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  1. I also work on a 4K very large monitor. I'd rather want to keep the small font and images. Thank you for your excellent software!
  2. As Carenado do not deliver any documentation, what POH would you use aside the Seneca? Karl
  3. What's the time frame? 3 p.m. Zulu? Karl
  4. It probably will be there in time to get broken by the next SU. Karl
  5. I use the video capture tool of GE, it is the best in my opinion. I don't see any drawbacks when using GE. Karl
  6. Maybe some of you remember AAM (Aircraft Airfile Manager)? https://www.dropbox.com/s/i6z0is1b59ckraq/AAM.png?dl=0 Karl
  7. Is there any software that allows for easy editing of the engines.cfg? Or are we left to use a text editor? Nothing in the SDK? Karl
  8. This. However, It could already be too demanding for the GPU. Karl
  9. That's how it looks on my 4K monitor. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/n8pzp4teshw6tha/Renderscaling 4K.png?dl=0 Karl
  10. When compensating the LOD I experience stutters when panning. Karl
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