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  1. KSUN has been broken in V5 since it got "V5 compatibility" https://forum.orbxdirect.com/topic/200290-ksun-invisible-bump-on-runway/
  2. Is it possible to fly a RNAV approach with vertical guidance (Baro Vnav/LPV) using the FMS? I cannot find this information in the manual and I cannot arm G/S whilst on a rnav approach.
  3. Another sad pilot, missed out the chance to buy it.
  4. Is the PC-21 for Prepar3D still for sale? I can't find it anywhere. All the major stores are selling the FSX version only.
  5. Eaglesoft is having a "Presidents Day Sale" that lasts until 28th of February, 19. 35% off their entire fleet. Only really compelling aircraft they offer is their Citation X v2 which is only for FSX/P3Dv3. Please read up on what their doing, they are very slow as a developer and their next line of products will still be only for P3D V3. Discount is applied by downloading right-click downloading the image on their discount page and applying it as a coupon via the Flight1 E-Commerce application downloaded at the aircraft's webpage.
  6. Hi, I am trying currently in the process of completing my first repaint ever. It has gone pretty well, however I have come across that I couldn't figure out, even after looking through tutorials. The livery I am repainting is "VH-LPF" an Australian Air Ambulance, the problem is that on the Tip Tanks (I think that's what they are called, basically the thing that has Recog Light in it) the textures seem to be mirrored, I believe this wouldn't of been a problem for many liveries, however LPF has the word "Ambulance" on each tip tank. What this causes to happen is that it looks correct on one side, however it's backwards on the other. Any suggestions on how to fix this / work around it would be appreciated greatly. Images attached are in-sim screenshots of each side.
  7. Good news, after 5 days of silence, they sent me a ticket response saying that it will be updated first thing tomorrow morning.
  8. I just brought the Learjet 35 from SimShack.net (its listed as a reseller on the product page) and the purchase went without a hitch but the latest version they have is V2.9 which does not work in P3D v4, whereas flightsimware has released a V4 version of their product on their page (V3 of the product is the latest.) This wouldn't be too much of an issue but I only have a Prepar3d V4 license (and my fsx is so broken, it crashes every 5 mins) so I'm screwed until simshack finally updates their download. I contacted flightsimware directly but their was no luck with that he just said we can't give you a direct link for the new version and you have to download it from the store you brought it from and he mentioned that it usually takes around 1-4 weeks, not a big deal until I see and its almost been a month since the latest version of the LJ 35 came out. So yeah :/ this is annoying. I basically made this post to try and warn consumers from buying from really small re sellers and to maybe get FSM or Simshack to try and fix this stupid issue.
  9. It will run OK, if you can run FSX fine it will work fine as-well, I run V4 on my core m3-7y30 laptop, on medium settings at 20-40 fps which is totally playable, if you willing to turn the setting to low, I get a constant 40+ fps, it looks a bit better than default FSX. If your considering buying addons where you have to choose between FSX or P3D I would recommend getting the P3D for future proofing.
  10. Thank you so much, I had tried doing a search and had trouble finding anything. (Sorry everybody else for another GTN Realair post)
  11. I cannot get my Turbine Duke V2 or Legacy V2 Config Panel to allow me to enable my F1 GTN 750 in the planes, I only just purchased the F1 GTN and don't know how to enable it in very many planes, I have only been able to enable it in my A2A C172 and Carenado PA46. Thanks in advance.
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