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  1. As Justflight updated their Tristar to V5 recently, I finally got it. And there I now sit in the cockpit and cannot get it up and running. Is there anyone out there flying it in depth who can help me with some questions? Of course I know I could go to Justflights support but, after my experience with their excellent Canberra, I think it's not the airplane having problems. I'm trying to follow the tutorial in the manual for an INS equipped model. INS setup is finished but when setting up the autopilot the written tutorial differs heavily from what I see in the cockpit: Thx, Karl
  2. Everything said here also applies to V5? Or are you talking V4 only? I still extenally limit fps in V5, so I wonder if I'd better get rid of it? Karl
  3. I have to revert, those are not Nielsen ships. Karl
  4. Same here, no wakes for some ships. Karl
  5. If vanilla MSFS really is so nice and I buy it or subscribes to it then there still is the need to again purchase all the airplanes I had in P3D. And that's a lot. Would I want to do that? Will vanilla LOWI in MSFS look as good as ORBX LOWI in P3D or would I have to pay for it again as well? What about FlyTampa St.Maarten? Questions over questions. Karl
  6. In this video I repeatedly activated and deactivated NA PNW. The add-ons are shown, Seattle (it's just the airports) is active. Most of the video is loading scenes, so just fast forward over it. https://vimeo.com/421965291 Karl Edit: 2nd take at 4:23
  7. You are right, it's another layer interfering. I found the issue: I deactivated ORBX NA Pacific Northwest and it now works: https://vimeo.com/421960615 Karl Edit: DD Airporst is active.
  8. Texture Morphing: is it what can be seen in the video? (The dark frames appeared when taking a screenshot). https://vimeo.com/421954490 Karl
  9. Actually I deleted DDs City and Airports completely and then reinstalled airports That should be ok, shouldn't it?. Karl
  10. I'm done for today, now https://vimeo.com/421699226 Karl
  11. You mean TE WA is not working in V5? Actually you don't even see ORBX stuff in Central if it is not working in V5. Karl
  12. Now it looks correct: https://vimeo.com/421689015 Karl
  13. Found it: I did a Verify of TE Washington. When verifying the files it installed a package called something like US Cities Libraries. Did I miss it when installing TE Washington at the first time? Now it works. Karl
  14. Just looked at the screenshots on the ORBX site. Something is completely wrong here on my PC. Hm... Karl
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