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Found 209 results

  1. Hello guys ! I recently purchased the Rockwell AC690 Turbo Commander for FSX Steam from Carenado's website and I am encountering several problems, which I have already tried to contact Carenado's technical support, but without success! The problems are: The panel lighting, which is very bad, making it impossible to read the instruments at night; The engine turns off after landing and goes straight to the "end flight/continue" option of the FSX; Some buttons on the top panel do not work or malfunction; When in storms or large concentration of clouds, the speed indicator stops working, or is oscillating, and; It has a great tendency to sink the wing in turns when the autopilot is on. I have other Carenado aircraft, but none of them have problems! I read in an old Forum Post here that a member created a solution to some of these problems described above, but unfortunately the Download Link is no longer active... I would like to have access to this fix (Link), or someone to help me fix all these problems found on this aircraft. From now on, I appreciate any tips or help. A big hug to all Forum members! Aloysio Paredes.
  2. Hello all, I purchased the Carenado CT182T G1000 HD for my Xplane 10.5. I loaded it on my laptop and I remember the first time I started the program after placing the aircraft in the right folder and the carenado folder with the database in the xplane root directory, xplane displayed a screen for me to enter the serial key. I entered it and everything worked fine. Well I recently got a more powerful machine a i7 11Gb of ram with a Gforce 470 in it. I reloaded xplane 10 on the new machine and got the update for it like before on my laptop. Next I did the same procedure placing the carenado folders in the right place but this time when I started xplane there was never any pop up screen asking me for the serial key. Instead it loaded the airplane but the G1000 screens are black and none of the buttons work and there is no sound. I tried everything. I re-downloaded both the aircraft file and database files new from the Carenado web site. I tried deleting the XPlane 10 and reinstalling it then adding the folders in the right place again but still no screen popping up asking me for the serial. I am assuming the g1000 is not working because there was never a serial entered to unlock it. All the other planes that come with xplane 10 work great. Both the older laptop and the new computer are running windows 7 with SP1. Any help would be greatly appreciated .
  3. Yesterday I did a flight with the pc12 ( not new version 2) and in the spot view the model of the aircraft was incomplete. Parts of the fuselage where missing and I could even see the pilots feet on the rudder pedals. Never had this issue before and haven't tweaked anything. Any ideas? Thanks Jason
  4. Hi guys! I just bought the phenom 300 from carenado, switching from the phenom 100. I have two questions: -Why is my PFD colors looking so ugly ? -Is there a way to turn on cockpit lights without turning on cabin lights ? Thank you !
  5. NEW VERSION RELEASED (1.1) CARENADO PA31T CHEYENNE II FSX/P3D VERSION 1.1 - RPM percentage indicator adjusted. - Elevator trim wheel animation fixed. - Fixes a problem that was causing the altitude selector hard to engage. - DME reflection adjusted. - Annunciator lights conditions improved. - Fixes an issue that causes the tail flood light was depending on wing light. - VSI indication fixed. - Throttle levers can be managed independently now. - NAV 2 frequency tuning fixed. - Minor bugs fixes. Customers should download the package again from the link provided. Downloads and installations were increased. You should uninstall the aircraft before installing this new version.
  6. Flew the Citation 525 over the Grand Canyon and down to Williams Gateway in Mesa Arizona, or maybe Chandler, all those cities run together in our East Valley. Williams has some reliever flights, mostly low budget airlines like Allegiant. Me, I prefer Sky Harbor because it's only a 20-minute fast drive from where I live. Our terminal four and terminal three are state of the art terminals, connected by a Sky Train to our light rail system If I wanted to, I could cab to light rail for 20 dollars R/T, and hop a four dollar train ride. It's a lot cheaper than the exorbitant prices the parking lots charge and the exorbitant prices Supershuttle charges. Supershuttle makes a killing, they make hundreds on a ride. It's supposed to be what we called in Mexico a "Collectivo", where the pax chip in and share a ride. However they do have very good drivers, they know how to beat all the traffic. They also run on natural gas, it runs quite smooth on the engine. Wish I had invested!
  7. After installing ORBX Telluride scenery in my P3DV4.0 (by FTX Central 3) I noted that Bonanza (P3DV4 default) vc panel textures were corrupted with a mixing of 2d and 3d images, moreover I had frequent CTD loading some Carenado planes (Phenom300, Navajo, C90, H850XP); this problems were never before ORBX Telluride installation. After lowering the grass detail level and other details using Telluride control panel, this problems were solved completely and everything returned to normal, no more CTD. In my modest opinion this interference is not fortuitous, connected maybe to an overloading of video card or other possible texture rendering interferences in my system. It would be interesting to know if other customers have had similar problems. Thanks, GR My specs: I7 6700K, 16 GB RAM, NVIDIA GTX 760 2GB, 2 x SSD .
