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  1. Hi, if I wanted to keep all the addons already installed on 4.1, is it possible to update the sim only? If so, do you only need to uninstall the 4.1 client from Windows and run and install the 4.2 client? So there should be no problems/conflicts with the addons already installed, right? Updating the client only should work as such and as it is currently (except for any incompatibilities of addons that may not yet be fully compatible with 4.2). For example, with the texture of ORBX, running only the client update should not create texture problems, right? From what I understand I understand the client only updates the various fixes listed, neither more nor less. If you want to update the "content" and "scenery" always the same procedure? Thanks.
  2. Happy holidays and thanks for the support to the whole community and also for your products in planning
  3. Merry Christmas everyone!!
  4. Good news, thanks @simbol
  5. Ok, in fact I will use PMDG, for now I will try to install the standard textures as recommended and I will check the performance. Thank you.
  6. Thank for reply, i use a GTX 1070 with 16gb ram and i7-8700K. if I install the standard textures and from the sim imposed the textures details to high levels, could it create conflicts with the scenario or should it automatically detail it better? Thank you.
  7. Hi, with the transition to P3D4 from FSX I wanted to ask you for advice on the quality of the textures to be installed. With FSX I was forced by the heaviness and risk of OOM to install the textures at 1024, now with P3D4 can I install the high details or should always stay at 1024? Thank you.
  8. I did not understand if it will be simulated for example the turbulence effect as it happens with other weather engines (for example AS2016).
  9. Congratulations on this wonderful and immense product that Rex Team have created! I hope you can give us a fantastic gift with the release of the product in this week before Christmas
  10. I wanted to ask you for advice in setting the ‘affinity mask’ since i’m installing P3D4. As a processor i have an i7-8700K, what value should I put? Thanks Gianmarco Ragazzoni
  11. Hi, during the installation of your FS Global Ultimate Next Generation product (download version), I found a problem. At the end of the installation of the program he produced a report telling me that he had found an error during the installation. I note that I downloaded the individual zip files and checked before the extraction that the hash code was correct on each one. In fact, during the extraction did not find errors. Currently the installed folder of the program (FSGU_NG) occupies only 52gb compared to 80gb downloaded from zip files. I do not think it's normal. Has anyone encountered such an error? Thanks Gianmarco Ragazzoni
  12. Hi, I wanted to report a problem regarding the online purchase of your products. I can not buy the 737NGX for Prepar3D, arrived at the payment page and clicking on the "checkout" button to pay with a credit card appears a page with the word "empty cart". I would not use Paypal because of the disadvantageous Dollar / Euro exchange rate. Is the purchase only through Paypal or directly by credit card? Thank you. Gianmarco Ragazzoni
  13. I tried to load a flight with PMDG and the error not view. Seems the problem is resolve. Gianmarco Ragazzoni.
  14. Excellent news, the important thing is to work on it to offer something more to the immersive product. Mine was just an example of the kind of effect that could be implemented in PMDG products. I hope and trust that you work early on this kind of effects ;) Gianmarco Ragazzoni