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  1. I recently installed this excellent addon. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to it. My P3D V4 installation shows two problems with wakes. - Some ships do not show wakes. Is there a fix for this? - All visible wakes have stripes in it Thx, Karl
  2. kaha

    Does 1/2 refresh rate work?

    I experience nice results here with setting MIN_FIBER_TIME_SEC=0.010 in addition to externally limiting to half refresh rate. With that tweak not in I get blurry terrain when flying the F-16 low and fast over photoreal terrain. I limit in Nvidia Control Panel. The shown frame rates flicker between ~29 and ~34. Is that stable at 30 using RTSS? If it is stable then each even rendered frame is on the 60 Hz boundary and each odd delivered frame is on exactly half refresh rate. That's ideal for our eyes.
  3. kaha

    Does 1/2 refresh rate work?

    Bert, which settings do you use? All maxed out or 1 notch back...? Shadows? What about during night operation with DL? Thx, Karl
  4. kaha

    Scenery order for Seattle P3Dv4.4

    Yes. And some addons need to be below Orbx, Like Austria Professional HD East and West.
  5. kaha

    Scenery order for Seattle P3Dv4.4

    Looks like BobMs all installed addons use the xml method. So FTX Central does not see them. However, this means that ORBX is below all addons anyway.
  6. You can also try to "Repair" from the P3D setup wizard. I never did that, so I don't know if this harms any installed addons. At least the basic Sim should work after that. Do you have this problem also at non addon airports and with P3D aircraft?
  7. Did you make any changes, like installing or uninstalling addons just before this happened?
  8. kaha

    Does 1/2 refresh rate work?

    Matt, I think you can try to dedicate a minimum amount of milliseconds to terrain loading by experimenting with MIN_FIBER_TIME_SEC. I would try: MIN_FIBER_TIME_SEC=0.015 down to MIN_FIBER_TIME_SEC=0.05 You have to add this in the Prepar3D.cfg in the [MAIN] section. It is said that those tweeks (FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION, MIN_FIBER_TIME_SEC and MAX_FIBER_TIME_SEC) have minimal effect on multicore CPUs. But I saw an explanation of a P3D software architekt answering to a qustion from a user running a 4790K. This can be found here (2nd post): http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=120133
  9. kaha

    Does 1/2 refresh rate work?

    He uses HT off. You have a 4 core CPU, Matt, right?
  10. kaha

    Does 1/2 refresh rate work?

    Matt, so you are now externally locked to 30 and internally have set unlimited with Sync off and TB off, right? What is the FPS count you get when not externally synced, nor internally? This then gives a hint it the use of FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION or MIN_FIBER_TIME_SEC makes sense.
  11. kaha

    Does 1/2 refresh rate work?

    Are you using an affiniti mask?