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  1. I am very interested in the performance of this machine. This is very exciting. Please report back and let us know.
  2. It will probably be another Boeing. PMDG have a close relationship with Boeing so I doubt we will see something different this time around.
  3. This looks very impressive. Great work so far!
  4. Now that people have identified what is causing the leak, shouldn't it be simple to fix for pmdg?
  5. I haven't read through the entire thread but I'm assuming PMDG have not commented on this yet?
  6. It most likely has been abandoned. It was announced 11 years ago and the developer has barely shown and image or two five years ago. It doesn't even get talked about anymore because people consider it abandoned.
  7. Easily. I would love to see an update version of the MD on P3D.
  8. The Flight1 B200 is close to study sim level.
  9. This is the same for me. Below 5000 the textures seem to load fine but as soon as I climb higher, everything around the aircraft turns into a blurry mess.
  10. I think I will buy xplane just to buy this plane. It looks amazing!
  11. I would love to buy the bug for P3D, but not if I have to spend another $60 buying an Academic license on top of the Professional one I already own. This is stupid.
  12. I'm wondering this also. Their website explicitly states that it will only work with the academic, but I don't know if I should take this as "you're not allowed to install it in pro" or if the installer just won't let you install it in the pro version. Aren't the versions identical anyways? How can the installer tell which version you are using if the files are 100% the same?
  13. The P3D version is indeed more expensive. Looks like $100 with up to a $20 discount for previous FSX customers. However, it only works for academic licenses, and not professional or professional plus. This means that if you have to professional version you have to drop another $60 on an academic license, or possibly buy a much more expensive Superbug in the future for the professional license. I love P3D but I feel like this whole licensing thing is just a f***ing cash grab from everyone. Same code, same product which you already bought, just repackaged for a platform which is already cross compatible and sold to you at the full price again (if not more expensive!). It has left me feeling a lot of negativity towards developers I once respected.
  14. Try closer to eight years. I think they announced it around 05/06 so its definitely been over 5 years.
  15. I take it you believe in the tooth fairy and santa clause also?
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