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  1. RayHff

    LTAY Scenery

    Look here: https://www.freewarescenery.com/fsx/turkey.html
  2. RayHff

    FSX airspeed drops

    Too much fuel can cause that too! If your payload weight, including fuel, is over the maximum and you're climbing with the autopilot on, the autopilot will likely keep trying to climb and your speed will progressively drop until you stall.
  3. RayHff

    Unlimited Framerate means...?

    Try locking it at one half of your screen's refresh rate and see if it's looks smooth for you.
  4. RayHff

    Good FSX Resolution!

    Try setting it to 1600 x 900 x16 and lock it at half your screen's refresh rate. You might be surprised.
  5. RayHff

    Chart reading

    You can download charts in pdf format from the FAA. Once you open a chart, you can open the MB Ruler and easily do plots.
  6. RayHff

    Chart reading

    I've used MB-Ruler. It's not a navigation plotter, but it is capable of serving some of the purposes. It puts a triangle and compass right on the screen. See: http://www.markus-bader.de/MB-Ruler/index.php
  7. RayHff

    FSX/Norton AntiVirus Insight Problem

    Folks choose various programs, paid or free, for various reasons. There are reasons I choose to buy Norton. And, please forgive me if this sounds like a commercial. It is an antivirus program but it has added features that offer: --Spam protection --Identity theft protection --Automatic history and disk clean up --Ongoing, automatic disk optimization --Cloud backup --And with the age appropriate monitoring afforded by the freely added family protection, the kids in the house are protected from inappropriate sites and I get a weekly detailed email reporting the internet sites they visited. These are reasons why I use it. Everybody has their own needs, requirements and preferences. Everyone has their own favorites. And, by the way, I like Chevrolets better than Fords; but, that doesn't make Ford a bad car.
  8. RayHff

    FSX/Norton AntiVirus Insight Problem

    Scott, I'm uncertain as to what your real issue is; but, I want to add a note on Norton. I've used Norton for, literally decades including the last two corporations and the one I have been most currently employed by. Norton has served me and continues to serve me well. For you or anyone wondering, don't take my word for it. Google Norton ratings and you'll fine it's AAA rated with excellent lab results by a number of well respected testing organizations. With FSX and Norton on two different computers, it serves me well; and I might add, is never disabled nor have I ever excluded FSX from its scans.
  9. RayHff

    Is there a random flight generator?

    If you like bush flying, Aerosoft's African Airstrip Adventure gives you random assignments. It's interesting scenery with the animals that go with it. Surprisingly, I once had to abort a landing because there was a giraffe crossing the airstrip.
  10. All of my joystick button assignments are set to my liking. One particular aircraft changes those button assignments (a second one has also in the past). If I load a different aircraft, it does not revert back to my button assignments. If I do a reset controls to default, it goes back to FSX's original assignments. The only way I can get back to my assignments is to complete close FSX and restart it. After using such an aircraft, how can I recover my settings without exiting FSX? Any help is appreciated.
  11. RayHff

    Cessna 172 capable at Tapini airport scenery?

    The C172 is no powerhouse; but, considering the real world stats of a 3150 foot airfield elevation at Tapini and its 3000 foot runway, the aircraft will fly.
  12. RayHff

    Cessna 172 capable at Tapini airport scenery?

    It should. You can with the default C172 and PNG Bush Flying by Pacific Islands Simulation. ( http://www.islandsim.com/png-bush-flying1.html )
  13. RayHff

    Landing aid

    In flight or on the runway, click on "Views" then click on "Axis Indicator" and you can then choose one of from 3 marks on the screen.
  14. RayHff

    Effect of Anti-virus programs?

    Those running no AV might well want to run one and/or a program such as Malwarebytes. You'll likely be surprised by how many PUP's, and malware programs not affecting you as a virus, are in fact phoning home daily with your information.
  15. RayHff

    Payware on a budget

    Citabria, Decathlon and Scout 2007 - Full Version now available from RealAir for $ 13.99 !