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Found 39 results

  1. How do I make it so the AI traffic I see either online or offline aren't generic "Acme" planes? Do I need a program like an AI program to get realistic liveries or is there something free and easy to use (with installers) that I can use? Thanks!
  2. Hi... I recently completed a flight from KSFO-KDFW. When finished, I shut down P3d. I was looking to see if PSP was installed and noticed there was an update to Open LC or Base that I needed to install. I went ahead and did the install/update. When I did that, I tried to load P3d and the sim just hangs in the black start screen. I don't get a CTD or any error message. It just sits there and never gets me to the menu screen. I can only think the update is what is causing the issue. Can someone point me in the right direction to fix? I'd hate to have to do an uninstall/install because I have so many add ons in there.
  3. Here is a trip to Phoenix from my home airport in my little CJ... When I'm in the CJ I usually have to wait at the end of the line for takeoff...that 737 got a ATC hold so I got to jump ahead of him! Liftoff from 17R...the AA farm in the background. Nice shot of downtown Dallas (One of those buildings is one I work at) In fact, why don't I just show you a shot from my window at work? (one of the dozens of SWA's that buzz by my window everyday into KDAL) That is the "building with a hole in it" right next to ours.) She is a good looking bird! Another glam shot, hehe. I turned the RXP GTN's screen to all black by turning off the Topo option (2 taps on the screen) as it really helps to simplify the view....no need for terrain awareness at 40,000 feet! Beautiful mountains below a lovely plane. You can't deny Carenado puts stunning detail in their models. Easing down into the pattern, the GTN set on Chart view...sometimes I like it better with its North-Up orientation vs the map on the ND with it rotating as you turn. Easy to see here that I'm just south of the localizer, going to capture in about 10 seconds. On the GTN I can also easily see in this view that my radio is tuned to the correct localizer freq. When you first go to this screen you'll notice your view of the map is limited because the relevant info for this chart is on the left in its own window. Simply touch the Split button and the map goes full screen. You're able to zoom in and out, pan all around the map with hand gestures common to any tablet user (or if you have it on your monitor, common mouse clicks and moves) Perfectly lined up now, gear coming down. Looking at the CJ2's instrumentation (cross-checking), you can see the APPR mode is engaged and I am in fact lined up right on the dots on the PFD. GTN mode on Safe Taxi® mode to get to our parking (well you just have to zoom in to a certain level to see the taxiways. The level of zoom it appears at is configurable in the menu...but for those who may not see the taxiways..beware that you can't have your declutter level set to its max...it declutters the taxiways too, hehe. Its just a few clicks to fix it). Ahhh....my little CJ gets to spend the night in the house tonight! All tucked in, beautiful sunset in the background (with a palm tree!) I wish Carenado put an option on the popup menu to remove the pilots from view (esp when it's parked) I have a few more flights lined up with some new birds, I'll keep showing you more features I use (and discover) with the RXP GTN as I progress in my GA career!
  4. @thibodba57 (Brian) and I did some formation flying in Alaska this evening to test out multiplayer flying in P3dV4. It worked really well and you can see we both had hot rods....mine being a civilian turboprop (the TBM of course) and Brian leading in the Pilatus. I look forward to more flights! We had the season set to summer and I have to say Alaska in the summer with Orbx scenery is just stunning.
  5. Still learning to fly her....maybe if I held the yoke more than the brush, I would be comfortable with her. Hehe. Here I am, doing the walkaround...no doubt where I'm at if the post title didn't. In the climb, heading to the flight levels. Turning towards my destination....nice profile shot of her.
  6. Enjoying a flight over Colorado.... John
  7. Flew from ATL to JFK then down to DCA. Thought the moon looked really cool coming into NY and there were fireworks coming into DCA.
  8. Saw that UPS added the EXPO 2020 logos to N574UP, so I decided to add them to my paint (had to re-reg her from 572 which was my original reg for this paint). 🙂 Taking her from KSDF up to PANC...then probably through Asia and then to Dubai.
