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  1. Hi, I wanted to ask for advice on uninstalling P3D4. I will have to uninstall P3D4 from my primary pc to install it on a secondary pc. Should I also remove the license? So can I install it on the secondary PC or lose the license without being able to install it forever? Thank you.
  2. I confirm. He did all the uninstall program, deleting files from both the pc and the P3D library. Thank you.
  3. Found it, thanks for the info. To avoid messing around, I would do the following: 1) I run an unistall from the Pilot's folder inside main folder P3D 2) I delete entries from scenery library and delete the files on my pc. 3) install the new version Is it the correct procedure to follow? Thank you.
  4. Hi, I wanted to ask those who use the new FS Global Ultimate NG 2020 FTX with P3D 4.5 product how to proceed with the installation. I currently use and have installed the previous version (FS Global Ultimate - Next Generation FTX), to install this new one, how do I proceed to uninstall the old version? There is no unistall program seeing from the Windows "control panel". Should I first remove the check from the scenerys library of the old product and then manually delete the folders? Can you show me how to proceed? Thank you.
  5. Hi, I am interested in the product Carenado Pilatus PC-12, could you tell me if it is well simulated on P3D4? Do you recommend buying? Thanks.
  6. Hi, wanting to use the sop 3 with the aircraft consignment as a "short" state, where do I have the fs2crew checklist started as voice control? Thanks.
  7. Hi, I have a question regarding the purchase. From your site it is on offer at a very attractive price. Is it possible to buy the discounted product also from the Simmarket store? Seeing from their site I can't find the product. Is it only on sale discounted from your store? Thanks.
  8. Hi, since I installed the new PMDG NGXu (updated with latest version), I noticed that during the flight the sim (P3D4) randomly reloads the scenario. However after loading the flight continues. As if paused to reload the scenario. With other aircraft I never had this problem. Using acars flying for virtual companies, such as for Virtual Ryanair (vRYR smartCARS), is seen as a sim pause. Does this thing also happen to you? Thanks.
  9. Hi, after so many years of simulated flight with only aircraft, I wanted to try using helicopters.Do you have any payware product to recommend that is well simulated for use with P3D4? Not military but for civil use.Searching I found these two softwares, the Bell 222 of the Cera and the 407 of the Milviz.Thanks.
  10. I tried as suggested but it doesn't create this options.ini file inside the PMDG folder. If I copied the NGX version inside the NGXu could it work? Thanks.
  11. Is it normal that in the new NGXu the "short" option no longer exists in the state pannel? I find myself only the possibility of choosing "cold and dark". Is it possible to insert the panel state "short" in the NGXu taking it from the NGX version? Thanks.
  12. Hi, I've a problem with Remote CDU and new NGXu. When it is updated automatically the Remote CDU program to the latest version has detected me NGXu but fails to update the SDK as it does not find the file options.ini in the PMDG folder. Actually, there is no file that looks in the folder. How can you resolve it to use the Remote CDU? Thanks.
  13. Hi, I have some questions for this new NGXu. 1) If I have understood correctly it is a remake of the one currently in existence (NGX), right? 2) For example, is it possible to use it also with Ryanair livery as it was the previous NGX? 3) Can both NGXu and NGX versions be installed in the sim? Thanks.
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