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Found 19 results

  1. Getting ready to depart Shreveport Regional (WG's MRO base), bound for their main hub at Southwest Florida International airport. There's 5 tons of ballast up front to keep things in shape. (FSX NOTAM: Sky Sim's MD-11 aircraft manager currently only has input fields for the PAX versions, but you still see the %MAC displayed when you alter payload and fuel via FSX's menu.) Turning on to course. She's quite nippy with minimal payload and fuel! Bye, bye Shreveport. Climbing up to cruise altitude. Feet wet over the Gulf of Mexico. Descending towards KRSW. First touchdown on a wet runway: Yes, she bounced... However, no drama after that. :) Taxiing in. (FSX NOTAM: Shame there's no rain on the windows - the wiper switches are functional, but full screen FSX doesn't do raindrops, I believe.) Not sure where we'll be going to - I'll have to check the roster and the flightplans & get back to you. . Enjoy.
  2. Airlifting 90 tons away from Dan Andrews UPS apparently serve four big airports in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth and have 747-400Fs flying out of Sydney. https://www.pressroom.ups.com/pressroom/ContentDetailsViewer.page?ConceptType=FactSheets&id=1426321549949-957 However, I don't have a payware 747, but I do have (of course! ) a payware MD-11 which has certainly got the reach to get across the continent for my purposes: YMML to YPPH. An early start. +VE Rate.. Climbing away. We'll be cutting the corner across the southern coast of Australia. ...and feet dry again. Initial descent towards Perth. All dirtied up. We were vectored to the ILS for RWY24, but I wanted RWY21 as the wind was blowing from 200.. and there's a lot more tarmac to use . ATC told us to sideslip to 21.. This will be interesting.. Not pretty, but we can deal with it.. (FSX NOTAM -I couldn't get the RWY21 ILS to align until I'd almost got her lined up manually after getting worried I'd fly past the airport). I didn't want to show you the rate of descent... the amount of time it takes the engines to spool up also concentrates the mind.. Touchdown.. and.. BOUNCE! There we go! G'Day Perth. Cheers.
  3. Over on Youtube, Air Clips have finally posted the 3rd leg of a Lufthansa MD-11F return trip to Frankfurt, piloted by Inge and Claudia, namely Hong Kong to Novosibirsk, so of course I decided to follow suit with my own simulated MD-11f flight. Link to their trip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbXoFFBxglY TOW of 263 tons at VHHH. Fuel 64900kg, I had 65 tons on board. I think cargo was 65 tons (I misheard. I think Inge said more than 84 tons on on board!)... In the sim, the pilot flying, i.e ME! may be far uglier looking, but the jet is still beautiful.. Climbing out of Hong Kong (FSX NOTAM: I had inadvertently reduced the shipping traffic below 5% so the Global AI shipping wasn't present!). Somewhere over mainland China.. Somewhere over Mongolia.. and again... Descending to UNNT for visual RWY25...Visual? OK I believe you..! This is going to be a little bumpy.. Out from under the clag.. Hmm.. They were right about the visual approach. Still a tad windy though.. Actually, the wind wasn't too bad.. (FSX NOTAM - need to check the ILS course. According to AIE (ILS inspection tool) the ILS for 25 is 252 degrees, but the sim still has 251 - may need to have a dive into Airport Design Editor. There's certainly an offset!) She's down.. Nicely detailed airport with a big, illuminated sign in case I forget where I am.🍻 As per the real world trip, the freighter is pushed back into its parking spot. Novosibirsk is only a fuel stop - no cargo being unloaded on this occasion. Cheers!
  4. In view of the recent "modification" to the port of Beirut a Western Global freighter was chartered to fly aid to Beirut. Departing from EGNX, bound for OLBA. Preparing for loading & fuelling. Ratcliffe on Soar power station in the background. Punching through the haze which had moved in. FSX NOTAM nope, no help for the lack of undercarriage door animations to date Approaching the French coast - no small boats in sight.. For the majority of the flight we'll be cruising at FL350, but climb up to FL400 when we're a bit lighter. Passing over the Swiss Alps. Venice is off to the left of the picture, the flight plan roughly follows the east coast of Italy. The heel of Italy.. About to overfly Cyprus. Beginning the descent to Lebanon. Being vectored to visual for RWY34. We were expecting some haze, but they could have turned the lights up a bit!! BUSTED! One of my better landings, but it was just in the displaced threshold... (sigh...) Oh well in for a penny - celebrated by wheelying quite a distance down 34 A bit of reverse idle in conjunction with the brakes one the nose was down and use the last turn off. Taxiing in down on side of the airport buildings... ...and up the other side to the cargo area! Time to let the ground services get busy. Enjoy🍻 FSX NOTAM - lovely freeware airport available in the library from Lebor Simulations. There is also some free photoreal Lebanon scenery but I hadn't downloaded it at the time of the flight
  5. Even in the chaos, cargo flights continue This one is from KMIA to SUMU Uruguay. Pushing back. Taxiing out. Positive Rate! FSX NOTAM, I wish Sky Simulations would fix the gear door animations which appear to be missing in V2.2, but they told me that they couldn't reproduce the fault Turning on to an initial course and heading towards the ocean. Bye bye, Miami! Over Cuba Initial cruise altitude. FL350 I think. Later in the trip we'll head on up to FL410 when most of the fuel's been burned. I believe the mountain over the port wing is Pico Cristobal Colon, Colombia. Sunset over the South American continent. The bright lights of Montevideo off to starboard. We're being vectored for the ILS on RWY24 Approach is OK so far.. She's down... not bad. for one of my landings. Enjoy.
