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  1. LEAPWeaver

    PC-12 Version 2 Update

    I followed the installation instructions included with v1.8 of the mod pack. To get the GTN in the PC-12 you have to run "F1GTN750PC12.exe" which will be located in the SimObjects\Airplanes\Carenado PC12 folder. This will install the GTN into the PC-12 automatically.
  2. LEAPWeaver

    longest flights

    4.2 hours. From KBLI to KPHX. With the mod pack, this aircraft is almost spot on for performance in the sim vs. the actual aircraft.
  3. LEAPWeaver

    PC-12 Version 2 Update

    Yes, I am running V2 of the PC-12 with the current version of the mod pack, which is V1.8. Now that the GTN is available for P3D4 I can finally use this bird in all its glory. Flew from KBLI to KPHX (just a hair over four hours) last night and everything was golden.
  4. LEAPWeaver

    PC-12 Version 2 Update

    I have been using the performance mods by Autogyro and Bert in v4 without any issues at all. Just waiting for the GTN and this thing will be close to perfect.
  5. LEAPWeaver

    About P3Dv4 Support

    Excellent news!! Thank you for the update.
  6. I'm sure there are a few users of the Virtual Avionics suite who, like myself, will be migrating to Prepar3d V4 in the coming weeks. I curious to know if the VAInterface is slated to be updated to work with P3DV4? I personally use the 737 MCP, EFIS, and Virtual CDU in V3 and would very much like to be able to use them in V4. Thanks!!
  7. All of the cable sleeving supplies are from MainFrameCustoms, same place you're getting your cables from. I'm using the Telios sleeving, as opposed to the paracord. I decided to go with a heatshrink-less design and its easier to do with the Telios than the paracord. The 24 pin cable took about 8-10 hours to make from start to finish and its about 30 inches long. Here's an upclose photo of the 24 pin whie I was sewing it together:
  8. Here we go Rich. This is just one side of the case. I have to build the second side which will run my Sandy Bridge setup. The X99 set-up is black and white, my camera rendered the white LED strip lighting with a slight purple hue. Everything here is all custom built, including the wiring, which has been sleeved and cable sewn. The cooling system and fans are all automatically controlled and monitored by an Aquacomputer Aquaero 6 Pro.
  9. Keep up the good work Rich, it's looking beautiful. Water cooling a computer is as much a labor of love as it is art. I just finished my X99 5930K/Titan build in a Caselabs TX10D last week. It's a lot of work but the end results are going to be worth it.
  10. LEAPWeaver

    P3D v2.5 in 4K on a Titan X

    Well then, this seals the deal for the card going into my new rig. Thanks for the info Rob!
  11. LEAPWeaver

    Engine Indication and Performance Adjustments Complete

    Yes, the PC-12 has an auto-feathering constant speed prop, so, you will not need to adjust your prop control lever. All you need to do is leave it full forward and you are good to go.
  12. LEAPWeaver

    Engine Indication and Performance Adjustments Complete

    Just as a quick update for you all. I am still working on this one. At the moment I am trying to figure out some unit conversions in the code for the EIS to accurately read in kilograms. With luck I will be wrapping this up this week. Stay tuned.
  13. LEAPWeaver

    Fix list after SP1

    Those of you having trouble with setting the pressurization try switching the ECS switch to manual (MAN) mode. I thought it wasn't working when I first started flying, until I figured this out.
  14. LEAPWeaver

    Engine Indication and Performance Adjustments Complete

    Post SP1 this mod still works with the exception that in the VC the Fuel Reset Button is a bit hit or miss. So, in light of this, and my recent procurement of an original Training and Information manual from SIMCOM Training Centers. I will be making a new version of the mod. The new version will include: - Update to fix Fuel Reset button - Update to ITT readings for an increased realism in readout. - Update to other engine performance characteristics. - Included version of readout in KGS. - Updates to ground handling characteristics. In particular, the way you steer the aircraft will be just like the real PC-12. - A complete set of performance charts and checklists. If all goes to plan the update will be available this weekend.
  15. LEAPWeaver

    Service Pack out

    Yes, the gauge and engine mod is compatible with SP1.