  9. Hehe.....the paint is hard to look at in bright sunlight...but is somehow "appealing" to me. 🤣 (Full-on Banana pun) I'm actually enjoying painting this one 🙂
  10. I only painted a few iFly passenger 747s (most of which @P_7878 showcased in previous posts...thank you!) However... sadly, iFly's marketing methodology leaves many simmers on previous platforms oblivious to all the great planes they have for FSX and even FS2004!!! I'd love to paint for all platforms, but just painting for one is hard enough....LoL. I moved to P3D long ago...and have really painted exclusively in that sim ever since. Not even sure how many even know that iFly came out with a 747BCF model for P3d a while back and asked me to help paint a "few" liveries....hehe.....well...."few" is a relative term as you know...and when the smoke cleared...here are the "few" freighters I painted for their excellent model: When discussing how many default paints to include with the package, iFly mentioned that 3-4 should be enough and the painting community would pick up more after release. Between Brian Thibodeaux, Maxime Konareff and William Musculus, we managed to paint 20 of them before the beta team was finished testing and the final version was ready for release. 🙂 I hope one day everyone can make the hop to P3d (or maybe you're all waiting for FS2020....). either way...you have a lot of Freighters at your disposal if that ever happens. 😉
  11. Here is a series from my latest flight using the ever-useful RXP GTN. For reference (I mentioned in my last post but not everyone views every post, hehe), The GTN usually sits on my lap on a tablet, I drag the screen onto the main view for the screenshots to reference how I'm using it for navigation). Here is the tail end of my KJFK to KDFW flight. I did it to see if I could fly out of the storm on the East Coast that has so many flight cancelled...Did not get screens of the departure ( but it was a blast...an "arctic" blast. hehe) Lined up on final 35 Center. Here I displayed the chart for the ILS, you can see the chart view as well as the map view show the aircraft's position, very handy. :) Almost there....crabbing into the crosswind....For those who know the area...that is 183 I'm just about to pass over. Totally unrealistic as it's not crammed with bumper to bumper traffic! Short final now...an AA 737 in new colors taking 35L for departure...with a classic AA 737 holding. Over the numbers...feeling for the runway. With 13,401 feet to work with, you can afford to float a little, hehe. that AA turned out to be an Airbus! I know in real life (at this moment) 35C is closed for maintenance, but I like this runway, and its flightsim. Notice how the GTN is all ready to guide me thru a missed approach with a click of a button, so nice! Clear of 35C and holding to cross 35L...that Classic AA 737 just rotating in front of me. Ground called and said "Citation 5811, cross 35L, right on Lima, left on Yankee, taxi to the Corp Aviation ramp. So I popped over to the Safe Taxi® screen to monitor my position...invaluable tool on a huge mass of concrete like KDFW and a dizzying array of taxiways. As I was taxiing I had a little time to kill....so I popped into the Fuel Planing page to see how my fuel burn was. Turning on to Yankee....almost there.... Nobody puts Baby in the corner! Oh wait...I guess the rampers at DFW do, LOL. The GTN even shows you in blue text boxes what the buildings are...in this case the DFW Corporate Aviation center. Sorry for the heavy jpg compression and bad rez on the screenshots....with a 55" monitor at 4K...full screens with no compression would be megabytes huge...I try to keep my screens under 250k. Will post my KTEX>KJAC trip shortly.
  12. Just noticed that when you do the SEEVR arrival into KDFW, you get these waypoint names that will be sure to make any Marine smile: (The) FEWWW, (The) PROWD, (The) NAAVY? LOL! And of course you also see LETHR and NECKK. Why there is not a MARNE or JARHED is beyond me. Also you can notice that if you're familiar with the GTN 750 (I have the RXP version), I've customized my User Fields from the default to add a button in the upper right to instantly go to the VCALC page and a Time to TOD in the lower right and the trip info in the upper left...extremely useful info when flying at FL420. Its so cool that it is so configurable to put any info you need right there on the display.
  13. Hello... I am having some issues with KGLA and was looking for some help. I had Imaginesim in v3 and then when V4 came out, I used their installer to put in in V4. Everything looked good and worked. I then bought the DD New York Airports and felt that the DD version was a little better for my taste. So I used the uninstaller for Imaginesim and deleted their KLGA from my sim. I then Installed DD. All of their other airports installed correctly. However, even with uninstalling Imagine sim (and I can't seem to even find it on my PC), it still loads. I know this because of where the sim puts you in the airport when picking active runway. DD puts you on the runway and Imaginesim puts you holding short. There are also jet bridges detached from terminal buildings which makes me think there are some sort of duplicate files and both airports are somehow loading, even though I "uninstalled" it. Can anyone walk me through what the issues could be and how to completely remove Imaginesim and get DD installed? Thanks
  14. Flew from KLAS to KINW (Winslow, AZ). Oaaaay.....I'm standing on the corner of the the FBO after a nice flight in my trusty CJ2. Oh no he didn't.....Is that a girl (my Lord) in a flatbed Ford?
