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  1. I find that when I record a flight with FSRecorder and play it back, the flight controls and flaps don't move like they are supposed to. Also sometimes the engines will not light off. Is this a bug?
  2. I find that when I use FSRecorder to record and playback a flight, the landing gear will not retract. Is this a bug? Thanks.
  3. Does anyone know if PMDG is planning on having any good sales on products soon? Thanks.
  4. I have two specific problems with this that I need help with. First, the APU does not provide electrical power for more than 5 minutes. Second, I can't get the throttle to advance on the ground. I have to power up the engines by using the Auto Throttle and set it for 10-15 kts. Any help to fix these issues would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  5. Sweet! Thank you so very much! That will make IMC on approach easier than non precision. I can do it, but it can be frustrating knowing a more accurate approach is just a frequency away
  6. Can you confirm - put the ILS frequency in the line that says "PARK"? Not the frequency line?
  7. How do you manually tune in the NAV1 radio to an ILS? When I try, it won't let me. But if I use the VOR station at the airport, I can get that fine. I don't have the current AIRAC cycle, so I understand that some runways aren't in the database. But I would think I should still be able to manually dial in the ILS freq's and headings. Thanks.
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