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  1. Ok guys, i’m pretty sure everytbody is testing the VR mode those who own a vr headset. Wich is your firsts impressions?
  2. amazing! i understand no vr contgrollers supported right now... vr mouse is not as inmersive as controllers but hope will integrate it soon.
  3. Im going to call to Bill Gates right now. Im going to ask for an explanation.
  4. I must admit this feature is implemented in VTOL VR and adds a lot of immersion. It could be great on not very far new updates
  5. Im really curious about controllers on msfs 2020 VR. I hope there is an option to manage al buttons and joysticks like X-plane, only with vr controllers. For me, the easiest and comfortable option.
  6. and what about FPS? did you notice an important fps loss from index to reverb 2?
  7. Some hours ago, this guy said on a direct youtube streaming while he was unboxing his reverb 2 he is part of the VR beta proram from msfs 2020 and it's absolutely amazing. He can not say anything else, just wait when asobo allows him to deploy more information. Here at 19:32
  8. Whic is that forum? Is there any more information about experiencing msfs 2020 VR? Well, we are free to talk about anyhting since we have not signed any NDA
  9. This is like talking to an angry girlfriend. sHe will say that everything is fine but in truth something great is happening. We could have a lot of jokes here.
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