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  1. I just installed the P3D v.4.4 after format my disk, all ok, loads very quick I have an SSD for the program and another for the system. But when I installed Ivap for P3D v.4 and after adding in simobjects.cfg: Entry 10 Title=IVAO MTL Path=SimObjects\IVAO_MTL Required=True Active=True (I followed the instructions of flightsimendhoven that is very popular) Now the programs takes 4/5 minutes to load, after loaded works fine and fast. I guess is because has to load all the MTL aircrafts. I dond mind to wait, but seems it is not that normal. I dont know if that happens to any of you, or if any of you can suggest something. Thanks in advance and regards Ruben
  2. I am not sure if this is the right place to write my question, if not please excuse me and let me know where. I have installed GTN 750 from ft1, and works without any problem while I flyin off line, testing it and enjoying the adquisition, but I realized stops working when I open Ivap, I dond even conect on line Ivap, just open it. I fly with P3Dv4.3. Many thanks in advance for your help.
  3. Thanks for you reply and help. All the best
  4. I can not find an answer of what can happen, I downloaded form PMDG the Dc6 and when I try to install, I get the question if I permit instalation, I say yes and nothing happens. I have down the user account control, and runing as administrator, no fire wall, for the instalation time. I must say that when I had P3D v4.1 worked fine, but when updated nothing at all. I been looking around in internet but not find an answer, probably happens the same to another user, and perhaps can help me. I thank in avdavance any help or suggestion, by the way I am not an updated user or computers and programs, I belong to the old days
  5. I had PMDG Boing 373 runing fine in my P3D v4.1, windows 10. I had a problem with my disk and bought a new one, installed again P3D v4.2, the new2 one and most of my olders add on, but when I try to install this aircraft, the program request authorization to install, I tick yes, but does nothing. I tried several times and the same, I dowmloaded again a new one and happens the same. Can you please help me, thanks very mucho for your replies Rubén
  6. I get this message when starting P3D v4, "multiple simulator entries in the registry are pointing same direction" I have p3d v3 and v4. ¿How I can fix it? Thanks for your help Rubén
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