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  1. I apologize if this has been posted before, but I wanted to share this video from FlightChops on YouTube. I know it's been a topic of contention whether this will be an entertainment title like Flight or an actual simulator and one of the Microsoft people specifically addresses this, I was pleasantly surprised by his answer.
  2. Hey all, Quick question. Does XP11 have accurate Navdata? Does it get updated periodically?
  3. Tom, in my 11 years as a member of AVSIM, I have had nothing but positive interactions with you. I regret not being able to make the AVSIM social in Chicago a few years ago, it would have been great to meet you person. Thank you for giving us AVSIM, it's been a big part of my life for over a decade. - Jeff
  4. I'm with Pete, I love my FSX Steam, using it has been a very positive experience for me so far. I got along with FSX, but I'm really enjoying FSX SE.
  5. I heard they produced a Reno Airport scenery and as a Nevada native I am super interested in this, but they have all but disappeared from the internet. Anyone have any information on these guys? Thanks.
  6. Jim, may I have a copy of your patch as well? Thank you sir.
  7. 150 Mph? hahaha, that's a tornado or a cat 5 hurricane. I don't think so, and no offense by the way. Anyway, having flown/flown on airplanes for the last six years of my life, I agree with CRJFO, pilot error big time, infact should have initiated that go around much earlier... definitely would have prevented that wing strike. "What was he thinking?!" for #### sure.Jeff
  8. I am from Las Vegas and have thanked them as well for Reno, I would write to them via the email addresses they provided in the readme, that is what I did and they responded within a couple of hours.Jeff
  9. Jeroen was it? Wow you're back, where the heck did you go, I've missed your no nonsense up front and honest posts.Jeff
  10. Ummm... Cheapest ticket? If money is no object then I suggest chartering a jet. :) And what is an IFE, In-Flight Emergency? Surely you don't want one of those. Sorry, anyway, you can listen to ATC all day long on your computer if you'd like or get an aviation scanner. I'd pick the airline that let's you sit in the flight deck.Jeff
  11. >>Aces by that time will hopefully have done a complete re-write and say to #### with back-compat thus allowing all of us to be FS11 users.:)
  12. Thanks, I'll check it out.Jeff
  13. Hello, I was hoping some of you IT guys could help me out. I'm looking to purchase a .com website. It's unused and I need to buy it, and I need the most inexpensive option available. I was wondering if someone could direct to the right place to buy it for cheap.Thanks,Jeff
  14. Thanks for your response jd, actually the way I do things is really simple, I'll explain. I hop on flightaware.com, type in my airport to see the different flights, pick one that I want to emulate, and simply write the flightplan on a piece of paper, for instance; (KTUS to KLAS) BURRO1 BBALL PXR J11 DRK TYSSN1 I then start up FS pick my favorite plane enter that plan into the FMC and I take off, nothing more nothing less. No extracting, no messing with flight planners, etc. So basically, I'm just wondering if I can just manually enter that into RC and take off? I don't want to bother with flight planners as I get mine real world. Hope that clarifies what I'm talking about.Thanks,Jeff
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