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  1. So, at over 2000 nmi away from Athens, the Islander won't make it in one hop. I've said before I've no idea of the ferry range of the winning Islander in the London to Sydney Air Race 1969, and even if I knew the range, it would be a problem having the Flight1 BN-2 behaving as per a ferry configuration. The maximum range more or less gives us the destination of Diyarbakir Airport (LTCC) which is also a military base in south eastern Turkey. The weather is set to be good so off we go. Taxiing out at LGAV. Lined up and clear for takeoff. Hope we packed the sandwiches & refreshments! Settled into the cruise. 9-10000 feet altitude allows me to forget about the throttles and leave them wide open giving the required 20 inches of pressure. Flying past Mount Erciyes, I believe..😖 I would have thought there should have been snow at the summit.. (FSX NOTAM, perhaps the landclass would have displayed it had I been closer??) Approaching LTCC to join left downwind for RWY34 No mistaking this is an airbase.. Not a bad touchdown IMHO of course..😜 Ok then, ready for a Turkish bath.. The next leg will take us into Iran..
  2. I've not played around much with this aircraft, or indeed some other which I obtained during SimMarket's wonderful 1 a day giveaway. I believe that on the Do328JET that there are no speedbrakes, only ground spoilers which deploy on landing. Fine by me so far... I took the Dornier out for a brief hop. I did a full flap landing and the spoilers deployed as they should. What I didn't expect was quite a vicious and pronounced pitch up when they did so! 😰 I don't believe that the real aeroplane exhibits such behaviour. 😄 Anyone else have similar experiences, is there a workaround apart from be ready to push the stick forward? Cheers.
  3. Apologies to Ultravox and Midge Ure I tried out a long range flight with the Flight1 Islander today. I wish I'd taken more screenshots as I was able to go from Gatwick to Vienna with only minor interruptions IRL - thankfully the Islander has an autopilot and a GPS (nice rendition of the Bendix King KLN 90b).The weather was good and the sim behaved - no OOM dings despite taking off from UK2000 Gatwick and using VFR Real photoscenery in the UK. Lovley freeware LOWW too. Anyway, I was quite surprised to see that upon reaching Vienna the fuel tanks were still approx.1/3 full (see gauge at top right of screen). Surprising because the standard range for the BN-2 appears to be 600 to 800NM. I did only have pilot and co-pilot together with 300lb of baggage and full tanks though.. I should have pushed straight to Athens!! No external shots because I've not asked about a G-AXUD paintjob as yet..
  4. It's been a while, but I do intend continuing to fly to the destinations on the 1969 London to Sydney Air Race in the type which won the race - the Flying Land Rover, the BN-2 Islander. I decided to use some external shots of the Islander to show off Flight1's version to better capture some of the aerial shots, even if the paintjob isn't the right one - I'm not pressurising the painter to come up with the goods, I'm not that kind of person! Taxiing out on a nice Austrian morning. Positive Rate! .. Gear U.... eh? Where's the gear handle? oops look where I'm going! Aviate, kick myself for lack of Navigating, think of story to Communicate to ATC Good day, Vienna! All 50 skeletons in the dustbin are busy fornicating - i.e. the noise level is as to be expected in the climb! This flight will be VFR all the way at 9000 feet. We'll make it over the top.. I think this is called Volujak in Bosnia Herzegovina. At about 2 o'clock that's Lake Ohrid and just in front of the windscreen centre pillar is Lake Prespa, North Macedonia. Here's Mount Olympus. (FSX NOTAM landclass over a reasonable mesh, way better than stock FSX) The Aegean Sea - not far to go now. LGAV ahead. We're going to be entering a left downwind for RWY3L. (FSX NOTAM this is far clearer than Google Maps - it appears that all the Greek airports are pixellated...) .. and the outside air temperature gauge is... right where you don't want it to be!! She's down safely with about 15 gallons left in each tank. IKEA probably make more aerodynamic furniture than the Islander! Just kidding, she was built to do a job and do it well. Get the kettle on! Cheers!
  5. Hello, I've got a problem with the blackbox preflight manager. Every time I try to start it, I get this message: SimConnect Client v10.0.61259.0 Not Found The Application Will Now Quit. What can I do about this? Thanks for your help!
