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    I have been fascinated with flight for my entire life. I can still clearly recall my utter dismay, aged 6 years old, when I was informed that the wooden helicopter, constructed for me by a helpful adult, wouldn't actually get airborne. Despite this lifetime obsession with all things that fly, I never did become a pilot, and have only ever occupied the jump-seat of a 737, back when that was permissible.I earned my BSEE back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, but left the electronics field many moons ago, eventually settling out here in the sticks to make a living hatching and marketing catfish fingerlings.

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  1. Wow thanks for this vital, time saving information Martin. I really look forward to flying the Q400, and to fighting that prop wash yaw with my CH yoke and Saitek rudder pedals. The Q400 FMS is reportedly a fair bit different from the Boeing FMS or the Airbus MCDU, and I look forward to learning this variant of auto-flight management. Now that all else has failed I might as well follow the instructions you have been kind enough to point out. and I can say with assurance now that the light at the end of the tunnel is not an approaching train.
  2. I purchased the DVD version of Majestic's Dash8 Q400, but could not install it in my computer despite multiple attempts during which I get prompted for the DVD serial key code, which I type in, BUT then the system just freezes up and stops with no error message of any sort. I have never encountered such a failure to install with ANY of the numerous FS9 and FSX airliners I have purchased in DVD form over the years. At least with the procedure described by Martin here, I now have an idea about how to qualify for the privilege of joining the Majestic discussion forum so I can finally ask someone why my DVD version won't install. I do find it a bit odd that customers need to grovel and jump through hoops to qualify for acceptance into the hallowed realm of the Majestic discussion forum, though my exasperation is not quite as intense as that described by Ponco, perhaps because I hadn't yet tried to chase down the fabled "Invitation Code", so I can at least thank Poncho for alerting me that I would never have found the Invitation Code where I had hoped to locate it. Anyways, the Majestic Q400 does have such a sterling reputation with users that I would gladly dress up in a over-sized kangaroo costume and allow myself to be filmed swimming laps in a pool thus attired, if that is what it will take to get my DVD copy of this aircraft up and running.
  3. Hello from a new buyer of the Dash8 Q400, I just purchased the DVD version of this highly acclaimed product, but I have run into a roadblock already. I get to the point of being prompted to enter the license key, and when that is done, the install program just hangs up and will not proceed any further. I have tried multiple times with the same result, and thus I am writing here to see if anyone else has experienced this lockout during the installation process. Any help that can be offered will be much appreciated. I waited for a long time for this delivery to be made, and now that the Q400 is here, I cannot even install or use it.
  4. FleaJump

    Activating Active Camera

    I should be so lucky. Oh well, I can at least consider myself an unwitting charitable donor of funds to the guy who runs Active Camera, which I suppose is as good a cause as any.
  5. FleaJump

    Activating Active Camera

    Let me know how it goes with those emails. I purchased Active Camera, but never got a chance to use it even once. The money I paid for Active Camera is gone, but is a small enough amount where I just decided to write it off as a loss, rather than make a fuss, especially when my emails to the seller of Active Camera met with no response at all.
  6. FleaJump

    Farewell to Tom Allensworth

    Along with the entire AVSIM community, I bid a fond farewell to Tom. Most of us never had the privilege of meeting the man where he lived, but without question we have all derived benefit from his work informing and educating the online flight simulator community all these years. My condolences thus go out not just to immediate family and friends, but also to every one of Tom's "extended family" comprising flight sim enthusiasts, scattered across the globe. . Adios Tom. I tip my virtual wing in final salute.
  7. Thanks for the reply Peter. I am optimistic that my difficulties with this program will be resolved, and I will fell slightly foolish for missing something obvious in my setup.
  8. Much thanks Peter. I have emailed to you the contents of my Sim Starter Log Book, in the meantime while I continue looking for a file folder with the suffix "User Profiles, which if have not located in FSX or in Sim Starter just yet. I am hoping that the Log Book record of my scenery groupings might shed some light on any mistakes I have made here. Much thanks again for your help with my very basic questions.
  9. FleaJump

