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  1. Hello kneighbour Yes upgrade for GTN750 is not as simple as a file download and install. I am now googling for info on maybe installing new Garmin Trainer 6.2 as it has a newer cycle . I am just unsure of this procedure of do you install over or uninstall old trainer. Just do not want to loose what I already have . anyway you are dead on and i will be using P2ATC Thanks Garry
  2. Great, look forward to using your program Garry
  3. Dave Sorry to bug you again. If I recall Navigraph has in the Airac Cycle 1711 ----Pilot2ATC file. Will this then work and update your program to 1711. Thanks again, just getting all my ducks in a row, hope to find the 1711 then for the Flight1 GTN750 Garry
  4. I fly only General Aviation aircraft with the Flight1 GTN750 Garmin gauge . Along at times using AivlaSoft EFB . I am searching to get good ATC, i normally do not fly online. P3D ver 3 What Airac Cycle would Pilot2ATC come with today and would I not have to get the same cycle for the GTN750 and AivlaSoft or any other software requiring Airac cycle files. Maybe I am out to lunch on this but would not everything have to match Pilot2ATC cycle so all ATC communications regarding the flight were proper. Thank you and product looks interesting Garry P3D Ver 3
  5. On the site they ran out of numbers and more are coming and to order and wait for new number. It is a simulator/tutorial to understand airport signage and runway incursions i believe. Thanks Mike it is free. Garry
  6. Another thing to check is any settings in Nvidia Control Panel or Inspector may have changed,or defaulted back , when you exchanged cards.
  7. Gregg You speak for many of us. Is it the love to learn how to fly a plane is lost? Or is it we have lost the simplicity a flight sim used to be. Todays flight sim,and addons, is software that is able to be tweaked in every way and we all fall to the thought of "maybe it could be a bit better" therefore we maybe lose that love to learn to fly a plane.
  8. if using a version of windows check out (control panel-sound ) and select where you want to sounds to go ,direct them to your headphones,
  9. Thank you for all your help Steve , it is really appreciated at this end. Garry
  10. Posted Today, 06:38 AM This might be applicable to your situation.. Pete Dowson taken from another thread today
  11. Rob "RAW data range is 0-255 (or less) ... what's really needed is 0-1024 or higher resolution ... anyone have a high end Yoke? If so, could you share RAW data ranges?" Where would I see the raw Data range ? Thank you Edit Sorry the info Rob was asking I did not realize it was from Jan 2014.
  12. Just a question with lots of assumption. I assume addon developers (Orbx,A2A.etc) would continue support with the current P3D but would now have new addon software that would need to be purchased for the new program P3D ver 3. Just wondering if looks like we are then having to basically repurchase addons for the new program of P3D ver 3. I know lots of assuming here. Thank you
  13. GF-TQ6 Throttle Quadrant (Not Advanced) - Hardware Controllers | Joysticks | Drivers - The AVSIM Community Worth a look Pollypot goflight interface tool is great and free
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