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  1. Nicely done Ron. Thank you.
  2. Is it possible to get this repaint from someone who has it? I believe Rich had stated that he couldn't locate it.
  3. I'm all about fixing any issues with the aircraft but can we hold off putting the gtn in it? I know everyone wants to get their money's worth with the gtn but it doesn't seem to be a proper fit for this aircraft.....just my two cents
  4. Based on everything that has been posted here I have been hesitant to switch to version 2. Version 1 works very well for me with the engine and autopilot mods provided by the users of the forum.
  5. Started up FSX today and loaded the saved flight I was having issues with and all is well. Must have been an FSX gremlin. Thanks for all the help.
  6. Thanks. I have a look at it. Life has kept me busy the last few days so I haven't been able to troubleshoot
  7. Currrently I'm away from my computer. I'll try to post a screenshot when I can
  8. Yesterday I did a flight with the pc12 ( not new version 2) and in the spot view the model of the aircraft was incomplete. Parts of the fuselage where missing and I could even see the pilots feet on the rudder pedals. Never had this issue before and haven't tweaked anything. Any ideas? Thanks Jason
  9. Simbol.....I wasn't aware acceleration was included in the service packs. Thank you
  10. Acceleration pack needed? The product description says sp1 and sp2 OR acceleration pack.
  11. Great question. I'm curious as well as I'm not sure whether to buy the 100 or 300.
  12. Thanks Martyn for the offer of a refund if things don't work out with FSX SP2. I will be trying it out
  13. Thanks Bert I have FSX SP2 only. I read it as if acceleration or Gold editions were required. Am I wrong?
  14. Am I reading the product requirement section incorrectly or does this product in fact require either FSX Acceleration or FSX Gold?
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