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  1. Sadly, this flight went all screwy near Iceland and thus never reached its destination of Copenhagen... Air Greenland's hub is at Kangerlussuaq on the western side of Greenland. They have one "heavy" - an Airbus A330-200 which is used for their Copenhagen route (most other Air Greenland flights are internal). Winter in the northern hemisphere means that there's not a lot of sunlight at higher latitudes. Climbing away from BGSF. Opinions are mixed on being able to see the Milky Way at altitude, and what you actually see. I like this: By dawn's early light.. Here you can see the lat/long waypoints of the flight plan on the MFD. After this the 'Bus entered its "What's it doing now?" procedure. Appearing to circle around a waypoint, circling but not follwing an oval as it would in a holding pattern. By deleting some points and reloading a saved flight I did get closer to Iceland. Here's the last screenshot I took before abandoning the flight. Granted I could have switched to heading mode and "manually" follwo the green line, but I was annoyed both with myself and what the plane was doing.. Hope you enjoyed the screenies anyway! 🍻
  2. I re-did my flight from YAYE to YSSY with a successful outcome, so here are the screenshots as I approached Sydney. The FMC acted a bit strange - to me anyway, but I'll probably pose the question in the flight planning forum. I suspect it is down to my lack of understanding. I didn't have the plan loaded into FSX itself so I did not have ATC vectoring me around. I just wanted to see the FMC in action and deal with the fact that the 146-100 doesn't have a VNAV autopilot function. Here I am, following some kind of descent profile for an approach to RWY34L. I ended up landing with a bit of a tailwind as, by the time I got to Sydney, the METAR had changed. I left the FMC well alone. Whilst the AP managed to intercept the localiser nicely, it didn't want to pick up the glideslope, However as soon as I saw the runway I switched it off anyway. Thanks to the clamshell airbrake, being high wasn't that big a deal There we go! Shutdown... and... Oi !! Where's my stairs and ground support equipment??!! Stupid bloody Galahs !! Cheers!🍻
  3. Today I was going to try a flight out in my newly repainted 146-100 (thank you @hodge001 Lovely job!) private jet from Connellan Airport to Sydney using a flightplan input into the FMC. I managed to successfully input this, including an appropriate STAR (after checking the YSSY METAR) so I was feeling quite pleased with myself. There doesn't appear to be any SIDs that I could find for YAYE, nor does the FMC appear to have any in its database (Navigraph subscription, so any SIDs "should" be there). Please correct me if I'm wrong. Here's G-W4GN with ground power attached as it''ll take me some time to mess with the FMC..... Don't want to burn any fuel until it's required! Mercedes have their own G-Wagons, which are capable 4x4s, but mine's faster and can fly Taxiing out to RWY13. Positive rate as we begin our journey across the hostile Australian continental interior. Had to get a screenshot including the famous Aussie landmark! View from business class of the Number 2 APU... sorry I mean engine.. Some of the panel lighting whilst cruising at FL300 ... and then, after mistakenly switching to spot view instead of locked the sim crashed... On the bright side, the FMC and the autopilot were working fine. Oh well I shall attempt the flight again. Cheers...🍻
  4. Thanks to my discovery of IVAO's Concorde Anniversary Round The World Tour I now have several routes suitable for the supersonic beauty. https://www.ivao.aero/Worldtour/2017/sst/Concorde World Tour 2017a.pdf The second flight is from KJFK to SOCA. Definitely filing an IFR flight plan!! I do wish the lighting was a little bit better for taxiing out. Right. Time to let New York know that we're on the way! What do you mean overspeed?? She IS speed! (FSX NOTAM - still getting to grips with the airspeed in the climb..) Descending towards French Guiana and slowing down. Being vectored for the RWY08 ILS ...and overshooting the localiser.. Got her down OK. (FSX NOTAM - shame the bogies don't pivot..) Welcome to Cayenne – Félix Eboué Airport Enjoy! Despite its quirks, I still like the DC Designs offering, especially as it was released in the twilight years - some might say complete dark age - of FSX.. 🍻
