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  1. The FMS option in the Tablet on the left side has changed to GPS for some reason. Know al I have is, GPS,Nav1, Nav2. Is this something I did? Did this happen in the update? I want to get it back. Any help?
  2. I'm using P3D4.5.I just redownloaded the software for the latest update. There is no pushback truck to see, just voice. How soon will they have a truck to view.
  3. It's not working in my 737 planes. Is there fix for this.
  4. Having trouble with the auto pilot not staying engaged. It keeps disengaging around 2 miles out from dep. I've not had this problem in the past. PMDG, send a message, said reinstall this plane for updates. So I uninstalled/reinstalled. Still not working. Anyone have a solution. I know the fms very well. I've had this plane back when I was using Steam. It may just be I'm missing a procedure. Thanks
  5. Hardy6

    P3DV 4.3

    Thanks. Problem solved.
  6. Hardy6

    P3DV 4.3

    Problem solved. Thanks.
  7. Hardy6

    P3DV 4.3

    Problem solved. Thanks
  8. When I click on the gps, all I get is very faint ghost picture of the expand view. All the airplanes are having the same problem. Any one know what controls the expanded view, when you click on the gps gauge.
  9. Will some one do team viewer with me
  10. Yes it dose. All my pay ware scenery have it and add on utilities. Didn't see any planes listed.
  11. Will there be anyone around tomorrow afternoon, I have to get up early Saturday for meeting.
  12. No, the folders are open. I did find the .xml folder . Nothing listed under it. C:user name app data Microsoft FSX control. standard .xml was there.
  13. I've gone every where you told me. Not seeing the dll.xml in the list. I'll keep trying.
  14. Thank you every one for the support. I'm getting a ticket.
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