  6. Getting ready at WG's main hub - Florida Southwest Regional. Cleared for takeoff RWY6 Lovely airport scenery, Latin VFR! FSX NOTAM - I wish Sky Sim could recreate the gear door animation problem and fix it... (sigh) Climbing out over Florida, the Gulf of Mexico is in the background. Feet wet over the Atlantic Passing by the coast of Ireland Vectors for RWY22 ILS Stansted Airport 70 tons of cargo safely on the ground. Taxiing in to Apron Z Shutdown.
  7. Early morning departure from Mumbai, although it's a bit brighter by the time we've got her fired up and been given clearance. A busy morning, although we're the biggest in the queue.... ... we still have to wait our turn! Climbing away We will not manage to out run the Sun. Only Concorde could do that in the civilian world. Settled well into the cruise, here we are over Iran (I'm assuming we can overfly Iran these days? Anyhow, off to the right is Mount Damavand, and beyond is the Caspian Sea. A bit more sightseeing, but the cloud cover made it a little disappointing: In the middle of the opening cockpit window is Mount Ararat, Turkey. Just prior to beginning the descent to LFPG I believe this is Reims below us. Getting vectors for a visual approach to RWY27R The visibility is good underneath all this, honest! Yes. If only all the airports would move there centreline markings a few feet to the right.. There's no shots of taxiing to the cargo ramp or the usual unloading shot because FSX suffered a crash without warning, I got the "Blue spinning doughnut of waiting" - no OOM bleeps. At least I got to land and vacate the runway.
  8. It's rather cloudy in Athens, but we'll soon leave that behind and below. Good, initial rate of climb - only 50 tons on board. Turning on to course. Powering into the night on mighty wings. A not inconsiderable tailwind component tonight. Lined up for a visual on RWY30R at OMDB. Well, the tower said visual, but they didn't specifically say NOT to have the ILS dialled in... :) Touchdown. I do believe I nailed that big girl right on the centreline for once! Time to check out, rest up and prepare for the next leg to Bangalore (Bengaluru), India Cheers.
  9. FSX NOTAM: Just seeing if ILS Inspector would change the ICAO code of Jorge Chavez (Lima) from SPIM to SPJC and thought I may as well do a cargo flight to try it out for "real" . "Objects in mirror may actually be huge!" Turning on to course. In the cruise. It's going to be a night time landing. An atrocious landing. Well, a bounce followed 5 seconds or so later by the landing!! . There was a crosswind and a moment's inattention..and I cannot blame the F/O.. The firefighters were getting a bit anxious! Enjoy.
  10. Here she is in rainy Miami (it happens now and again ), waiting to depart early the next morning. Taxiing out - at least our departure runway is just to the left. However, note that you should always use a longer runway if one is available! Made it though.. Climbing out through the bad weather to catch a glimpse of the sunrise Approaching Cuba Out over the Caribbean.. Somewhat later in the journey, over the vast, relatively flat South American continent (flat compared the Andes!) Our route means that we will cross over the Andes SSW and fly down the west coast of Chile to reach Santiago. Descending for an almost straight in approach to RWY17L Fairly straight on the runway too! 😄 Just like finding a parking spot at the (empty!) mall. Shutdown and offload. Enjoy.
  11. I've been meaning to ask about a slight "feature" regarding the brightness controls for the MFDs in the VC. It shall remain a feature I guess.. The gear doors refers to the fact that the main doors and one nose gear door don't cycle when you retract the gear. I believe the animations worked fine in the original V2.0.
  12. Preparing to return to Liege - only carrying 20 tons of bit & bobs.. Climbing out above the haze - tri-holer power! Crossing into Turkey. I did wave to Blackbox Simulations in Malta as I went by.. no one waved back.. Do they not realise I'm a fan?? Lake Iznik just hidden by the glareshield. Sea of Marmara in view. Beginning descent to EBLG we'll be taking the RWY23L ILS today. Slats out to aid manoeuvring with a bit of speed. Waiting for localiser capture. Once she was aligned on the localiser and prior to G/S going active I had the runway in sight so it was AP off and fly her manually with the instrument cues. Not doing a bad job so far IMNSHO Touchdown..🍻 Job done. Cheers!🍻
  13. Point of order: Can the phrase Mad Dog be applied to the mighty MD-11 or is it just the preserve of the MD-80? Thanks. On the ramp at SPJC, Lima's main airport. Note the extension of the nose leg; she's not been fuelled or loaded yet. Reaching for the sky.. Snow on the Andes. Clouds over Cuba. Touchdown on RWY30, KMIA Taxiing to one of the west area cargo ramps. Cheers!
