauge00=PA46350P!ToggleCARINFO, 10,10,400,100 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window04] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=600,653 window_size= 0.350, .500 position=3 visible=0 nomenu=1 ident=10060 gauge00=GAUGEP46350P!StartWindowsAircraft , 0, 0, 600,653 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Window05] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=600,653 window_size= 0.350, .500 position=5 visible=0 nomenu=1 ident=10050 gauge00=GAUGEP46350P!StartWindows , 0, 0, 600,653 //--------------------------------------------------------- [Window06] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=937,887 ident=14401 window_pos= 0.660, 0.160 window_size= 0.340, 0.580 zorder=99 gauge00=F1GTN!GTN750, 0,0,937,887,UNIT1.POP gauge01=C310RIIALA!ToggleGTN750, 100,0,737,50 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Vcockpit01] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=1024,1024 visible=0 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$Panel_1 gauge00=GAUGEP46350P!Gauge_Volts_Amps, 7,521,318,279 gauge01=GAUGEP46350P!Gauge_Anum_L, 87,805,328,212 gauge02=GAUGEP46350P!Gauge_Button_Anum, 422,803,600,217 gauge03=GAUGEP46350P!Gauge_Clock, 332,518,279,279 gauge04=GAUGEP46350P!Gauge_ENGINE_DIG, 0,0,462,293 gauge05=PA46350P!GPSVSI, 0,0,2,2 gauge06=CarSoundPA46350P!CarSound, 0, 0, 1, 1 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Vcockpit02] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=1024,1024 visible=0 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$Panel_2 gauge00=WX_Gauge_3D_P46350P!WXGauge, 9,9,492,309 //gauge01=GPS_530_3D_P46350P!gps_500, 7,337,493,358 gauge01=F1GTN!GTN750, 29,350,466,282,UNIT1.VC gauge02=GAUGEP46350P!Radio_KR87_ADF, 524,670,496,100 gauge03=GPS_430_3D_P46350P!GNS430_nc2, 517,259,497,258 gauge04=DIGTTRANS_P46350P!transponder, 516,529,501,126 gauge05=Radio_P46350P!RadioAudio, 520,8,498,98 gauge06=GAUGEP46350P!Gauge_Anum_R, 381,786,635,229 gauge07=PA46350P!ToggleCAR530, 7,337,493,30 gauge08=PA46350P!ToggleCAR430, 517,259,497,30 //-------------------------------------------------------- [Vcockpit03] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 visible=0 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$Panel_3 gauge00=GAUGEP46350P!Gauge_Autopiloto, 0,0,512,119 gauge01=GAUGEP46350P!Gauge_Anum, 0,120,384,177 gauge02=GAUGEP46350P!Gauge_Anum_APSEL, 0,299,384,174 gauge03=P46350P_Cabin_alt!C340_PRESS, 0,0,1,1 Day=255,255,255 Night=223,255,255 Luminous=246,115,119 [Default View] X=0 Y=0 SIZE_X=8192 SIZE_Y=6143
  24. More and more planes are coming out with the GTN750 built into the panel. There is a problem with that for VR users. In a floating window like AVItab or the GTN750 when it ISN'T built in, there is a blue laser beam that comes from the controller any time it is pointed at the window. That makes it very easy to select things - you point at them with the blue laser and pull the trigger - boom, selected. But when the GTN is built into the panel, there is no blue laser beam. If you pull the trigger, there is a green laser beam which shoots out. If it happens to land on a button, that button will be selected. But you have no idea if it is going to land on the desired button. I often take a shot onto a blank part of the panel to get a feel for where it is going to land before actually pointing to the GTN. This results in me using the floating window even when the GTN is built in because, if I am entering a flight plan by selecting waypoints, there is no way that I am going to shoot in the dark at the panel. I don't know if this is something related to the GTN or to Xplane's panels, but I mention it here in case you can help with it..... Thanks....
  25. just baught the get last night the pop out works just fine but the one in the panel does not work at all PLEASE HELP!
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