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  1. I forgot to mention that the scenery includes spring/summer ground textures and fall/winter variant so it will change depending of the month of the year. Greener during spring of course.
  2. You can try here: https://sinosend.com/d/TFqDLUR PMDG_737NGX_700_Paintkit.zip Let me know if it works.
  3. I have no experience at all on P3D scenery making. Not sure if Airport Design Editor and Sbuilder will work. Maybe you can try asking in the P3D forum.
  4. Hey Guys! Sorry for being away so much time. I just uploaded the scenery file, it should be available on the AVSIM file library soon. Search for KMYF in FSX scenery. Enjoy!
  5. I passed Kail! thanks for your comment. I´ll upload the scenery to the AVSIM library when finished.
  6. Hi Chuck, You can use www.airnav.com to get most of the charts for US airports for free.
  7. Hey hey community, It´s been a while since the last time I did an add-on for FSX (I used to make aircraft repaints a few years ago, they should still be in AVSIM library). I was a teenager at the time, now I´m a full time flight attendant and on my time off I take flying lessons, I got my PPL checkride a few months ago. That´s why I decided to give my training airport a good face lift. I use FSX for practice and for sure it makes studying much more fun!. Montgomery Gibbs Airport (KMYF/MYF) San Diego, CA. USA I will keep you guys updated, it should be ready in less than a month, gotta work, flying hours are expensive 😅. Cheers!
  8. You should take a screenshot and show us what the problem is. This way you can make more changes in ADE with no problem in the future, there are a lot of ADE users in the forum.
  9. Hi William, I have the 700 series paint kit in a external hard drive, the file is 350MB, do you still need it?
  10. Hi warbirds, The easy way will be using ADE Airport design editor, just Google it, I remember the software was free on their website, you have some static aircraft that are included in the software and they can be placed easily. There are Many tutorials on YouTube for this software. Another way will be editing the AFCAD with an unlinked parking spot with parking code for that specific AI aircraft and then make a AI flightplan, that will make the aircraft appear parked at all times. This allow you to make any AI aircraft, static.
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