  6. Having turned down my FSX traffic to about 10% to no effect AFAIK, I've realised that George put a lot of effort into the specific traffic around the Hawaiian chain - i.e. lots of it! Is there any way to turn that traffic down a bit or is it all or nothing? Thanks.
  7. With all the recent products being offered for free I told myself to stop procrastinating and go and get Flight Sim Jewel's freeware Hawaii together with George Keogh's airports. I'd put it off until now due to the size and multiple parts involved. In the end it was relatively painless to get the stuff installed so I wish I'd done it sooner! So, anyway. I decided to VFR around the islands in the good old Cessna 337 Skymaster a la Carenado. I took off from Princeville airport on Kauai with the idea being to fly around the island's shore and then progressing further down the island chain, flying around each island (I missed a couple out!) and landing when I had to. I wasn't going to "use up a whole SD card full of pictures" , but just wanted to enjoy the scenery and discover it as I went along. However, here's a few pics anyway. Sadly no takeoff pics as I was in awe. Passing by Barking Sands airport, Kauai. Off to O'ahu. Diamond Head below. Looking back at Honolulu Having gone around O'ahu, the cloud had eased a bit so I cut back across the island to head to Molokai and Lanai. Flying over Lanai, looking at Molokai in the distance. .. and here we are on approach to Hilo International on the Big Island with about 20% fuel remaining. Perhaps I should have taken more screenshots! I'd watched a Coast Guard C-130 take off from Kona on my way past (FSX NOTAM, I don't have much traffic enabled), and marvelled at the different terrain compared to little old Great Britain. Touchdown. Shutdown. I was going to investigate the mountain and Bradshaw Army Airfield, but the haze and the broken clouds conspired against me (risk of solid cumulo-granite). I didn't complete the flight in one sitting (burn the heretic!!), but I had a relaxing few hours total, glad that the 337 had an autopilot fitted so I could gawk out of the virtual windows. I must now go and buy (donate) for Hawaii plus for the seasonal changes and volcano action. Cheers.
  8. I just felt inspired to try out a what-if scheme today. Took me a good few hours, but some of the repainters would have probably dashed it off a lot quicker. Anyhow here she is:-
  9. Whilst some paintkits are beyond me as is drawing any new shapes on planes for some reason, I can manage to change existing colours and add text & stickers courtesy of DXTbmp and paint.net So, meet "Tiny Terror!" Just on a quick jolly from Liverpool to Blackpool All cleaned up and ready to fly up the Mersey Estuary out to the west coast, then on up to Blackpool. The wooded area above the horizontal stabilator with the caravan site to the right of it in the picture was a former airsoft site where I used to play. (Squirrel Woods at Formby) Approaching a left downwind for RWY28 Held her off for ages due to the length of the runway and touched down at about 70 mph! Enjoy.
  10. Firstly a big Thank You to Iris Simulations for their recent giveaway. Secondly a quote attributed to Andy Warhol: "You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you." I guess that's why there's a BD-5 variant with a turbine instead of a piston engine! Iris simulations have IMHO produced a great rendition of the dinky little aerobatic jet in both piston and jet versions (of course!) and several paint schemes. The textures and details look good and the instruments are very clear. The altimeter is so smooth too, as are the other gauges, but the altimeter is one of the largest gauges present in the basic, but easy to understand panel. I've no real world experience of the BD-5 or anything like it really so cannot say how accurate the flight model is apart from it flies how I might expect: A nippy little bugger which doesn't want to slow down, yet nice and precise. Here's just a couple of screenshots. No, I didn't find an open hangar to fly through as allegedly demonstrated in the Bond movie Octopussy. Yes, it really did fly through A hangar, but not the one in the movie. The Toshiba advert is also a bit doctored - the hangar was fully open at both ends and didn't have the guys opening the doors at the far end: Watch from about the two minute mark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMghzLhX-B8 Anyhow I found a cracking article about the stunt pilot "Corkey" Fornof. http://www.nycaviation.com/2011/10/in-the-cockpit-with-corkey-fornof-hollywood-stunt-pilot/17762 Anyhow here's the screenshots. Enjoy. FSX NOTAM - The BD-5 has flaps, but I cannot seem to find the lever in the cockpit, I just have to remember how many times I've pressed the button on my HOTAS (and/or look at the wing)! An artificial horizon would be nice (I've seen a video of a real one with a spiffy looking glass cockpit..) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQW8NWE8luM Also there's no instrument lighting, so this little bugger is daylight VFR only! I could fudge a dome light into the aircraft.cfg I reckon...
