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  1. Hello kneighbour Yes upgrade for GTN750 is not as simple as a file download and install. I am now googling for info on maybe installing new Garmin Trainer 6.2 as it has a newer cycle . I am just unsure of this procedure of do you install over or uninstall old trainer. Just do not want to loose what I already have . anyway you are dead on and i will be using P2ATC Thanks Garry
  2. Great, look forward to using your program Garry
  3. Dave Sorry to bug you again. If I recall Navigraph has in the Airac Cycle 1711 ----Pilot2ATC file. Will this then work and update your program to 1711. Thanks again, just getting all my ducks in a row, hope to find the 1711 then for the Flight1 GTN750 Garry
  4. I fly only General Aviation aircraft with the Flight1 GTN750 Garmin gauge . Along at times using AivlaSoft EFB . I am searching to get good ATC, i normally do not fly online. P3D ver 3 What Airac Cycle would Pilot2ATC come with today and would I not have to get the same cycle for the GTN750 and AivlaSoft or any other software requiring Airac cycle files. Maybe I am out to lunch on this but would not everything have to match Pilot2ATC cycle so all ATC communications regarding the flight were proper. Thank you and product looks interesting Garry P3D Ver 3
  5. GF-TQ6 Throttle Quadrant (Not Advanced) - Hardware Controllers | Joysticks | Drivers - The AVSIM Community Worth a look Pollypot goflight interface tool is great and free
  6. Looks like Froogle has one for review ,maybe this week the review will be out. I could not wait and ordered yesterday ,fingers crossed.
  7. Hello Has anyone here in the flight sim world gotten their Iris Dynamics yoke ,they are being sent out. Itch-en to order.
  8. Great info Overload They should pin your info as I am sure others will be looking for help on this topic. The GPS unit I have is from Desktop Aviator (fits my funds better) and works great in FSX . Same principles for installation I am sure. Thank you
  9. Update I see there is now info on the site regarding this
  10. Still considering purchase with a few more questions. With RealityXP GNS 530 it had the ability to set a keyboard shortcut to all functions and place them into RealityXP ini file. This enable a person to assign any key to for example the power button, you then take this into FSUIPC . I have a dedicated GNS503 module which I would then use these keyboard shortcuts to assign my buttons to a function. Does Mindstar have keyboard shortcut section also that allows this procedure to happen. I do not use the screen in the VC plane but instead the seperate module in my cockpit panel. Or does Mindstar have another procedure to do the same? Thankyou
  11. WOW,WOW Did I say WOW. I installed my DesktopAviator GPS Monitor and it is incredible . I am fortunate to have many GoFlight modules but this GPS is unreal,for sure my most favorite module in my flight simulator. I have the Reality XP GNS530 WAAS and every button works flawless. Thank you to Manny for the bezel free setting for the GPS ,it just makes it fit so nice. Just over 200 bucks is such a buy for what you get. I will be calling Bobby at DesktopAviators for a job well done call. Again thanx to Manny for the earlier help. :biggrin:
  12. Manny That will work fine. Thank you for your trouble. Off to call Bobby for a monitor Garry
  13. Manny I have for a couple years now, undock the Reality 530 and move it to either of those monitors with no problem. What I was saying, is to use the Desktopaviator gps I would have to disconnect one of those monitors and connect the small GPS monitor .just not sure if i want to lose one of those but might give it try. Would have been nice for a USB to Video that worked. Keep up the great work. Appreciated Garry
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