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  1. Just posted on ORBX forum here: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/146827-carenado-vc-panel-and-orbx-telluride-possible-interference/
  2. I agree with Bert, but I have to note that also deactivating Telluride scenery , Orbx libraries and objectflow addon, the problem was still present . No changes also after upgrading video drivers and after uninstalling and fresh installing the Carenado airplanes .
  3. After installing ORBX Telluride scenery in my P3DV4.0 (by FTX Central 3) I noted that Bonanza (P3DV4 default) vc panel textures were corrupted with a mixing of 2d and 3d images, moreover I had frequent CTD loading some Carenado planes (Phenom300, Navajo, C90, H850XP); this problems were never before ORBX Telluride installation. After lowering the grass detail level and other details using Telluride control panel, this problems were solved completely and everything returned to normal, no more CTD. In my modest opinion this interference is not fortuitous, connected maybe to an overloading of video card or other possible texture rendering interferences in my system. It would be interesting to know if other customers have had similar problems. Thanks, GR My specs: I7 6700K, 16 GB RAM, NVIDIA GTX 760 2GB, 2 x SSD .
  4. Awesome! and a Happy New Year to all the fsimmer community! sq111
  5. Hi, thanks for the quick update, just a question: the updating process is automatic or it's necessary to reinstall VFXC ?
  6. It seems to me that the problem is not install snow&rain alone, if you install rain&snow + some effects, the new precipitfx snow is visible and working well ! I hope this will help sq111
  7. I've just downloaded the new VFX Central (after purchasing last year precipitfx v1.2 p3d license) but also for me is impossible to install snow textures in p3d v2.4, the old original ("terrible") textures are always there, any result also after the procedure indicated by Keven Menard, Clicking Direct Install and apply selected options makes nothing! In the textures folder the "new precipitfx textures" and the original p3d textures.bkp have the same date, I suppose that they are the same. Any suggestion? GR
  8. Hi to all,I had the same problem: I can hopefully confirm your theory: the problem is inside the flightplan,if you try to make a simple flightplan (departure and arrival airports with runways only + waypoints) without SID and STAR , for beginning, and then you put your block fuel in the VASFMC, all is OK, then you can add without any problem your preferred SID & STAR and what else you want and all works! certainly the fuel remain the same, but this is for me the only way to go around this problem! Cheers Gian
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