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  1. What's the time frame? 3 p.m. Zulu? Karl
  2. It probably will be there in time to get broken by the next SU. Karl
  3. I use the video capture tool of GE, it is the best in my opinion. I don't see any drawbacks when using GE. Karl
  4. Maybe some of you remember AAM (Aircraft Airfile Manager)? https://www.dropbox.com/s/i6z0is1b59ckraq/AAM.png?dl=0 Karl
  5. Then it's time to make one....
  6. Is there any software that allows for easy editing of the engines.cfg? Or are we left to use a text editor? Nothing in the SDK? Karl
  7. This. However, It could already be too demanding for the GPU. Karl
  8. That's how it looks on my 4K monitor. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/n8pzp4teshw6tha/Renderscaling 4K.png?dl=0 Karl
  9. When compensating the LOD I experience stutters when panning. Karl
  10. Or they could have said nothing at all and wait until release time. Actually, as I get it if the NG3 is released I can get the P3D version and pay the rest for the MSFS version. The P3D version is literally a giveaway then, isn't it? Nice! Karl
  11. PMDG just need to brand the 737 differently from NG3 and nothing they said applies to the "new" product anymore. That said I don't think they will do that. Karl
  12. Disregard, got it. It's a free download. Karl
  13. And there are signs the A320 from Fenix will stay below 100,- 140,- is a tad overpriced? For MSFS at least. Karl
  14. Is the NXi 0.3.0 installed in the DA62 by default? Karl
  15. Prosim has a 737 also. So, given Fenix will not stop developing for MSFS after their A320 release I could imagine they then make a 737. If they do, they should let us know about it before PMDGs 737 is ready. Karl
  16. I remember I had an addon in FSX and P3D called "Salmon River". It featured some strips in Idaho. I'd like to have it in MSFS. One of the strips here IRL: Karl
  17. This would be cool. I had a lot of fun with it in P3D. https://www.xtremeprototypes.com/shopexd.asp?id=47 Karl
  18. Alaska: https://return.mistymoorings.com/z20_homepage/index.php Karl
  19. Interesting. I download on a 2nd PC and have to transfer to my sim rig and then install it there. Will it be able to handle that? Like maybe having a task looking for a change in a network folder and triggering action? What abaout logging in to and out of flightsim.to? I always log out after downloading. Karl
  20. Can it provide weather for Atlantic crossings? If it relies on METAR only this might not be possible?
  21. Same issue here when adjusting my custom camera views. I have to change the y height value in the camera.cfg files. Karl
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