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  1. Syonco

    A2A C172 advice on GPS

    I would also recommend the RXP units. More features, excellent support and quick to update whenever there's a new P3D version.
  2. Syonco

    LPV not activated (resolved)

    Hi Jean-Luc Just tested the airports that previously didn't activate the LPV. They now all work correctly! Great work 😀
  3. Syonco

    LPV not activated (resolved)

    I'm also seeing this problem. Tried RNAV approaches across multiple airports in EU and they are all seen as LNAV by the 530.. Changed from the default 2009 database to a more "recent" 2015 one and no change.. Airports in USA works correctly however..
  4. Syonco

    Aivlasoft EFB v2 coming soon

    This would have been a great app for my iPad.. Perhaps one day? 🙄
  5. Syonco

    Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and CTD

    Thank you, Denis! This fixed the issue
  6. Syonco

    Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and CTD

    Installed the 1709 update over night without any problems. Having issues with P3D V4.1 and Active Sky, whenever i start a flight with ASP4 it crashes 100% of the time before loading completes. Event Viewer says : Faulting module path: E:\Prepar3D\api.dll. Rather vague crash log as usual... Anyone else had this? And if so how was it fixed? Tried re-installing ASP4 without any luck.
  7. Syonco

    Milviz Otter released

    I see they support RXP GPS's, does this include the newer V2 530/430 versions or the legacy ones? If you would happen to know that'd be great so i can go ahead and purchase
  8. I've read different ways of getting the V2 to "work" with A2A's KAP-140 AP. I've had no luck getting it 100% functional.. 1) OBS Not linked to CDI 2) No lateral/vertical guidance (LPV etc) 3) During ILS approach GPS says to switch to VLOC -> No lateral guidance only vertical & unable to ARM APPR Would you please reach out to A2A and get it 100% compatible somehow? Using their AC Config to install the 530 would be a good first step....
  9. Syonco

    Majestic Dash 8 Q400 coming October 23 for P3D v4

    No, it's still only downloading a 1KB corrupt file. I'm about to re-purchase it elsewhere. FSPilotshop is garbage.
  10. Syonco

    Majestic Dash 8 Q400 coming October 23 for P3D v4

    Same here.. Hopefully this gets sorted quick
  11. Syonco

    Majestic Dash 8 Q400 coming October 23 for P3D v4

    Did anyone else buy the q400 through I can't seem to find where i upgrade to the v4 edition..
  12. Guess i'm buying the 717 once this is out Looks great!
  13. Syonco

    Prepar3D v4.1 add-on compatibility

    Well, doing a reboot after all the CTD's - i'm no longer getting them. I'll update content as well if the CTD's return. Thanks for the heads up!
  14. Syonco

    Prepar3D v4.1 add-on compatibility

    I'm getting a CTD too no matter what airport/plane i choose. Think it's time for that complete re-install