  8. Need to give a shout out to the great customer service I received from PCAviator when updating all my old Carenado GA aircraft to V4. Thanks also to Carenado for providing the updates of course, but I felt the quick response and no hassle method from PCAviator was worth a shout out from a grateful customer. Placed an email to them last night with the info from my old (some 5 years old) planes that I could no longer fly. Today I get an email back from PCAviator with the codes I needed to update these birds. Below you see a spreadsheet I keep of all (well most as it's a work in progress, hehe) of my Simming purchases. I filter/sort them when I need to pull up some quick info. This view filters out all but Carenado planes bought from PCAviator. As you may have noted, I bought 3 of them 5 years ago to the day...LOL...shows I cash in on the holiday season Carenado sale. :) This year I only purchased one net-new one...the CJ2 (really liking her so far). So....thanks to the efforts of these 2 companies, planes I have not flown in years are now sitting all shiny and new in my P3DV4 hangar with a net cost of $0.00 to upgrade....I call that a deal. I'm grateful to both companies...thanks again PCAviator and Carenado!
  9. I am trying to use my Carenado C180 G1000 sim aircraft to practice instrument approaches using autopilot. Using heading mode works fine but whenever I try to switch to NAV mode the airplane is turned North. The same happens in Approach Mode. I am using P3Dv3. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  10. I believe the Campaign Against Aviation allows us to fly as low as we like over water as long as we're not within 500' of persons or structures? Blackpool Tower (not the airfield tower, THE Tower ) (Banter aside, the C.A.A. do have a nightmare of a job just trying to keep everyone safe IMHO on this tiny little, crowded, septic isle.)
  11. Since Carenado updated the C550, it's virtually all I fly now. I love the autopilot, the smooth framerates, and the aircraft handling. It's a fun throwback to the 70's and 80's when it reigned the skies. My flight was out of Napa (as usual) down to the LA Metroplex and into Santa Ana. Enjoy
  12. Must be the Navy version with beefed up undercarriage for carrier landings... I noticed it mentioned in the UK2000 EGLL documentation about the mirror system at a couple of the gates, so tried it out with a tiny plane LOL. A nice touch! Not an actual mirror of what's on the ground but still useful. Well done, Gary!
  13. Enroute to Socal at FL350. Carenado finally updated the C550 for P3DV4. John
  14. Also, a link to a pilot's report from Flying Magazine.... https://www.flyingmag.com/aircraft/turboprops/tbm-850-jet-prop#page-2
  15. Last week I saw a screenshot of the GTN 750 being integrated into the tiny display window of the GNS 530 and decided to try and fully integrate Reality XP's fantastic GTN 750 into the actual VC. Before: After: I still need to create some kind of decent looking cover for the space below the GTN 750, but after many hours of frustration and trial and error, the Reality XP GTN 750 is now fully integrated in the Carenado PC-12 VC, complete with 3D bezel and direct in-VC click functionality. Cheers, Jerome
  16. Three legendary aircraft, the Citation, the Enstrom copter, and the Cessna 170 lastly shown flying over Roanoke VA..... I love the Manhattan flyover every time I do it, reminds me of my one and only visit in '99 when I was working at JFK airport installing and teaching business systems at the then JFK Hilton. On one day off, me and my business colleagues took a taxi to Manhattan, splitting the cost. Then we went to the Art Museum on central park. They wanted to go bar hopping, I wanted to visit the World Trade Center (little did I know back then its fate). I got to stand atop the WTC, on a wildly windy and clear day, I could see to JFK, to Connecticut, to Jersey, all over the place on that December day in '99. The outdoor observation deck was a gathering of nations, accents from all over the place surrounded me, I took a snapshot of a British family and they returned the favor taking my snapshot, although I hated the pic with my freezing red face from the wind chill, and my wind blown hair. I was a nervous Nellie as I descended into the WTC's subterranean Mall to catch the "A" train back towards JFK, though it did not go all the way. I had thought of all the iconic subway movies, including the seldom remembered movie of the week "Short Walk to Daylight", about an earthquake hitting Manhattan. But I made it back to the hotel I was working at (where I met Alan Alda, he stayed there, along with the Jet Blue trainees). I did not bug Alan Alda but enjoyed listening to him talking as he ate dinner near me, I moreover enjoyed the friendship of the Jet Blue Trainees--the airline was just getting ready to launch. We'd drink together, laugh together, they knew I was a frequent flyer and aviation buff. The pilots mingled easily and non arrogantly with the rest of the flight crew trainees. I knew from their vibe and warm companionship, because they knew my two colleagues had to go home to prepare for a Y2K conversion since the Hilton paid for me to spend additional training time there, that their airline launch would be a great success. And I am so so glad they saved the TWA terminal which I had gone thru on a couple of trips to Europe, it was so beautifully designed. A week later I was on the opposite coast with just a Christmas day stopover to visit my wife and newborn daughter in Phoenix. I did the Y2K conversion of a Best Western in Seattle (although I had proven during testing of the system I replaced that it was Y2K compliant, but we wanted our clients to be on Windows based systems back then). It was the Y2K conversions that trained me to be a Windows LAN/WAN installer, which helped my later career when I wanted less travel, since I could travel 40-45 weeks out of the year from 93 to early 2000. My daughter as she approached eighteen got to go atop the new WTC, I remember the early designs for it and I like the design that resulted from the architectural studies, especially because upper Manhattan now has tall towers, the new WTC has not been out landmarked by them, even though they are taller. John
  17. The Falcon 50 over Colorado and Nebraska, and the Shorts 360 over DC and Virginia... John
  18. I have a problem with my TBM 850 glowing at night. I don't know how to fix this, I attempted to make a tomato shade reflection profile but it didn't go so well. I'm using dynamic reflections and dynamic light in p3d, disabling these didn't give me a different result.
