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  1. Hi, for owners of Hype Performance Group H135 freeware and H145 payware, which one do you recommend? Is it worth taking for the H145 or is the H135 about the same? Thanks
  2. Hi, I ask for advice from the most experienced. I have updated with the new Nvidia drivers and using the new DLSS setting, both with DX11 and DX12, I always have the navigation display blurry. Tested with both the PMDG and the Fenix. Do I have to set some other parameters to remove the blur? I use an RTX Super 2070 Rog Strix. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I wanted to ask the most experienced for advice on how to solve the flickering that I encounter with FS20, especially with distant buildings or objects. Currently I have an Nvidia RTX 2070 Super Rog Strix, screen resolution and sim 1920x1080, Asus monitor of about 6 years ago 60hz (I don't remember the model), Intel I7-8700K processor, 32gb of ram. With the settings of the sim I do not experience slowdowns using parameters on high and ultra, but only this annoying flickering. Thanks.
  4. Hi, is there the possibility to copy the device settings file (Saitek Pro Flight, Thrustmaster Airbus)? Having a secondary PC available I wanted to install the sim and copy the settings file, if possible, from the primary PC. If possible, where can I find the settings file? I use the Steam version. Thanks. Gianmarco
  5. Hi, since yesterday I have a problem with live weather. It loads the surrounding environment reported by the airport metar correctly, but neither the QNH, nor the wind and the temperature, both on the ground and in flight, change but remain fixed on standard values (temperature 15 degrees, wind from 270 3 knots , QNH 1013). Do you encounter this problem? Do you have any solutions to try? I have already tested by loading sky clear and then in game to activate the live weather, but nothing. I don't know if the problem lies with me (the options in the settings are correctly activated) or with the Asobo / Meteo Blue servers. Thanks.
  6. Thanks @Adamski_NZ summarizing, I activate the app and choose the preset or the automatic dynamic function and the program automatically inserts the files in the Community folder? Then I activate the sim and make the flight. To uninstall, just delete the files installed in the Community folder like any other addon? Correct? Thanks. Gianmarco
  7. Hi all and @MikeT707, I wanted to ask for clarification regarding the functioning of REX AccuSeason. Do I have to start the sim and then the app so that it injects the chosen preset or the dynamic automatic function? When I close the sim, depending on the preset chosen or the automatic dynamic function, does everything go back to default? Or do I have to manually uninstall the files inserted by the program? Does the app inject the files needed for the flight only and then everything goes back to default? The correct procedure is the following? 1 start the sim 2 launch the app to inject the preset or dynamic auto mode 3 close the app 4 close the sim to return to the default Thank you. Gianmarco
  8. Has anyone tried to use this guide for Nvidia settings control panel? https://fs2020.surclaro.com/fs2020-nvidia-best-graphic-settings/ Have you seen any improvements? For example, more FPS or less “stutters” (micro pauses in the animation). Thanks.
  9. Ok, many thanks all. if you any other advice based on your experience please tell me. Thanks.
  10. Hi, I wanted to ask the most experienced for advise. I currently own an RTX 2070 but don’t have 4K resolution monitor yet. In the graphics settings of the sim, should I put “High” instead of “Ultra”? “Ultra” should be the resolution for 4K? Not having a suitable monitor, with “Ultra”, I would have a weight load of the sim, correct? The resolution I currently use is 1920x1080. For other settings you have recommendations to set according to the video card and processor (I7-8700K with 32gb ram)? Thanks.
  11. Hi, I wanted to ask for advice on uninstalling P3D4. I will have to uninstall P3D4 from my primary pc to install it on a secondary pc. Should I also remove the license? So can I install it on the secondary PC or lose the license without being able to install it forever? Thank you.
  12. I confirm. He did all the uninstall program, deleting files from both the pc and the P3D library. Thank you.
  13. Found it, thanks for the info. To avoid messing around, I would do the following: 1) I run an unistall from the Pilot's folder inside main folder P3D 2) I delete entries from scenery library and delete the files on my pc. 3) install the new version Is it the correct procedure to follow? Thank you.
  14. Hi, I wanted to ask those who use the new FS Global Ultimate NG 2020 FTX with P3D 4.5 product how to proceed with the installation. I currently use and have installed the previous version (FS Global Ultimate - Next Generation FTX), to install this new one, how do I proceed to uninstall the old version? There is no unistall program seeing from the Windows "control panel". Should I first remove the check from the scenerys library of the old product and then manually delete the folders? Can you show me how to proceed? Thank you.
  15. Hi, I am interested in the product Carenado Pilatus PC-12, could you tell me if it is well simulated on P3D4? Do you recommend buying? Thanks.
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