  15. Doing a sunrise flight from JFK to Frankfurt. Just turning on MERIT to HFD, thought the view was just stunning. The "WOW" is a reference both to the views and the "Member of WOW" logo. Painted this one by request from guenseli....turning out to be my favorite plane to fly. Enjoy the shots.
  16. Hey Guys, Here is an excellent paint from a new painter in our community, Brian Neuman! His skills are improving at an exponential rate, and he's painted the beloved Widget livery on the Maddog. 🙂 You can find it in the library here: https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=204663
  17. Just finished a nice flight from Tampa to St. Louis in this lovely plane. Stretching my legs after shutdown...although it was a short trip for this bird. hehe. (Pics are big if you hover or click them...taken on a 4k 55 inch monitor, but had to use a lot if compression or the file size would be huge) Love that photo tail! 🙂 Just a good looking plane IMO...one of my favorites to fly. Here is the storms I had to tip toe through out of Tampa
  18. Brian sent me a text asking me to fly a short hop from PANC to PAWS...noting that the weather there was bad and I may have to go missed if it was below mins. Anyway, as weather in Alaska is, by the time I flew the flight the weather was underwhelming as you can see here...it actually looked worse on departure from PANC: As I taxied in, I saw my plane's long lost brother! hehe...pretty unusual to another 337, much less an AI bird. Not wanting to disappoint Brian, I cranked the weather to right at mins at PANC for the return trip and let my RXP GTN 750 help me get on the ground safely. Heading back to PANC...between the layers, getting ready to dip into the lower layer...The GTN helped me to quickly setup the approach with all the headings and freqs. I reversed the colors on the map as it was getting dark and that white map on the screen can destroy your night vision. You just click the menu button and reverse the colors...simple. About to kiss my horizon goodbye! Annnnd...its gone...time to focus on the instruments...about the capture the localizer. Hmmm....600 feet...still no runway....uhhhhhh..... Ahh...there it is...right at mins. I saw the lead in strobes so I knew I was good. Here is an interesting angle....the 337 is a unique looking bird to say the least! I pulled the GTN off the screen for this shot, but you can be sure I had the Safe Taxi® map up. OK Brian...send more challenges my way, I'm sure I'll drill a plane into the ground if you give me enough chances!
  19. I'm liking her so far. Playing with the paintkit and will make some changes to Holgi's included textures to tweak them to my preferences. Here is an updated American Eagle paint: Added the PSA logo to the nose, the Bombardier logo under the cockpit, changed a few other things based on pics I referenced. Made the change to the wing root color (that's the original)...just did it after these screens. It matches the rest of the planes shade now. Tweaked the color on the Delta -900 too. Here she is turning into a beautiful sunset.
  20. I have no idea when it will be released, but they released the paint kit to the Beta Team painters (and I happen to be one) 🙂 This one will be ready for your hangar when they release it (Trust me...I have no clue when that will be...I'm not on the team that has that info...and even if I were...you know I can't tell ya!) 🙂
  21. Was playing around with a few environment settings and caught this nice shot just at sunset...
  22. Dear Members, So, I've taken the leap from XPLANE here! Hope all goes well... :) Let's just say it's been expensive so far :) Can I assign my mouse, right click button, to control the camera? Can I assign the scroll wheel for zooming? How do I save a certain view? And how can I recenter my camera after panning around? Best, SSAIR1
  23. I just installed v4 of prepared, launched it and then tried to install the pmdg 737. When the popup menu came up I select modify, didn't work so I then tried repair and that also didn't work. I than remove the product from v3 and tried re-installing it. After the whole install processes I check the operations center and the game and it wasn't showing. I am not going to uninstall p3d v3 because I am still going to use sometimes. Please help!!!! Martin
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