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  1. Hi, I still use FS9. But I am not too happy with the virtual cockpit gauge update rates (e.g. LDS767). So I heard about the new iFly747 v2. Is the virtual cockpit gauge update rate better with the iFly747 v2, maybe up to date like P3D or XP10 products? Or is the update rate just limited by FS9? Best regards Frank
  2. Thanks. But I tried NI several times and I cannot get X-PLANE 10 to run with Nvidia Inspector. Any hints?
  3. dunix

    NVidia Inspector Settings?

    Hi Richdem, have you had any luck with your settings yet? Frank
  4. Hi, just wanted to get this of my chest. I am done with X-Plane 10 as long as there is no solution for the shimmering, especial regarding the buildings. Cheers Frank
  5. I think I did nothing. The only thing I was doing is decompiling the LH with TTOOLS. I also increased the taxi and runway speeds with Flusifix. Beats me.
  6. Hi, I freshly installed FS9. I also have AS2004.5 installed. First startup worked fine. Now I get an download error right after the program start. The download status shows 10kb and then stops. Then it says "download failed, will try again with next update" My internet connection is perfectly fine, no firewall or anti virus issues. Weather download via FS9 works too. Any ideas? Cheers Frank
  7. Ok, will do. Although I installed the Lufthansa package und startet FS9 in EDDF. There should always be a Lufthansa airplane moving, all day long. I have the AI Traffic set to 99%.
  8. Hi guys, I freshly installed FS9. Today I installed WOAI 2.4 together with some airline packages. My problem: I can see the AI planes but no plane is moving. Any ideas? Cheers Frank
  9. Hi, I newly installed my FS9 system and since days I am trying to register ACTIVE CAMERA (http://www.anticyclone.be) but I do not get a response to my emails. Does anybody know if the company selling ACTIVE CAMERA is still alive? Is there maybe an alternative for FS2004? Important for me: Head shake ground roll and panning in the VC with the mouse. Best regards Frank
  10. Hi, I did as told but no help. X-Plane recognizes the RW32 but not Radar Contact! Radar Contact is still showing RW33. Any other suggestions? What nav data base does RC4 use anyway? Frank Ok I found out that the Radar Contact file R4.CSV has to be edited too. Now both X-Plane and RC4 show me the RW32. But still no takeoff clearance! :-( If I take off I receive the takeoff clearance in the air after leaving the ground. Frank
  11. Hi, tried a test flight from LGKO today with XP10.35 and RC4. I was assigned to RW33. The airplane has to taxi on the runway and make a 180 at the end. While on the runway taxiing to the takeoff point I was instructed to contact tower. I did that. But then I never received a takeoff clearance.I taxied around up and down, left and right - no takeoff clearance. The runway in LGKO is RW32, why is RC4 assigning me to RW33? How can one update the RC4 NAV DATA base with RC4 and XP10.35? Frank
  12. ok. thank you. I was slightly irritated due to the video. Frank