  11. Wow! Just wow! You big, gorgeous beast of an aeroplane, you! Oh my days! What the heck does all this do?? Typical bloke: Installs plane, kicks tyres, lights fires and will read the manual after. Believe it or not I did successfully land back at KMIA.
  12. Join me on a VFR jolly from Coningsby to Warton in a Phantom II (sorry Chock!) with a slight detour over the nearest city to me (Preston, Lancashire) and a couple of it's "landmarks". Not a Pound for Air To Ground, unless you count the gun pod which of course can also be used to deal with squashies, transport columns and light armour. Apparently an AIM-7 Sparrow can also be used for ground attack.. WHAT?? https://hushkit.net/2017/07/31/flying-the-f-4-phantom-ii-british-style/ A brilliant article, and Chris Bolton, the man with the story, is I feel a kindred spirit with his views on the Royal Navy F-35 Here we are in one of RAF Coningsby's HAS (hardened aircraft shelter) getting the beast ready to go. Note the American (US Navy issue) ground power cart. The Phantom is an American plane and so she needs American volts, not good old British volts, hence the green power cart is tucked to one side I do prefer the radome with stripes on it rather than just having the dome in one overall colour cut off at the hinge line. More work for the spray shop sure, but I do like it! Lined up: Bring me that horizon! Most definitely POSITIVE RATE!! DIESEL Power! Aye, Lad. 'Ave crossed over t' Pennines! Rhodeswood Reservoir on the port wingtip.. ..and Hadfield below. Passing by EGCC. Any of you Freight Dogs down there getting jealous?? On a flyby of Warton. Burners lit, I'm off to Preston to break some windows! I guess Preston North End are all training from home... (PNE's football (soccer) ground on Deepdale Road underneath the fuselage). The teal coloured rectangle above the tip of the tail fin is Preston Docks. Just a marina these days.. A quick look at Deepdale Retail Park: The obvious autogen large block building is the empty Toys R Us shop. The photoreal building touching the canopy rail on the right of the picture is Maccy D's (yes!). The angled white roofed structure to the left of Maccy D's houses KFC, Subway, Costa Coffee and Nando's. Back to Warton and slowing her down for a right downwind approach to RWY8. OOPS! Too close to the airfield and didn't turn tight enough! Bless her though, she's telling me she's going to stop flying in a little bit, unless I firewall those throttles, and retract the speedbrakes. Sorted! She has a brake 'chute too! Get the kettle on, chaps! Now where's that telescoping ladder button? FSX NOTAM. I've taken to using the pause button and trying to find the right external view at fast jet speeds is... difficult. Sometimes the screen captured when the red notice was off, sometimes not.. Cheers!
  13. Does anyone know of a good (would be willing to pay, I want a good simulation) Pipistrel Sinus, Virus, or Alpha for FSX/P3D? Also, does anyone know of a good Air Tractor plane for FSX/P3D? Many thanks.
  14. Well, my attempt was over the water!! Where better to depart from than my local defence contractor airfield at Warton - EGNO. then just head straight over to the Isle of Man. EDIT - Sageburner was the world record attempt at low altitude in which one aircraft succeeded in setting a record of almost 903 mph over a 3 km course at the White Sands Missile Range on 28th August 1961. The attempt was somewhat marred by the tragedy of an earlier fatal flight in May (loss of aircraft and crew). https://www.thisdayinaviation.com/tag/operation-sageburner/ No need to use afterburners..yet. Like the utter Pirate (of aviation) that I am, I thought the Jolly Rogers paint scheme would be quite fitting ...AAARRRR! Besides, I'm not aware of a Sageburner repaint. Time to unleash the the fuel pumps The dangers of flying with your ears pinned back and your fangs out on the deck is that the deck gets far too close too quick! Also if you let the plane overspeed slightly when supersonic, the control surfaces lock until you slow down.. Enough of that shenanigans: Up to a safer altitude and use diesel power to get back home! Warton in sight, coming in supersonic. ...and... BREAK.. Any noise complaints just tell the local populace to ask the Royal Navy.. It must have been one of their new fangled F-35s.. then again they may not believe that something so ugly with a lift fan can go that fast..