    777 freezing

    I guess I can now see one benefit of only ever taking very short' low altitude flights of 15 minutes or less in duration from takeoff to landing, with all my addon aircraft. I have never once experienced the sudden "freeze" of the PMDG T7, as described in this thread, and, looking over the reports, it does seem to be a problem that most frequently appears after many hours of flying time.
  10. Hello Peter, please may I request your customer questions email address here in this forum, if this can be possible. I checked the Sim Starter program and did not find the button labelled "About" , in order to find the email address, and I also checked your website, where there is also a reference to the "About" button, which I haven't located as yet. I hope to send my files by email today, but again my very poor computer know-how is getting in the way, with the result that I am having to request the email address that I am sure is already right under my nose. Much thanks in anticipation.
  11. Apologies for my delay in responding, Capt Pero. I got sidetracked with various things going on here, but definitely over the next couple of days, I will send the requested files so that you can be able to offer advice about the correct settings needed to get the improved FSX rates that other SimStarter users have been seeing. I really appreciate your offer of help, and I am certain that I made a fundamental error that will be evident once you get the files to see the FSX configurations I have set with my copy of Sim Starter. My computer skills are very poor, I must admit, and this is why I need to devote more time to carefully following the instructions in the video clip that you have been kind enough to post here.
  12. FleaJump

    FMC inserts vectors and (420) in the middle of my route.

    The FMC is obviously trying to send you a cryptic message by posting that seemingly random numerical sequence "420" on the CDU screen, while blocking you every frantic attempt to delete the code, whose significance will shortly manifest itself to me, since I have preemptively donned my conical thinking cap to tackle this conundrum. For the record, I tried but failed to stop my restless fingers from typing the foregoing response to your predicament, meaning of course that I am perilously close to being drawn into The Vortex. Speaking of which AAAAAaaaaaaaaaargh !
  13. I will do this before the end of the day today, Capt Pero. In creating my scenery profiles in Sim Starter, I was quite ruthless in un-checking all scenery listings that I thought were not related to the areas geographically close to the location of my saved flights, but I might have gone overboard and de-selected some aspects of the scenery list that should have been left active. I will try and send my Sim Starter User-files to you , but I must confess that I have no idea how to convert them to Zip files, though I will now look up that topic now. Thanks again for the quick reply. With the number of users you mentioned as having seen improvements with Sim Starter running, I suspect I may have done something fundamentally wrong here, and I will be glad for any corrections that you can offer after looking overt the files I email to you shortly.
  14. Much thanks for the information about accessing my saved flights Capt. Pero. I was able to access my saved flights, and when I checked the scenery file listing, I noted that Sim Starter did in fact select only the scenery for the area of my saved flight, as I specified in the Scenery Manager of SimStarter. By de-selecting those addon scenery areas outside of the UK, where I saved a flight over London, for which I installed the excellent Aerosoft scenery for FSX, I expected to see an increase in frame rates, making for a smoother picture than before, as I flew the standard FSX R22 helicopter over the city of London. What I observed, however, was a LOWER frame rate than before I used Sim Starter, with a picture that stutters badly at about 11 frames per second, down from the average of 15 frames per second that I was getting before I installed Sim Starter. Intuitively, I expected better FSX performance, and HIGHER frame rates than before I installed SimStarter, and used it to turn off scenery outside of the UK, and this is why I am baffled to see worse FSX performance on my flight over London city, using Aerosoft London scenery. All the scenery sliders are set to the far right of the scale in FSX, and I was wondering if there are any specific sliders that I need to move back to the LEFT, so as to get higher frames per second when use Sim Starter. I did read some really good reviews from other users of Sim Starter, which encouraged me to download and try the product, so now I am hoping that somewhere in my FSX scenery resolution settings is hidden the one slider change that needs to be made before I can enjoy the full potential of Sim Starter. Any advice that you can offer in this regard would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  15. Thanks for the fast reply, Capt.Pero. I will give this idea a try and report back here over the next couple of days.