  14. I believe some Fedex cargo departing Bengaluru goes to Mumbai, so here we are Taxiing out. There's a bit of haze and overcast, but not much of a factor seeing as we're IFR anyway (always?) Took the picture too soon; before the gear swing. ..and after gear retraction d'oh! Turning on to course. You can tell I've not got autoflight engaged.. :) Soon be above all this - a better rate of climb had been established by this point At cruise altitude, the Indian coastline can be seen at the horizon. Descending towards Mumbai. We'll be using the ILS for RWY9. Waiting to intercept the localiser. Great freeware VABB by the way. Approach is good.... ...but then I had to mess with the stick closer to the ground.. No centreline landing .. AGAIN I'm cursed! Then again, not only did we walk away, but the big girl is still intact and fully serviceable! They were judging me.. I tell you. They were laughing, I just know it.. Enjoy!
  15. Dubai to Bangalore with FedEx. A very recognisable piece of architecture in the background. Ready to go. +VE rate, Gear Up! (FSX NOTAM: Main gear door animation missing. Was present in V2.0, but not V2.2 Sky Sim notified, but unable to reproduce as yet ). Climbing away across the desert before feet wet over the Arabian Sea. "Lonely... I'm Mr. Lonely... I have nobody for my own.." (with apologies to Mr. Vinton!) Feet dry over India. Descending for a visual RWY9 approach. VOBL is that pale area just to the right of the windscreen pillar. Impressive FSDG Bangalore scenery. I reckon my approach is OK too! (FSX NOTAM: Not sure why the runway lights don't show up..) Touchdown! Unloading - a pity the apron lights don't illuminate the jet! Highly illegal quadrotor shot of the airport (drones are what the military operate.. don't get me started!) . Worth the £8.99 for the airport scenery IMHO. Cheers. Now to find out where Fedex fly to next. Far East or Europe?
  16. Don't need much fuel for this trip, about 35k pounds to haul 50 tons. Taxiing out to RWY02 at EGCN. Feet wet off the coast of England. Descending towards Belgium Brussels airport just visible in the gap in the clouds above the window lever A bit hazy down here, on vectors for a visual to RWY5L RWY5L beckons. You can't quite see it, but there was another plane about to take off from 5R. Touchdown! View from the tower. Crossing 5R on the way to the cargo ramp. Nice evening. Right! Get the kettle on! Enjoy.
  17. Oh well, at least most of the shots are OK, and I could still land the jet! Preparing to depart in the wee hours at Nairobi. Positive Rate! (FSX NOTAM, I may pester Sky Sim with another email regarding the loss of some undercarriage door animations..) Love this one of the rising sun. Later in the flight - nice winglet shadow on the fuselage. Passing Lake Turkana. Khartoum. Feet wet over the Mediterranean. I think the mountain ranges in the distance are in northern Greece and Albania. Mount Etna, Sicily near the horizon, above the port wing. Nice airport! No, seriously, LFMN - Nice ,France. Good old Blighty! Stansted EGSS just above the lower window frame. Touchdown at EGCN with OOM. I tried to take a screenshot on the approach - I'd disconnected the AP as soon as it established on the localiser, to get a bit of stick time - the sim went into windowed mode with a message behind it which said "unable to process screenshot" or something like that. No OOM dings, but airport not fully rendered as can be seen. The sim was still running ok enough to let me vacate the runway, but no point in screenshotting the rest. Oh well...
  18. Lufthansa will be retiring these big girls this year (I know, I know.. 777F's taking over and I like the T7, but still...) If I could have a civilian simpit with money next to no object, then it'd be an MD-11 flightdeck. The freighters have only had the new livery for a relatively short space of time... Just waiting to get the paperwork out of the way then we can push back and get the air packs going! It's quite warm in Dakar, and still summer in Germany.. Phew! ..as is usual, she usually has no problem achieving a positive rate of climb, even lugging about 60 tons! Going to head up across the north west corner of Africa, then up through Spain and France. The sun is setting on these "steely-eyed missile men" Passing by Gibraltar (below the fuselage). (NOTAM - total, absolute, bat**it random digression here: As a boy I had a cassette tape called Tunes of Glory, by the Southern Band of the RAF IIRC. My best friend's dad was ex RAF and they had a copy. As I'd recently got my first cassette tape recorder as a Christmas present, that tape was one of the first I ever bought. Among other tunes was the theme to 633 Squadron. That never gets old IMHO! Anyhow one of the tunes was "Night Flight to Gibraltar" and I began humming this when taking the screenshot LOL! Descending for a visual on RWY25R Frankfurt. 25R in sight through the murk.. That's a bit clearer! No shame in that touchdown! Taxiing in - 25R is close to the cargo aprons Get the kettle on, boys!
  19. These pics may be too dark, and converting them to jpeg loses their resolution a little. If you can see them, then excellent! Ready to go at LFPG. A bit of moonlight picks out the shiny metal bird. Getting vectored for the ILS RWY3L at LGAV, somewhere to port 😉 Nice & straight, minimal crosswind. Touchdown.
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