  15. I've been meaning to ask about a slight "feature" regarding the brightness controls for the MFDs in the VC. It shall remain a feature I guess.. The gear doors refers to the fact that the main doors and one nose gear door don't cycle when you retract the gear. I believe the animations worked fine in the original V2.0.
  16. Not quite pushing the envelope, but still an interesting experiment for me anyway. Distance from Walvis Bay, Namibia to St. Helena according to google is 1216 nautical miles. Walvis Bay is a stop off point used by SAA Airlink when flying to St. Helena with their Embraer 195. St. Helena is one of those islands near that well known navigational waypoint MMFW (miles & miles of F@@@ water..). You may get to go around at the airport but it's doubtful you get to go back to the origin of your flight! Range of a Piaggio P180 Avanti is 1510 NM. Ok let's go then. I've not flown Hammer 66 for some time!! Dawn over FYWB. Goodbye Namibia. No land in view out of the windshield for some time. Up to FL410, playing with the big boys (not that there are many destined for St. Helena!) Time to empty at current fuel flow = 4 hours 25 minutes. Distance to St. Helena is 1033nmi, groundspeed is 387kt - we'll do it no worries! Beginning the descent for a visual approach to RWY20 - we are going to have a bit of weather! It's a bumpy ride lower down. The island's somewhere off to port. LAND HO! The proximity of the terrain certainly concentrates the mind. Phew! I know, I know, can't even hit the centreline in something far smaller than an MD-11 ! Right. Get the kettle on! Enjoy.
  17. Even in the chaos, cargo flights continue This one is from KMIA to SUMU Uruguay. Pushing back. Taxiing out. Positive Rate! FSX NOTAM, I wish Sky Simulations would fix the gear door animations which appear to be missing in V2.2, but they told me that they couldn't reproduce the fault Turning on to an initial course and heading towards the ocean. Bye bye, Miami! Over Cuba Initial cruise altitude. FL350 I think. Later in the trip we'll head on up to FL410 when most of the fuel's been burned. I believe the mountain over the port wing is Pico Cristobal Colon, Colombia. Sunset over the South American continent. The bright lights of Montevideo off to starboard. We're being vectored for the ILS on RWY24 Approach is OK so far.. She's down... not bad. for one of my landings. Enjoy.
  18. Didn't complete the flight (VFR from Lands End to Edinburgh, meandering up the UK) as real life got in the way - the mood had gone so I didn't even save it to finish later. Up to then it was a nice relaxed sim session, pottering about in the Islander. She was nicely trimmed out in the cruise, but I did activate the autopilot later to get a bew.
  19. Don't need much fuel for this trip, about 35k pounds to haul 50 tons. Taxiing out to RWY02 at EGCN. Feet wet off the coast of England. Descending towards Belgium Brussels airport just visible in the gap in the clouds above the window lever A bit hazy down here, on vectors for a visual to RWY5L RWY5L beckons. You can't quite see it, but there was another plane about to take off from 5R. Touchdown! View from the tower. Crossing 5R on the way to the cargo ramp. Nice evening. Right! Get the kettle on! Enjoy.
  20. Oh well, at least most of the shots are OK, and I could still land the jet! Preparing to depart in the wee hours at Nairobi. Positive Rate! (FSX NOTAM, I may pester Sky Sim with another email regarding the loss of some undercarriage door animations..) Love this one of the rising sun. Later in the flight - nice winglet shadow on the fuselage. Passing Lake Turkana. Khartoum. Feet wet over the Mediterranean. I think the mountain ranges in the distance are in northern Greece and Albania. Mount Etna, Sicily near the horizon, above the port wing. Nice airport! No, seriously, LFMN - Nice ,France. Good old Blighty! Stansted EGSS just above the lower window frame. Touchdown at EGCN with OOM. I tried to take a screenshot on the approach - I'd disconnected the AP as soon as it established on the localiser, to get a bit of stick time - the sim went into windowed mode with a message behind it which said "unable to process screenshot" or something like that. No OOM dings, but airport not fully rendered as can be seen. The sim was still running ok enough to let me vacate the runway, but no point in screenshotting the rest. Oh well...
