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  1. Hi, I would like to ask you which port I have to insert in the file simconnect to run it on a secondary pc like for example for AS16 and FSCaptain. I have a problem with decompiling scenery files, it does not load fsx.cfg files even though it has put the right path inside the config path. The loading bar does not go on. How can I solve? Thank you. Gianmarco Ragazzoni
  2. However, the 1070 should allow me to have good/excellent graphics performance, right? I would not regret the choice made of 1070...
  3. I tried again donwload the files and finally there had't any problem in the zip files. I managed the extract all zip files without errors. The folder decompressed now is a right dimension of 72,6 GB (78.055.993.750 byte). Gianmarco Ragazzoni
  4. I thought I was doing the 1080ti but the price difference is still very high. Not taking advantage of the 4K for now I thought to choose the 1070 to save something. However, I think I can take advantage of the 1070 with the hardware I'm mounting. Ram DDR4 16GB 2400 and 2 SSD M.2 (1 250gb for OS and 1 1tb for P3DV4). Gianmarco Ragazzoni
  5. I used IDM for download, I tried from different links but every time I try to extract the files with both winzip and 7zip always finds errors on the same files (Asia and North America). Scanning with the hastab program all seem ok. I really do not understand what it can depend on but it is really frustrating this situation. As suggested I will try to contact the producer hoping for a quick solution to the problem. Pay for a product and then not be able to use it because with problems it seems unprofessional. Gianmarco Ragazzoni
  6. Hi, I have a problem with FS Global NG FTX Download version, I tried several times to download from the suggested links also checking the hash MD5 and on some files you do not find different codes but later yes. I'm going crazy by dint of downloading zip files that seem corrupt. Once I saw them all ok I tried to extract them with winrar but find some problems with some zip giving me the error that the file is damaged. Did someone else do the same thing? There is no forum or email to request assistance from Pilot's. I hope you can help me. Thank you. Gianmarco Ragazzoni
  7. Perfect, thanks. I hope I do not have big problems with the new i7-8700K hardware with the GTX 1070.
  8. Hi, being about to make the final transition to days on P3DV4 from FSX SE I wanted to ask you if I can forget the various issues of the VAS and OOM that were present on FSX with the new version of P3DV4. Thank you. Gianmarco Ragazzoni
  9. In the weekend I will try to make a complete flight with PMDG, for now with that change and a test that I carried out loaded me all right while before it was not loaded and I had CTD. Aerosoft, except in rare cases, has never given me the error and I have completed several flights. Gianmarco Ragazzoni
  10. I decide to buy a i7-800K with mobo ASRock Z730M pro and graphic card GTX 1070 because there should not be big differences compared to the TI version that justify the price (for the moment i don't use a 4K resolution). However, I believe that the 1070 base should give me great satisfaction along with the rest of the hardware Gianmarco Ragazzoni
  11. Not exactly the date but this link says that MS should fix with a fix in the next update which is usually every half of the month, so I suppose around December 12th. Gianmarco Ragazzoni
  12. I think around 12 december with the "MS month update". Gianmarco Ragazzoni
  13. Hi all, today I tried to start the sim with 737ngx doing this simple modification to the executable file of FSX (FSX Steam Edition): right click on the executable fsx.exe and activate the mode compatible with Win 7, check "run as administrator" and check "disable full screen optimization". To my surprise, I have initialized everything without giving the fatal error "creating child windows". Also trying to open the instrument windows, no errors. Before making this change, it always stopped with the PMDG during initialization (at 80%) with error and CDT of the sim. Only thing that error (application does not support) only in closing the flight from the menu bar. I have not tried without compatibility with Win 7 active if it works the same and I have not had the opportunity to perform a complete flight. If you have a way try a test to see if the problem can be avoided while waiting for the fix (hopefully) of MS. Gianmarco Ragazzoni
  14. I would like to ask for advice, I would like to buy the new i7-8700K with mother board Z370 Asus Rog Strix, 16GB ram and ssd dedicated to the sim and graphics card geforce nvidia 1070ti. With this hardware could I make the most of the processor without overclocking with P3D V4 with high settings and main addons (PMDG 737ngx and 777, Aerosoft Airbus, scenary ORBX and Aerosoft, ecc.)? Is the sim optimized to take full advantage of the processor cores? I would not do this expense and then find me with bad performance ... Thank you. Gianmarco Ragazzoni
  15. Ok, thanks for reply Steve. Gianmarco Ragazzoni