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  1. I have no idea. I'm curious as to what else might have been installed?!?!?
  2. It installs it; but, you never see a listing in the FSX library. I know nothing about P3D.
  3. It was an automatic installer and I'm on WIndows 11. My file came from Flightsim.com. I tried this: 1. Manually edited the scenery.cfg file in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX by deleting the Miami City X section. 2. Deleted the Miami City X folder from addon scenery in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Addon Scenery. 3. Deleted the Filelistindex.DAT in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX\SceneryIndexes 4. Ran FSX giving it time to rebuild index. Ran fine; but, on any restart, even though no scenery is there, Miami City X is still flagged as a missing file.
  4. It is not listed in the library but there is a subdirectory of Miami City X in the FSX addon directory. Something strange. I tried deleting the subdirectory; but, from then on, when you boot FSX it states there's a missing file. (I've been enjoying FSX for many, many years and this is a new one on me.)
  5. On the install, it was automatic. I just ran the program. It was After the fact, I realized it had no uninstall instructions. While it shows up in File Explorer as a folder, it does nor appear in the addon list as seen when running FSX. So you can't delete it there. If you just delete the addon Miami X folder via File Explorer, FSX cites it as a missing file the next time you load FSX. Windows "add or remove" is no option. I'm hopeful someone has a way to uninstall this without using another program that's new to me.
  6. How do you completely uninstall Miami City X from FSX?
  7. After several failed attempts, I was able to install a boxed version of FSX Gold and Acceleration on a new Windows 11 HP laptop. The key step was clicking on search and the typing in "Run" then selecting "Run programs made for previous versions of Windows". Then running the setup on Disk 1. Follow the prompts. That took care of the first 2 disks. Then, closing everything, I installed the Acceleration disk the same way. (More directly, go to the Start menu, type “run programs” in the Search box, select “Run programs made for previous versions of Windows” from the results list.)
  8. From internet references: VORs come with high, low, and terminal service volumes and dimensions. High-altitude VORs can be used up to 60,000 feet and 130 nautical miles wide. Low-altitude VORs service aircraft up to 18,000 feet and up to 40 nautical miles wide. Terminal VORs go up to 12,000 feet and 25 nautical miles. ---- NDB stations are classified into four groups based on the beacon range in nautical miles. Compass locator—15. Medium Homing—25. Homing—50. High Homing—75.
  9. I'm not familiar with the file you're looking for; however, there is an alternative air file available. If you're interested check on flightsim.com for bell206b2.zip by David Gibson.
  10. The answer to your ADF needle question is that it is on the RMI. The button on the left bottom of the RMI switches one needle between VOR 1 and the ADF. The button on the right bottom switches the other needle between VOR 2 and the ADF.
  11. In FSX Acceleration, the PWR button is on the unit just to the right of the EXEC button. (Maybe yours don't look the same.)
  12. I don't have that edition; but, there should be a power switch (marked PWR) half way down on it's right hand side
  13. From the VC, you can hit Shift-6 and it will bring up the panel I noted. You can also turn on the same "Lear Pilot" switch on the pilot side knee console of the VC.
  14. The autopilot is turned on from the electric panel that opens up with "Shift 6". Click the "Lear Pilot" switch on the right hand side up in order to turn it on. After that, you should be able to steer with the controls at the top of the VC panel.
  15. I have FSX Acceleration; and, with that you would click on Current Aircraft-Change, and then at the bottom of the screen full of thumbnail pictures click on Show All Variations, just like polosim's picture above.
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