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  1. That's a pity! Because they are so good. Karl
  2. As Carenado do not deliver any documentation, what POH would you use aside the Seneca? Karl
  3. What's the time frame? 3 p.m. Zulu? Karl
  4. It probably will be there in time to get broken by the next SU. Karl
  5. I use the video capture tool of GE, it is the best in my opinion. I don't see any drawbacks when using GE. Karl
  6. Maybe some of you remember AAM (Aircraft Airfile Manager)? https://www.dropbox.com/s/i6z0is1b59ckraq/AAM.png?dl=0 Karl
  7. Is there any software that allows for easy editing of the engines.cfg? Or are we left to use a text editor? Nothing in the SDK? Karl
  8. This. However, It could already be too demanding for the GPU. Karl
  9. That's how it looks on my 4K monitor. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/n8pzp4teshw6tha/Renderscaling 4K.png?dl=0 Karl
  10. When compensating the LOD I experience stutters when panning. Karl
  11. Or they could have said nothing at all and wait until release time. Actually, as I get it if the NG3 is released I can get the P3D version and pay the rest for the MSFS version. The P3D version is literally a giveaway then, isn't it? Nice! Karl
  12. PMDG just need to brand the 737 differently from NG3 and nothing they said applies to the "new" product anymore. That said I don't think they will do that. Karl
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