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  1. Alessandrov81

    Win 10 CPU usage and interrupts

    Hello Everyone, I had to format the SSD and with the occasion I installed windows 10 (I had win7). After having made all the updates and installed the drivers as well as P3D and related addons I immediately noticed very poor performance then fps around 10 (regardless of the settings...) when I was used to see almost always above 30 fps (orbx scenarios) but also 40-50 in many occasions. Setting the affinity mask to exclude the core 0 (which I did not do before) the situation improves but we are still around 20-25 non-stable FPS and therefore about 10 FPS below. What's worrying is that looking at the use of the CPU on the task manager, I note that although the CPU is constantly maxed to 100% (even with AM), P3D actually uses only 60% with the remaining 40% divided between the system IDLE and interrupt (around 10-20%) ... I tried various solutions (check drivers on device management, disable services, reinstall mobo drivers and GPU etc) but nothing helped ... I was wondering if anyone has passed from this issues and if i'm missing something. The pc is OC just the same that win7 version: I7 4790K 4,7ghz (HT on, as I also had on WIN7) GTX 970 1400mhz 4 gb vram RAM 12 gb 1800mhz SSD the p3d graphics settings and cfg are the same even if I think Fiber frame fraction does not seem to work on win10 (while it worked optimally on win7) The thing that makes me think is that GPU usage has gone from about 60-80% on win 7 to 20-30% on win 10... which makes me think that the bottleneck of the cpu is much much greater. thanks for the help you'll give me I'm going crazy...! I'm seriously thinking of going back to win7 problematic thing in the long run for its non-update edit the most important thing I would like to know is if it is normal that the CPU usage of p3d is only 60% with cpu usage maxed (no other significant processes running) and otherwise what could be the problem ... thanks again
  2. Hi, i was really enjoying Global AI ships (V1 + v2) in p3d V4 (v4.1) at a certain point it stopped working, ships are no longer spawned even if the traffic is set to 100%. I tried several ports Rio De Janeiro also... and no ship, only leisure ones... Normally this was due to the problems given by water detail set to ultra (I had noticed it in the past and solved it), but I have it to high right now. I have several addons: - UT LIVE - AS weather and Rex Sky force - Antarctica X and several other Aerosoft sceneries - now deactivated (but Sode 1.6 installed) - France VFR several scenaries - Orbx many (deactivated) - PTA2 - Flight1 GTN nav is there any incompatibility? I tried to delete all the boats and the traffic and reinstall the two packages in the correct order, but the problem is not solved. I tried to insert calm animations in rex texture direct Tried also AIFP4 to search for FS9 models/plans (nothing) i tried to set traffic slider tp 50% and lowering leisure boats to 5%, still no ship or ferry... I do not know what to try ... ! can you help me? EDIT: SORRY THAT WAS A NOOB QUESTION!! I had not followed the new installation method with addon.xml ...! (SEPTEMBER 2017 post in this thread for who needs) ...i didn't use p3d for a while, maybe I recalled that ships were working in version 3, everything works now. I will leave it here for posterity :-)
  3. Alessandrov81

    REX Sky Force Very First look

    Thx for for giving feedback. Too bad it seems i Will stay with as+rtd... i was hoping something better could you please give more feedback about fps vs default vs hifi in different wx conditions? Following this
  4. Alessandrov81

    Sometimes Just fly...P3D V3 is WOW

    Yes mate! Reason why (@gilder) i will not google firefighterx which i know i will buy for sure next time "sim improving raptus" will show up (i hope not too soon for the sake of my credit card) :-D Safe skies to everyone e thanks to those who are devoloping sim!
  5. Hi! No suggestions seeking today just a word about the level of realism THIS flight sim reached today, not tomorrow. I mean i'm flying in a tweaked P3D V3.4 my A2A Spitfire between YHBA and YGLA (FTX Orbx Australia), AS2016, PTA, AI planes 100% (i use WOAI) with FSUIPC traffic limiter, (freeware) AI Ship Traffic, precipttfx, Thrustmaster T16000 and pedals, 40 FPS steady with highest graphics (cloud shadows etc...)! Yes, 64bit did not arrive yet, and i have to achieve this smoothness in FTX SOCAL LAX, but WOW it is great to fly, now, in this conditions!! Maybe tomorrow i will think about what i'm missing and what to add to this world (it's a standard simmer procedure ) but hey sometime just stop thinking :Shame On You: , watch panorama , listen to good music, perform acrobatics, an hard landing and... enjoy! It is almost the best simming experience you can get now and it is great! :wub:
  6. Alessandrov81

    Is it worth to switch?

