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  1. How do i install this? The tutorial section of the website doesn't really tell? Or am i blind? 😜
  2. With this i'm seeing the default XP 430, and not the RXP one installed. Guess i did something wrong? Or are you using the RXP as a pop-out window?
  3. Anyone got a config to replace the 430 in the Airfoilabs c172 with the RXP one? Developers really need to up their game with support for these brilliant devices 🙄
  4. I would also recommend the RXP units. More features, excellent support and quick to update whenever there's a new P3D version.
  5. Hi Jean-Luc Just tested the airports that previously didn't activate the LPV. They now all work correctly! Great work 😀
  6. I'm also seeing this problem. Tried RNAV approaches across multiple airports in EU and they are all seen as LNAV by the 530.. Changed from the default 2009 database to a more "recent" 2015 one and no change.. Airports in USA works correctly however..
  7. This would have been a great app for my iPad.. Perhaps one day? 🙄
  8. Installed the 1709 update over night without any problems. Having issues with P3D V4.1 and Active Sky, whenever i start a flight with ASP4 it crashes 100% of the time before loading completes. Event Viewer says : Faulting module path: E:\Prepar3D\api.dll. Rather vague crash log as usual... Anyone else had this? And if so how was it fixed? Tried re-installing ASP4 without any luck.
  9. I see they support RXP GPS's, does this include the newer V2 530/430 versions or the legacy ones? If you would happen to know that'd be great so i can go ahead and purchase
  10. I've read different ways of getting the V2 to "work" with A2A's KAP-140 AP. I've had no luck getting it 100% functional.. 1) OBS Not linked to CDI 2) No lateral/vertical guidance (LPV etc) 3) During ILS approach GPS says to switch to VLOC -> No lateral guidance only vertical & unable to ARM APPR Would you please reach out to A2A and get it 100% compatible somehow? Using their AC Config to install the 530 would be a good first step....
  11. No, it's still only downloading a 1KB corrupt file. I'm about to re-purchase it elsewhere. FSPilotshop is garbage.
  12. Did anyone else buy the q400 through fspilotshop.com? I can't seem to find where i upgrade to the v4 edition..
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