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  1. I apologize if this has been posted before, but I wanted to share this video from FlightChops on YouTube. I know it's been a topic of contention whether this will be an entertainment title like Flight or an actual simulator and one of the Microsoft people specifically addresses this, I was pleasantly surprised by his answer.
  2. Hey all, Quick question. Does XP11 have accurate Navdata? Does it get updated periodically?
  3. Question, this 34 inch Dell we're currently discussing does not have a DVI port? As I understand, DVI is better for gaming than HDMI. Does anyone have any comments on that? Thanks.
  4. I'll be there next month! Great shots!
  5. I'm happy with FSX:SE, though in a new flight sim the most important thing would be that the entire engine be overhauled so that it is better optimized. I just purchased GTA5 for PC, it has cutting edge graphics and my 3- 4 year old computer runs it like a champ on high graphics. A 9 year old flight simulator should run better, but it doesn't, so please above all else, give us something that will run smooth.
  6. Would this be a good plane to purchase? I have the Milviz 310 and am thrilled with the way it flies compared to the real world version, though some switches and stuff are not active. How would you rate this bird, I am an FSX-SE user (I do not use P3D). Great shots as always Ryan!
  7. I thought Aerosoft was working on a simulator too, or was it another company, I can't quite remember.
  8. Tom, in my 11 years as a member of AVSIM, I have had nothing but positive interactions with you. I regret not being able to make the AVSIM social in Chicago a few years ago, it would have been great to meet you person. Thank you for giving us AVSIM, it's been a big part of my life for over a decade. - Jeff
  9. Steve, you said if you have "many" cores you need AM. How many exactly is many? I have a 2600k oc'd to 4.4 HT is off, do I need AM?
  10. I'm with Pete, I love my FSX Steam, using it has been a very positive experience for me so far. I got along with FSX, but I'm really enjoying FSX SE.
  11. I don't see this post on their Facebook page, not saying it doesn't exist, I just don't see it, but then again I'm not Facebook savvy. Just wanted to tell Dovetail Games, they are doing excellent work. If the original FSX was released in the condition that DTG has released FSX-SE, it would have been nearly perfect. One thing I'd personally like to see, but may never happen is to have reworked precip effects, as I and no one else think that they are at all realistic. I'm very excited for the update and hope that it doesn't mess anything up as I have some addons installed.
  12. Yes, the Real Air Duke works fine, Accusim works great, UTX is fine, Flight 1 just released the King Air 200 installer with FSX SE support. The Citation should follow soon. Oh and Digital Aviation Cheyenne package and REX 4 TD work well also.
  13. I heard they produced a Reno Airport scenery and as a Nevada native I am super interested in this, but they have all but disappeared from the internet. Anyone have any information on these guys? Thanks.
  14. I love my Flight 1 King Air, but I had really hoped that they would have included a realistic prop animation during start like these guys. This is next on my list.
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