    There is a lot to read... p3d v3 runs even or better than fsx with shadows, dx11 etc so why not. The future is unknown i'm reading about how p3d v4 will be and how much you will have to pay, but we do not know anything for real. Xplane11? Have to see a really comparable scenery set to be released (orbx?)... maybe late 2017? Many fsx addon will work on p3d: orbx, planes, weather etc. P3d is NOW the very best flight sim on the market and academic license us so why stick with the past for months. Ps:if you are answering maybe you are expecting something more so i can say i did the jump with v2 and it was worth now even more
  7. Alessandrov81

    Blurry Ground Texture Problem

    Oh the hell blurries are the worst thing in flight simming i fought them since the beginning... I would try [MAIN] FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.01 And cancel [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask=10 (NO AM which cause blurry to me) Also try TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=180 TextureMaxLoad=6 UPPER_FRAMERATE_LIMIT=41 which you can set in sim all together works like a charm for me, i have I7 4790K (HT ON) / GTX 970 But these are the levers i use successfully since i used FSX... also when i had old AMD,,, good luck!! ps: i think some tweak in CFG file worth it also in P3D V3
  8. Alessandrov81

    P3D V3 suggested secondary addons

    Thanks very much Neal and thanks also to Glynn and Mephic! I have just installed PTA WOW! What a fantastic addon and i would not know it without this forum I fly with quite high graphic settings (terrain shadows also) so it is a great boost! I also fly with 20-40% traffic so i think for now i will by MT6 or WOAI (looking for more info about that on the web)... someday i will also try EZDOK, i promise! what a great moment for flight sim! safe skies
  9. ADAM: just two words: WOW and THANKS i have to say that the screens doesn't rappresent the wonder that is the dinamic of your preset flying! PTA best addon of the year agreed!
  10. Alessandrov81

    P3D V3 suggested secondary addons

    Many thanks for your answers! Like i expected i understand that i am missing something: 1) how FSUIPC is so necessary? Does it significantly boost performance ? So better ui? I know little about it. 2) PTA and other freeware shaders addon? I'm going to download and see... fps hit? 3) Ezdok seems very complex and not user friendly and the cost is high... i think i'll wait, morevoer because i'm lazy or better i have a little time to spend in the evening... 4) mt6 and woai... really interested (i like very much messing in traffic in na with orbx one) but don't know if my system can keep 30/40 fps with that (i cannot fly at 20 fps) what is their the fps impact? All in all i suspect that the best advice could be to buy a throttle and yoke...when i had to add rudder pedals *twist function of t16000 got broken) i realized i was missing a lot... regarding the yoke i did not buy it yet because i fly 70% warbirds 30% piper/cessna and i don't think the yoke is good for p51d... am i wrong? And you need a lot of room to place it? a throttle alone... mmm well it seems less relevant and spend 70$ for it... also combining it with t16000 seems uncomfortable? Thanks again for your insights!
  11. Greeting! after 3 years of flight simming i'm enjoying my flight sim hardware and software which is right now: - P3D V3 - I7 4790K/GTX970 - Thrustmaster T16000M - TFRP Rudder Pedals - Many ORBX Sceneries (almost all of them...) - REX 4 TD + Softclouds - Active Sky Next - All A2A's planes i want (don't really need any other plane for now) I like flying GA slow with A2A's GA planes or fast with their Warbirds (most). I'm now asking myself if i should buy something more such: 1) AS16 (upgrade from ASN) 2) Ezdok v2 3) Flight1 GTN or other simulated GPS 4) MY TRAFFIC 6 (i have just ORBX NA traffic which is just for NA/GA) 5) or maybe a throttle (really liked pedals but dunno if the throttle could increase so much immersion...) 6) something else i'm missing...? What do the experts suggest? Just now i cannot buy them all :-) Thank you very much for the content of this forum: very useful. Safe Skies
  12. Greetings, I'm an happy asn user from launch. Now i'm trying as16 trial version and i have to say i'm truly amazed! Great work both regarding visuals and perfomance. BUT then i noticed that the program needs internet connect to work could not believe it! That is really a shame because some users like me have non flat/limited internet connection so fly offline and connect just in case of need. I appreciated that in asn you could download and save historical data and than use it afterwards in offline mode. I doubt otherwise i would have bought it. Cannot understand why i may not use how i want an addon which i payed (a lot!) for, 45e just for the upgrade plus 35e asca eventually. It is really unfair. Other dev like orbx/rex/even lockheed have shown that successfull sales can be done without these extreme anti piracy policies. What is important to fight piracy is the costant evolution of the product, updating it. Hifi have always been updating its addon (which is normal since p3d evolution requires it) so i don't believe that is a real threat and hifi are thus discriminating users like me with little return... I don't believe me alone. This is the wrong direction and an own goal. So let me say hifi sadly i doubt i will buy your (great) product JUST for this reason. I will stay with asn waiting for rex wx engine so you will lose a customer. Please reconsider.
  13. Alessandrov81

    P3D and hyperthreading

    Yes, of course. I said i'm using ht=on. With ht=off am=14 gives an even worse result. Gpu is ati r9 270x oc 1.250mhz, maybe it needs more cpu assistance to load the scenery properly.
  14. Alessandrov81

    P3D and hyperthreading

    Turning ht=off on my cpu (i7 4790k) result in 4-5 fps increase but much worse texture loading even with tessellation maxed. No cfg AM setting (84 gives very bad result to me) and sometime i turn off core 0 in taskmanager and enable it again in very busy sceneries (otherwise it is not necessary). Ht works fine
  15. Greetings I have a problem running ftx global with europe open lc (and vector) updated for p3d A portion of water masses (rivers, lakes, sea)not loading properly and looking black as it doesnt receive light. After a while the issue will eventually solve. There are not blurries inland and this doesnt occur with ftx region water. Gpu is ati r9 270x (oc or not doesnt change things), cpu i7 4790k. P3d settings: water medium to ultra no difference no flagged options. Shadows medium. Rex 4 32 bit water dx10 animations medium or dark shallow water settings Any hint?