  19. I like this aircraft, it flies so well, and anything that has RealityXP Integration makes the flying more fun. I decided to use a livery and place pertinent to the livery, Japan, spent just a day there once, actually one night and one day on the return, back in 92 when I had do something in Guam for Genentech. I listened to the Celine Dion album that was released just that year on my way across the Pacific to Japan and Guam, Northwest was playing it on one of their airline music channels. So I listened to the album again last night for the first time in years while flying the Saab 340 over Japan. I've only flown a Saab 340 once, I believe with an airline affiliated with United, between O'hare and Indy I believe. It's a nice ride, I like 2x1 aircraft, if you are lucky enough to be in the single seat set of rows, you are in first class, with a window seat and an aisle seat, nothing is better than that. John
  20. I modified the aircraft.cfg cabin view so the viewpoint can be moved anywhere in the cabin..... Just replace the cabin camera definition with this section (the lines in bold can make any fixed camera interior viewpoint movable) [CameraDefinition.009] Title = "Entire Cabin" Guid = {a191c48f-ef1f-4784-986b-69a08f4fd1dd} Origin = Virtual Cockpit SnapPbhAdjust = Swivel SnapPbhReturn = False PanPbhAdjust = Swivel PanPbhReturn = False Track = None ShowAxis = FALSE AllowZoom = TRUE InitialZoom = 0.39 SmoothZoomTime = 2.0 ZoomPanScalar = 0.75 ShowWeather = Yes XyzAdjust = TRUE ShowLensFlare=FALSE Category = Cockpit PitchPanRate=20 HeadingPanRate=60 InitialXyz=0.6, -0.10, -2.60 InitialPbh=10, 0.0, 180
  21. Flying the wonderful route out of Bishop in the wonderful and classic Cessna 421, a nice little airliner that can fly in the flight levels. John
  22. I love the initial climbout heading to Socal out of SFO, as one climbs over the south SF Bay then glides past Monterey Bay, reaching cruising altitude right about that point. It is such a scenic part of the route to Socal, passing the Pacific Coast along the San Andreas fault system, looking down at Santa Cruz and deep Monterey Bay and towards Carmel. John
  23. Hey Guys so i recently bought , a new airplane from Carenado and i have this issue If i load up the model with all the systems and the screens closed , i am getting a solid 50 fps , as soon as i turn the batteries on , the fps drops from 50 to 0.3 - 0.5 Please help me guys !!! :( . I Never had anything like this , with the previous carenado planes i bought . I am getting frustrated cause i am thinking i spent my money for nothing . I have a good laptop , i am not saying it's the best , of course it's not , i have an Intel core i7 at 2.20 GhZ , my graphics card is : Nvidea Geforce GT 740M , A RAM that is 8 GB and windows 7 64 bit , i am also running the 32 bit version of fsx , just cause i am used at it all these years that i've been playing it . I NEVER, neverrr had any issues with any other Carenado planes i had , But as soon as i opened this plane in fsx , all hell broke loose . I mean as i said above if i load up the plane in a state without any power and avionics i am getting 60 fps , the problems start as soon as i enable the 2 batteries . Can anyone please help me ??? . I already sent a message to Carenado , but they seem to ditch me for some unknown reason . Do you guys know any solution ? P.S. I've already tried re-installing fsx , re installing SP2 , And the Acceleration pack or however you call it , and still nothing :(
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