  5. I recently upgraded from the free Southend to the Xtreme Southend from UK2000. granted I didn't show much of the airport in these shots, but so far, so good. Took the Skymaster up for a jaunt, headed roughly NNW, nowhere in particular, no flight plan, and landed when my wife got back from the shops.. Cheers 🍻
  6. Colour me most impressed! 🍻 Lovely job! Not sure if any piston-powered aircraft are suitable fro Lukla, but everyone knows turboprops are. This one's a LONG way from home but looks good. Made it!! Scenery in the distance looks a little blurry down the valley ahead as I've got the LOD set to the default 4.5... Service ceiling of a Pucara is reportedly 31900 feet, where's that big mountain near here?? Found it! It was quite a nice exercise IMO having to nursemaid the Pucara up past 29000 feet. She really does run out of steam as one would expect. However, whilst I did find Lukla on the way back... I never made the landing.. 🍻
  7. I thought it prudent to beat up London City airport because... well you would wouldn't you? Then on to complete the mission! Pucara (Fortress) meets bridge.. well doesn't actually meet it as such because that would have been rather messy.. Mind you there is a "crash-test-dummy" sticker near the back of the canopy (the round black & whit symbol similar to the centre of a BMW badge..) which of course is rather fitting because I'm flying her today This is the only Ctrl-Ezy Pucara livery which allows the torpedo to be loaded. Don't worry:- I didn't launch the tin fish at HMS Belfast..
  8. I've not played around much with this aircraft, or indeed some other which I obtained during SimMarket's wonderful 1 a day giveaway. I believe that on the Do328JET that there are no speedbrakes, only ground spoilers which deploy on landing. Fine by me so far... I took the Dornier out for a brief hop. I did a full flap landing and the spoilers deployed as they should. What I didn't expect was quite a vicious and pronounced pitch up when they did so! 😰 I don't believe that the real aeroplane exhibits such behaviour. 😄 Anyone else have similar experiences, is there a workaround apart from be ready to push the stick forward? Cheers.
  9. With all the recent products being offered for free I told myself to stop procrastinating and go and get Flight Sim Jewel's freeware Hawaii together with George Keogh's airports. I'd put it off until now due to the size and multiple parts involved. In the end it was relatively painless to get the stuff installed so I wish I'd done it sooner! So, anyway. I decided to VFR around the islands in the good old Cessna 337 Skymaster a la Carenado. I took off from Princeville airport on Kauai with the idea being to fly around the island's shore and then progressing further down the island chain, flying around each island (I missed a couple out!) and landing when I had to. I wasn't going to "use up a whole SD card full of pictures" , but just wanted to enjoy the scenery and discover it as I went along. However, here's a few pics anyway. Sadly no takeoff pics as I was in awe. Passing by Barking Sands airport, Kauai. Off to O'ahu. Diamond Head below. Looking back at Honolulu Having gone around O'ahu, the cloud had eased a bit so I cut back across the island to head to Molokai and Lanai. Flying over Lanai, looking at Molokai in the distance. .. and here we are on approach to Hilo International on the Big Island with about 20% fuel remaining. Perhaps I should have taken more screenshots! I'd watched a Coast Guard C-130 take off from Kona on my way past (FSX NOTAM, I don't have much traffic enabled), and marvelled at the different terrain compared to little old Great Britain. Touchdown. Shutdown. I was going to investigate the mountain and Bradshaw Army Airfield, but the haze and the broken clouds conspired against me (risk of solid cumulo-granite). I didn't complete the flight in one sitting (burn the heretic!!), but I had a relaxing few hours total, glad that the 337 had an autopilot fitted so I could gawk out of the virtual windows. I must now go and buy (donate) for Hawaii plus for the seasonal changes and volcano action. Cheers.