  21. Recently I've been utilising SceneryConfigEditor to turn off and on various areas of my collected sceneries in FSX - I'd been using it for months to organise my scenery library. The premise is to save VAS by switching off sceneries you don't need... So... my recent cargo haul from Nairobi to Doncaster - Tri-Holer FTW unless it OOMs !! - I had the UK switched off (all photoreal and populated with UK2000 airports) because it would take me some time to transit Africa and Europe, even with saved flights . Once I'd got past Paris, I saved the flight and then re-started FSX with all my UK sceneries added in addition to France (numerous airports, but no large photoreal areas). The error came up whilst loading the flight and sure enough, once it was running, there was no flight plan in the sim - nothing on the FMS. I ended up fudging an IFR flight from somewhere in France to Doncaster so that I could at least get to my destination. I believe the problem stemmed from me not having the UK scenery switched on when I began the flight and loaded the plan in Nairobi.. no doubt due to payware airport and scenery corrections? In future I presume I need both departure & destination scenery loaded prior to loading the flight in the sim? Thanks in advance.
  22. Thanks to the magic of the sim, my Republic Seabee was transported to Anguilla in the Caribbean Taking off from Wallblake, sorry, Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport. Leaving Anguilla behind we'll be overflying Saint Martin. There's a bit of drizzle, but I don't think it will bother the cruise passengers too much! Buzzing the field at Grand Case Passing over Philipsburg with the Port of St. Maarten at about 10 o'clock off the nose. Bound for Saba Island. Time for a coffee... Or several beers after the landing: It wasn't pretty, but a cursory inspection revealed that the landing gear was still attached and there were no scars under the hull. (NOTE: any other AVSIM members in possession of this plane may want to have a go at a TNCS landing for a bit of a challenge!) Taking off again can be a challenge too! Off over to St. Barth's We will be making a full stop arrival, apologies.. landing ...at Gustav III airport TFFJ LOVELY! FSX NOTAM - I think I'll apply the fix to get rid of the red text box; the only way to display the chocks & tie downs on the Seabee is to have the parking brake applied. Enjoy!
  23. Getting ready at WG's main hub - Florida Southwest Regional. Cleared for takeoff RWY6 Lovely airport scenery, Latin VFR! FSX NOTAM - I wish Sky Sim could recreate the gear door animation problem and fix it... (sigh) Climbing out over Florida, the Gulf of Mexico is in the background. Feet wet over the Atlantic Passing by the coast of Ireland Vectors for RWY22 ILS Stansted Airport 70 tons of cargo safely on the ground. Taxiing in to Apron Z Shutdown.
  24. Just pottering about over the Falkland islands in one of their aircraft (Falkland Islands Govt. Air Service). One RMI is picking up the NDB at Stanley, the other is pointing to the beacon at Mount Pleasant. I do like this livery although the colours seem more vibrant in photos of the real planes. I asked the question regarding the colurs (alpha channel?) in the main FSX forum, but neglected to post a screenshot. However, the flying Land Rover still looks great droning over the desolate moorland. Anyhow, the flight was quite enjoyable and relaxing until the sim crashed with no warning. I was trying to look for any and all airstrips in the scenery (Falklands 2007 - available in the AVSIM library) so I was flitting between VC, external and top down views, so perhaps that didn't help.
  25. Getting ready to depart Shreveport Regional (WG's MRO base), bound for their main hub at Southwest Florida International airport. There's 5 tons of ballast up front to keep things in shape. (FSX NOTAM: Sky Sim's MD-11 aircraft manager currently only has input fields for the PAX versions, but you still see the %MAC displayed when you alter payload and fuel via FSX's menu.) Turning on to course. She's quite nippy with minimal payload and fuel! Bye, bye Shreveport. Climbing up to cruise altitude. Feet wet over the Gulf of Mexico. Descending towards KRSW. First touchdown on a wet runway: Yes, she bounced... However, no drama after that. :) Taxiing in. (FSX NOTAM: Shame there's no rain on the windows - the wiper switches are functional, but full screen FSX doesn't do raindrops, I believe.) Not sure where we'll be going to - I'll have to check the roster and the flightplans & get back to you. . Enjoy.
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