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  1. Hi, Found one amongst the aircrafttypes. How can I forward it? RudyB
  2. Hi Paul, Thanks for the lead. Indeed the wrong spot: I had been looking for the folder in \AppData\Roaming|Microsoft\FSX. Kind regards, Rudy
  3. Hi Paul, Steve, First of all 'Happy Holidays' from the Netherlands. Thank you very much for your efforts in aiding our community in the transition to DX10. Your help has certainly been useful to my FSX setup. After installing the 3.2.1 shaders I opted for deleting the Shader10 folder, assuming this folder would be rebuilt when re-starting FSX in DX10 mode. Alas the rebuilding did not occur. As a result I am seeing course textures when starting up my flight of choice and flashing taxi lines on aprons. Performance wise I don't see any loss. I've done a registry repair which did not help the matter. Do you have any suggestion on how to rebuild this folder? Much appreciated. Rudy EHGG
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