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  1. Yes, but you can play on one PC only at the same time. Karl
  2. There are tests suggesting the 12900K is 10% faster on W11 than on W10. But I doubt that P3D would perform as much better on W11.
  3. Right! Probably nothing (well, they got faster). I'd be ok with those 8 big cores only. Karl
  4. Rob, there are performance hybrids and efficiency hybrids possible. Alder Lake is a performance hybrid. Karl
  5. We would not be amused if the sims main process runs on a little core.
  6. There are benchmarks already of pre production samples. The results might change a bit after release but still give a direction. From those benchmarks I can tell that the "12900K" (the equivalent of the 12th gen top cpu model) may have an IPC value as large as 25-30% better than that of the 11900K and that is really good. If this holds it will be 60% faster than my 9900K. It might be possible to OC it to 5.3 GHz on all 8 "big" cores simulaneously. Its multicore performance will probably be better than that of the 5950X (honestly, it must be, anyway). And, again it will probably be a very unefficient CPU. Karl
  7. Not talking about talking months or weeks at all I suppose.
  8. I see that Rex paints on top of the rwy marks and Zinertek does not. Look at "33 R"
  9. At least I know I don't need to upgrade my CPU or GPU as long as the XBox X has no successor.
  10. What if a dev assigns the exact same objects to all LODs just to keep the addon selling? There's no way for Asobo to know and hence no way to guarantee a performance increas with addons. Karl
  11. Because we don't have any choice. No real alternative. We will (have to) take what we get. Karl
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