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  1. Grandpa

    Installing 737 NGX v 1.20.8465

    Hi, is it necessary to delete the older v 1.10.6461 of B737 NGX bevor installing the newest v 1.20.8465 ? Thanks for answers. Regards Peter Timm
  2. Hi byork, I thought, I send you such support ticket. Didn´t you get it?
  3. Hi, Thank you for your answer. I did so for several times, but without any success. I cannot find the Folder where NGX is installed. How ist it named? Regards
  4. Hi byork Here are my programs, I bought from FS2Crew Web. Regards
  5. Hi byork, thank you for your answer. I did as you wrote. But when open the program in the secundary Panel ist still "NGX Button V2.3E" shown. What went wrong? What about the "NGX Emergency"? Somebody told me that I have to delete this part of the program. But I cant find the Folder of "NGX Emergency". What do you mean with "Support ticket"? Regards
  6. Yes, I think so - Folder: PMDG737NGXRB. Is this the one you mean? I cant find where FS2Crew is installed, because I would like to delete it completely an install it new.
  7. Hi I try to install the newest Version of the NGX program. But i only see that I´ve installed the Version V 2.3 when I start the main Panel in FSX. What went wrong? Thank you for helping me. Regards Peter Timm
  8. Ok, I´m trying to install the new "Reboot NGX v3.1" with the "Emergency Pack NGX"(?) with the different FO Voices if required. I have installed "SpecialBundle NGX" and "Emergency Pack NGX". Sorry, but I don´t know how to create a screenshot. Thank you for your Patience. Regards Peter Timm
  9. Ok, but when I try to install the reboot NGX a message appears that tells me to uninstall the Emergency NGX. The installation aborts. What now? What is the Installation Folder Special Bundle Pack NGX named? Because I´ve the FS2Crew for the B747 and B777 too. Thank you very much. Regards Peter Timm
  10. Ok, Where to find the Emergency Installation File to delete it. How it is named? I can´t find the suitable file in the FGS2Crew-folders in FSX root. Thank you very much. Regards
  11. Hi, there is no check box available to mark either FSX or FSX SE during installing the 600/700 NGX in FSX.The Installation aborts.
  12. When I try to install the ngx rebooot v 3.1 I was told to uninstall my EmergencyPack with all the different FO Voices. Why. I payed a lot of Money for it and now I can throw it in the trush? Please tell me how to instzall the reboot update v 3.1. Thank you very much.
  13. Hi, what is with my emergency pack for B737 NGX with all the FO voices? Why must it be installed to use the new update 3.1 737 NGX ? It costs me a lot of Money and now i have to throw it away? Please help me. My English is very bad as you can see. It is only School english and more than 60 years old. Regards Peter Timm
  14. Hi, when I start the FS2Crew Start Center to fly with my PMDG B 747 I receive only the depicted error message. hat does it mean, what to do to start the Simulation. WIN 7 x64, FSX with SP2, Pmdg B 747 Box Version. I can´t add a screenshot. The error message says: "ERROR 404 - Not Found - The following error occured. The requested URL was not found on this Server. Please che the URL or contact the Webmaster." Tahnk you very much for helping me. Regards Peter Timm
  15. Hallo, das war früher nicht so! Nach ca. 10 min Flugzeit ab TakeOff werden die Bodentexturen plötzlich unscharf, und nach weiteren 10 min ist nur eine grau-grüne homogene Masse zu erkennen. Ebenso der Zielflughafen, Aerosoft Mega-Airport, egal welcher, wird nur in der FSX Version, also "Default" dargestellt. -- Leider weiß ich nicht, wie man in die4sem Forum screenshots anfügt.. Vielleicht hat ja auch schon so jemand einen heißen Tipp für mich. Danke schon mal im voraus. Gruß Peter Timm