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  1. Ok I solved this if anyone is curious. So the root cause was on the last install I got a message that I had never seen before. It said something about activations are almost out or something. Not sure but I have had this awhile and had installs that were part of the upgrade for the product. I ignored this message and that is the root cause. You have to use the F reactivation that sends you an email. Once I did that and reinstalled I got no more errors and the gtn750 is working again. So there is a tie in with that activation. I have valid keys so none of this is big deal but if its ever a black screen then reinstall and make sure you get the installers from F1. Dont ignore the error message about activation's. I have no clue what the count is but I must have reached it.
  2. so its failing but no reason why. SO MUCH FAIL - on many levels
  3. rxpGTN.xpl.log 20/04/09 22:01:52.358 08832 - ] # win.xpl version 20/04/09 22:01:52.358 08832 INFO ] rxpGtnSim.sim.dll.log 20/04/09 22:01:55.837 08832 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 20/04/09 22:01:55.836 08832 INFO ] 20/04/09 22:03:32.424 08832 INFO ] GTN 750.1 - TRAINER 6623 20/04/09 22:06:22.168 08832 WARN ] FAIL: 01 ..\..\lib\acl\kernel\ui\nand\hwm_nand.c(1030) (null) 20/04/09 22:07:31.597 08832 INFO ] GTN 750.1 - TRAINER 6623 20/04/09 22:10:20.020 08832 WARN ] FAIL: 01 ..\..\lib\acl\kernel\ui\nand\hwm_nand.c(1030) (null) 20/04/09 22:13:57.031 08832 INFO ] GTN 750.2 - TRAINER 6623 20/04/09 22:13:58.262 08832 WARN ] FAIL: 01 ..\..\lib\acl\kernel\ui\nand\hwm_nand.c(1030) (null) 20/04/09 22:16:43.371 08832 INFO ] GTN 650.2 - TRAINER 6623 20/04/09 22:16:44.408 08832 WARN ] FAIL: 01 ..\..\lib\acl\kernel\ui\nand\hwm_nand.c(1030) (null)
  4. This all xplane planes! And the database does NOT fix it. 😖
  5. Hello, I am now unable to use the GTN750 or 650 due to pop out being black or even the plane cockpit gauge. Is it possible to revert back to an older version or will there be a fix. It is not usable at all in ANY of the planes. Not sure what to do. 😞
  6. It is every plane in X-plane 11.41 - is this an INI issue? IS this something the developer is aware of?
  7. reinstalled plugin from installer and still black using the correct garmin database No love here. 😞
  8. I am now getting black screens in every plane that has the GTN750 since an update. This has happened before. Is anyone else getting this issue. Ruining my flights with no GTN :|
  9. Absolutely, it is how much I enjoy your product!
  10. To anyone on the fence about whether to add this to your aircraft, this is the most awesome garmin there is! This software makes your flying experience a joy. It has terrain , aircraft charts- the true whole deal!
  11. Confirmed working again. Many thanks jean-luc!
  12. Well, after testing I can confirm gtn750 is the issue in the cockpit. Shelving this and hopefully it is not a lost 50 dollar piece of software. Loved using it while it worked
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