  10. Join me on a VFR jolly from Coningsby to Warton in a Phantom II (sorry Chock!) with a slight detour over the nearest city to me (Preston, Lancashire) and a couple of it's "landmarks". Not a Pound for Air To Ground, unless you count the gun pod which of course can also be used to deal with squashies, transport columns and light armour. Apparently an AIM-7 Sparrow can also be used for ground attack.. WHAT?? https://hushkit.net/2017/07/31/flying-the-f-4-phantom-ii-british-style/ A brilliant article, and Chris Bolton, the man with the story, is I feel a kindred spirit with his views on the Royal Navy F-35 Here we are in one of RAF Coningsby's HAS (hardened aircraft shelter) getting the beast ready to go. Note the American (US Navy issue) ground power cart. The Phantom is an American plane and so she needs American volts, not good old British volts, hence the green power cart is tucked to one side I do prefer the radome with stripes on it rather than just having the dome in one overall colour cut off at the hinge line. More work for the spray shop sure, but I do like it! Lined up: Bring me that horizon! Most definitely POSITIVE RATE!! DIESEL Power! Aye, Lad. 'Ave crossed over t' Pennines! Rhodeswood Reservoir on the port wingtip.. ..and Hadfield below. Passing by EGCC. Any of you Freight Dogs down there getting jealous?? On a flyby of Warton. Burners lit, I'm off to Preston to break some windows! I guess Preston North End are all training from home... (PNE's football (soccer) ground on Deepdale Road underneath the fuselage). The teal coloured rectangle above the tip of the tail fin is Preston Docks. Just a marina these days.. A quick look at Deepdale Retail Park: The obvious autogen large block building is the empty Toys R Us shop. The photoreal building touching the canopy rail on the right of the picture is Maccy D's (yes!). The angled white roofed structure to the left of Maccy D's houses KFC, Subway, Costa Coffee and Nando's. Back to Warton and slowing her down for a right downwind approach to RWY8. OOPS! Too close to the airfield and didn't turn tight enough! Bless her though, she's telling me she's going to stop flying in a little bit, unless I firewall those throttles, and retract the speedbrakes. Sorted! She has a brake 'chute too! Get the kettle on, chaps! Now where's that telescoping ladder button? FSX NOTAM. I've taken to using the pause button and trying to find the right external view at fast jet speeds is... difficult. Sometimes the screen captured when the red notice was off, sometimes not.. Cheers!
  11. Real life was being a bit of a swine today, so once things had calmed down I went for a brief sortie from one of my bucket list places:- Princess Juliana Airport, Sint Maarten. I flew out to Saba Island, landed, then flew back to Grand Case, Saint Martin. I should have taken more screenshots, but I just wanted to escape to the virtual skies. Here's the Skymaster all safe, sound and warm after the flight. Seems like I need to see if there an upgrade for TFFG - according to Google maps, all the light aircraft are parked on hardstanding..
  12. Getting ready to depart Shreveport Regional (WG's MRO base), bound for their main hub at Southwest Florida International airport. There's 5 tons of ballast up front to keep things in shape. (FSX NOTAM: Sky Sim's MD-11 aircraft manager currently only has input fields for the PAX versions, but you still see the %MAC displayed when you alter payload and fuel via FSX's menu.) Turning on to course. She's quite nippy with minimal payload and fuel! Bye, bye Shreveport. Climbing up to cruise altitude. Feet wet over the Gulf of Mexico. Descending towards KRSW. First touchdown on a wet runway: Yes, she bounced... However, no drama after that. :) Taxiing in. (FSX NOTAM: Shame there's no rain on the windows - the wiper switches are functional, but full screen FSX doesn't do raindrops, I believe.) Not sure where we'll be going to - I'll have to check the roster and the flightplans & get back to you. . Enjoy.
  13. Flying down the west coast of England. All trimmed out nicely and about 90 knots.
  14. Finally got around to buying MSE Ireland so I've practically got the whole of the British Isles, apart from the Isle of Man, in photoreal scenery.I was trundling over Ireland in the Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic just to test out the scenery.
  15. Visibility might be more than 20 miles... once you've got under that clag! Must try harder to get my landings on that centreline! (Full disclosure: I'm not a real pilot, least of all for the fine & mighty MD-11! 😄 ) Time for tea and biscuits!
