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  1. Pegasus1

    UT2 installation

    UT2 works here.
  2. Pegasus1

    RealAir Lancair Legacy in P3D?

    I am not at home to give a 100% proof, but guys: I think my Legacy works quite fine and I get all these sounds as I was used to in FSX. So, I am the only one?
  3. Pegasus1

    How-To: FSCopilot + FSInn with Prepar3D

    I'll give my best, but you still have to wait cause I will be at home next weekend (in 1 week). I'm sorried
  4. Pegasus1

    How-To: FSCopilot + FSInn with Prepar3D

    @bursco: I did not buy any software except of Prepar3D :) You have just to create directory links on your harddrive (with DOS command "mklink" for example) for every affected directory which is used by FSX/Prepar3D. Maybe I will write a tutorial for that when I have more free time. You can quite do all the stuff which the mentioned software is doing, for zero dollars (0,00 $) :) just in a few seconds/minutes. But that would be off-topic here, I will write a separate tutorial for that some day...
  5. Pegasus1

    How-To: FSCopilot + FSInn with Prepar3D

    Oh. I though everyone has soft linked the necessary directory structure for a working Prepar3D installation. That is of course necessary, so all addons think it's a FSX. If you didn't do that before, than maybe that's the problem some of you reported?
  6. Pegasus1

    How-To: FSCopilot + FSInn with Prepar3D

    Actually I am very busy and absent. I will look over it at the weekend and report with hopefully good news. Thanks for all feedback so far ... Cheers, Pegasus.
  7. Pegasus1

    How-To: FSCopilot + FSInn with Prepar3D

    You disabled copilot.dll in your exe.xml (or dll.xml) ??? or do you mean, you did restore your original prepar3d.exe ?
  8. Pegasus1

    How-To: FSCopilot + FSInn with Prepar3D

    Which aircraft repos do you miss? Which AI traffic tool are you using? Is the repository included in your prepar3d.cfg? In my case I use UltimateTraffic2 and my .cfg looks like: [Main] User Objects=Airplane, Helicopter, Submersible, ExternalSim SimObjectPaths.0=SimObjects\Airplanes SimObjectPaths.1=SimObjects\Rotorcraft SimObjectPaths.2=SimObjects\GroundVehicles SimObjectPaths.3=SimObjects\Boats SimObjectPaths.4=SimObjects\Animals SimObjectPaths.5=SimObjects\Misc SimObjectPaths.6=SimObjects\Submersible SimObjectPaths.7=SimObjects\UT2 Aircraft And did you start all three applications with admin rights (Prepar3D, ControlPanel, FSInn) I suppose you did setup FSInn aircraft sync, didn't you?
  9. Pegasus1

    How-To: FSCopilot + FSInn with Prepar3D

    That's something quite different. I suggest you to run both with administrator rights (Prepar3D as well as the FSFDT ControlPanel + FSInn).
  10. How-To: Prepar3D + FSInn + FSCopilot Dear AVSIM-Community and P3D-users, In this tutorial I'll explain how to fool FSInn+FSCopilot so you can use these great tools within Prepar3D. As a VATSIM flyer I prefered these great tools of the FSFDT suite but didn't find a suitable way to get them work within P3D, yet. So I decided to explore this problem and how to fix it. Here's the solution :-) FSDT FSCopilot + FSInn in Prepar3D I have to assume that certain facts of installation and configuration are known. However, I have uploaded the necessary installation files for you. Download installation files FSFDT-Suite: Downloadlink FS Copilot --> SetupFSCopilot17B2_4.exe Downloadlink FS Inn --> SetupFSInn13B2_3.exe Known Issue / Problem: When starting Prepar3D you will get following error message. FSCopilot+FSInn cannot be executed and are inactive. Reason: FSCopilot/FSInn seems to check a special version string of the executable Prepar3D.exe. It is expecting a value something like 10.x.xxxxx.0, but instead receives the value 1.3.3708.0. As a result it shows the error message and the tool is not working. Many users tried to modify various version strings within the Windows Registry Editor under FSFDT-key, but with no sucess. Workaround: We have to fool FSFDT Suite, and present the necessary version string. Some of you know this steps, as we did the same when fooling TrackIR+EZdok, where we had to modify the language.dll. On this step the executable "Prepar3D.exe" is involved. How-to: First we need a tool to edit our executable. A known and easy to use tool is Ressource Hacker which you can download for free HERE. PLEASE MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR ORIGINAL PREPAR3D.EXE BEFORE MODIFYING IT ! Now we start Ressource Hacker and click on menu [FILE]-->[OPEN] and choose the file "Prepar3D.exe" which is located in our main Prepar3D installation directory. Click and open the sector Version Info --> 1 --> 1033 We have to focus on this line here --> PRODUCTVERSION 1,3,3708,0 as showed on my screenshot below... Now we replace the string 1,3,3708,0 with 10,0,61637,0. [*] We click on the button COMPILE SCRIPT [*] and last but not least we save this modification by clicking on menu [FILE]-->[sAVE]. In my case the result looks like this: That's it! Now start your Prepar3D and be surprised ;) FSInn and FSCopilot should work 100%. I would really appreciate your feedback to ensure that this workaround also works on different installations. Good luck,have fun and clear skies, Pegasus.
  11. Pegasus1

    bojote's fsx.cfg file

    *******, can you please explain what these commands are for? What are they doing?VIRTUAL_COCKPIT_TEXTURES_SCALE=2.0BATCH_AUTOGEN2=1Thank you very much.Pegasus.
  12. Pegasus1

    Bojote's Shader 3.0 mod for FSX

    I have to state that I reverted back to normal shaders, I uninstalled shader 3.0 mod because I realized problems. Last days I did some tests, and over huge water areas like surrounding KJFK I realized stutters, when used the outside view of airplane. I saved a scene and did lots of test with it. It was because the shader 3 mod. When I remove the shader 3.0 mod everything works fine again. I did also more tests with heavy clouds, but I had NO performance gain with this shader mod, although I am an ATI user. Just wanted to give this information out.
  13. Pegasus1

    Bojote's Shader 3.0 mod for FSX

    ??? Shader mod 3.0 is the latest version I know. Can you provide more infos about this "special shader mod for ATI users" please?
  14. Pegasus1

    Bojote's Shader 3.0 mod for FSX

    Can someone please post a good "waterconstants.xml" for this mod ? I remember, that the file included in Bojotes mod is not good. Please someone send me the latest and well working "waterconstants.xml" to my email or PN.Thank you in advance.
  15. Pegasus1

    bojote's fsx.cfg file

    *******! You are flying at 1280x720 resolution? Why that? Can u explain to me, please? What are your FPS look like in heavy conditions?