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  1. I see no option for this during install. Nothing in the plane. Anyone know how to get this integrated? Thank you.
  2. The magenta line is exactly what I'm talking about. But the line doesn't even get close to the airport. Most times the magenta line is cut off in the middle of the line/flightpath. Gus Lane
  3. I am using Simbrief to create flight plans. The flight plans are complete when they are ready for download into the FMS. However, when I load them into the FMS, they are always incomplete, i.e. they are not airport to airport. They seem to cut-off in the middle of the flight plan. Anyone have any idea on why this happens? Thank you Gus Lane
  4. I went to Steam to buy the add ons after playing with the above and the sale seems to be over! Sorry guys Gus Lane
  5. This flight/fight simulator is on sale at Steam for $17 until April 13, 2018. If you were on the fence with this one like I was, now would be a good time to buy it! Gus Lane
  6. I have found that it doesn't generate an altitude, no matter which type of flight plan is generated. High, low, gps, etc. It will always have 0 altitude, unless you put it in yourself. I have to think this is a bug!
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