  16. I think this is during my cargo flight from Liege to Beijing (ZBAA)
  17. I forgot to take screenies of the landing - I was just enjoying the weather and the lighting
  18. Sky Lease Cargo getting ready at their hub in Miami International. Excellent repaint done courtesy of Enko (many thanks!) Not so sure about the species of trees and the buildings near the airport lol! Oh well with the big iron, its more about the plane and the tarmac anyway. (reasonably accurate airports).Do you know, I've not really posted thanks to Ray Smith: A lot of the freeware airports in my sim are by Ray. Enjoy!
  19. I've read that if one has the PMDG MD-11 then the sounds are realistic and accurate. However, for those of us who don't have the legacy MD-11 then Turbine Sound Studios pilot edition (better representation of sound from within the cockpit so they say) is a great improvement over freeware MD-11s and Sky Sim's MD-11. At least the engines sound a lot better, both internally and externally and there is more cockpit ambience, to my (subjective!) ears anyway. So for me, the packs were worthwhile - Yes, I got both the PW and GE packs - sad aren't i? One of the things I did prior to installing the TSS sound.cfg was to compare it to the Sky Sim one. There were a couple of callouts missing from the TSS file, namely the glideslope warning and the landing gear warning. I just copied those entries across along with their respective wav files. Whilst doing this I decided to have a poke around the directories and finally sorted the apocalyptically noisy GPU out - without resorting to just starting up the APU . I now don't have my head next to its exhaust manifold when I fire it up! (GPU, not APU - that's rather higher up and rather too hot.) The GPU wav file is contained within the MD-11s own subfolder in the main FSX sound folder. There is a large amount of sound files in there, but I don't appear to have heard some of them; the TCAS test ones have never played. I haven't heard any TCAS warnings in flight. I hardly have an AI traffic due to performance, but on the odd occasion ATC asks me if I have the aircraft in sight, TCAS never uttered a warning, nor did I see it display any other aircraft despite me seeing them.. Another specific example is the cabin altitude warning. Not heard that one despite returning to a saved flight and an aircraft with maximum cabin pressure (sea level)! The warning is displayed in red on the MFD. Incidentally the pressurisation system does restore cabin pressure if I command a slight descent (100 feet less) then go back to cruising altitude. The rotary switch on the overhead panel has moved and the synoptic display is showing cabin altitude rising. Perhaps it's because I'm flying a freighter not a pax version?
  20. JF have recently released the latest photoscenery (first two volumes) which enhances the previous VFR Real scenery with added custom autogen, and is based on 2015 imagery, so relatively up to date in the scheme of things. IMHO this is very good, especially for fans of photoreal (like me). Trees, pylons, buildings are more closely represented to those in real life and their locations, with I believe some added landmarks. The software relocates grossly out of position FSX airfields etc,. It has custom night textures (not done a night flight as yet) and water textures and of course a custom terrain mesh. If you enjoyed the previous release then you should check these new volumes out. Another point to note is that the coverage has changed. The previous VFR Real had 4 volumes which covered all of England & Wales. VFR Real 3D will cover Scotland too! The first two volumes cover the south of England and all of Wales, up to a line drawn across the country just south of Manchester. Vol. 3 will cover the rest of England. Vol. 4 will cover Scotland. I have posted a couple of screenshots in the screenshot forum.
  21. As nice as the backlighting for all the labels on the panels is, not to mention the panel floodlights, they only display when FSX decides that it is dark.. please bear with me.. Until the sim decides it is dark, the cockpit can get pretty dark and controls hard to find. Is it possible to add some kind of dome light which would illuminate the cockpit prior to, and indeed during, darkness? I'm sure there should be a spare key combo to toggle the light.. Would this "just be a case of" editing the aircraft.cfg file to get a light then playing with its coordinates until it shows up in a suitable position?
  22. Leaving Manaus, bound for Quito (the new one at 7910 feet elevation!).
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