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  1. Make sure to save the settings in AS16 before restarting the program.
  2. I am very interested in the performance of this machine. This is very exciting. Please report back and let us know.
  3. SLI will probably have marginally faster performance, but it comes with it's own issues. A 980Ti is very close in performance to a 1080 so I wouldn't suggest an upgrade (unless of course money is no issue, but then why would you ask). My advice? Save your money for the big Pascal chips (1080Ti/pascal titan) with HBM2 coming in early 2017.
  4. Stick with the 4790K. It is a brilliant CPU and you aren't likely to see any improvements going with Broadwell E (which will be an expensive upgrade). Quad core processors with fast IPC and high overclocks rule in P3D. You have one of the best processors for P3D available right now.
  5. It will probably be another Boeing. PMDG have a close relationship with Boeing so I doubt we will see something different this time around.
  6. This looks very impressive. Great work so far!
  7. Now that people have identified what is causing the leak, shouldn't it be simple to fix for pmdg?
  8. I had a somewhat similar issue. For me the AP disconnects randomly and the aircraft enters a steep right bank without the ailerons moving at all. I posted a long time ago in the forums but to no avail. http://www.avsim.com/topic/471218-autopilot-weird-behavior-disconnecting-and-not-following-fd-commands/#entry3263697 This happened to me again recently and I made a short cellphone video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_8J28g9_L4 It happens randomly and its hard to pinpoint. So far I may have narrowed it down to a specific livery I downloaded from AVSIM. Haven't had much time to test it out but it seems both times I encountered this I was using this livery. I will stop using it and see if I encounter it again.
  9. I'm done with Saitek. The X55 was a letdown and now they want to sell me another product to make up for it? No thanks.
  10. I haven't read through the entire thread but I'm assuming PMDG have not commented on this yet?
  11. It most likely has been abandoned. It was announced 11 years ago and the developer has barely shown and image or two five years ago. It doesn't even get talked about anymore because people consider it abandoned.
  12. I second the opinion that something is very wrong with your cooling. Remove and reinstall the 212 Hyper Evo along with replacing the thermal paste. There is no way you should be getting temps that high on 4.1GHz.
  13. Has the mouse cursor fps drop been fixed in P3D?
  14. The Dash 8. It is one of the BEST addons which exists for FSX/P3D. This isn't even a debate. The RJ is still a fun airplane which isn't modeled too deeply and should be much easier to learn to fly however.
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