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  1. Aaron: I have an older machine (intel 920 CPU) that I use for documents mostly. I've put all the PMDG 737 documents there along with FSLabs Airbus stuff. Also have all my aircraft checklists there that way while I fly I can use it, especially the PMDG 737 QRF. As long as it runs there is still a use for it.
  2. demarr55

    PMDG 777 constantly losing fuel

    Georg: What MB do you have? Had a similar problem months ago and found out it was due to ASUS MB, something to do with a clock. Jetline was kind of enough to swap out this out for a ASROCK and everything has been fine since.
  3. demarr55

    Nvidia driver 397.93 DXGI error

    Currently using 397.64 on GTX 1060 6GB adapter
  4. demarr55

    Nvidia driver 397.93 DXGI error

    I had this problem and ended up going back to earlier version of the Nvidia driver and problem resolved.
  5. demarr55


    Peter: Will certainly take the time to go through the manuals and learn how to fly the Maddog, but guess I was a little spoiled with all the other planes I have purchased that came with a short tutorial to help learn. Thanks for the input Bob Demarest
  6. demarr55

    Every aircraft sounds like prop plane

    Rob It was indeed the default airfield vehicles settings. I had never turned it on before but decided to give it a try, wow, surprise surprise. It is now off and will remain so. Thank you for help. Bob Demarest
  7. demarr55


    A little disappointed they did not include a basic tutorial for this aircraft. They do mention about the youtube tutorial videos but they are terrible. Tried watching only one but all it shows is someone moving the mouse cursor all over the screen flipping switches or turning knobs, no commentary at all what they are doing. Hopefully someone at Leonardo will put together some PDF writeup. Bob Demarest Knoxville, Tn.
  8. Did the upgrade from PR3D 4.1 to 4.2 and now every plane sounds more like a prop plane. Load the piper cub and shut down the engine, then start FSLabs A320 but it sounds like the prop and doing same with PMDG aircraft as well. Anybody have any clue why this is happening and maybe have a solution. Appreciate any help Bob Demarest Knoxville, Tn
  9. demarr55

    P3D 4.2 and 747 loading problem

    Having similar problem, can't load PMDG 747 from scenario screen, P3D will just show black screen then close, nothing in event log. I have updated all 3 components to V4.2 and I do not have FSUIPC installed. I can load the piper cub then switch to PMDG 747 and everything works just fine, also have no problems loading either the 737 or 777.
  10. Luis: What are you using for ATC?
  11. demarr55

    Should the Content of V4.1 be installed

    I went ahead and installed all 3 components individually, that way the version numbers on all 3 match. Did not have any problems with any of my addons, either scenery or aircraft.
  12. Kyle, An update, ran the flight again today, same plan as yesterday, no third party scenery or weather programs. Did not use any popup of ND, PFD, FMC, during the entire flight and flight completed without any problems. Does this shed any more light on the problem? Will verify again in the morning and run it again.
  13. Kyle, I am running the latest Nvidia graphics driver, 385.28 but could go back to previous one and see if that helps. As for unstable overclock, I have my doubts, been using this PC for the past couple years running all PMDG products in FSX with no problems what so ever, but there is the possibility that some component has degraded over the years to make it unstable. Have to keep in mind the PMDG 737 works like a charm with no problems.
  14. After purchase of PMDG 747 QOTSII, attempt flight from KSEA to RKSI, About 4 hours into the flight I get the error message that Prepar3d not responding and only option is to quit the program. Tried a second flight using the same flight plan and get same result. Setup a test flight from KFLL to KSEA using the PMDG 737-800, not using any third party scenery or weather program and flight completes successfully. Same flight plan, only now using the PMDG 747-400, again no third party scenery or weather program, and about 3 hours into the flight get the dreaded message Prepar3d not responding. Being the stubborn person that I am, tried the flight a second time with the same end result. Have searched the forum and found one case where the user mentioned a similar problem if using popups of ND and PFD. Will certainly give this a try, but that is not a solution. Also note, I was monitoring my temps during the flights and have no over heating problems. Two of the flights did not show any faulting module, however one did show ntdll.dll as faulting module. Anybody else having this problem? My sysem Windows 10 home 64 bit Asrock Z87 Professional Intel i7 4770k overclocked to 4.2 GHZ 16 GB dual channel memory GTX 770 graphics adapter Any help would be appreciated Bob Demarest
  15. Thank You Lars, going now to update my system.