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    xplane 11 on steam no way

    Why whats the issue, I've got over 100 processes running in the background according to task manager when I fly but I still get buttery smooth frame rates in X-Plane 11 most of the time. This isn't FSX or P3D where you need every morsel of spare processing power to even start getting stutter free FPS.
  2. Andydigital


    Best start telling all those real pilots to stop doing it as well then Pilot Edge, there are millions of them saying the same thing.
  3. Andydigital

    xplane 11 on steam no way

    The whole of the steam folder can be moved anywhere you like and it works perfectly where ever you put it, there are no registry dependencies to make it function. I've had the same steam folder for 12 or 13 years now, its been on about 10 PC's in that time too.
  4. Andydigital

    xpuipc website down plz help

    You only need wideclient if you intend to use Pilot2ATC on another PC in your network i.e. not the PC with the simulator on it.
  5. Andydigital

    I can not file my flight plan

    I know this doesn't help you guys but I'm not having any problems with 1808 from Navigraph.
  6. Andydigital

    Radar Control Loop

    I’ve come across this too once or twice this week. I can break the loop by manually entering a wrong frequency and the switching back to the correct one.
  7. Andydigital

    Restart the ATC from a certain state

    Ignore the taxi to the runway instructions (or what ever went wrong) and repeat your request to the ramp (or whatever you really wanted) if P2A understands you correctly eventually it will give you the correct response. Most of the controlling is really smoke and mirrors and it just tells you what it thinks you want to hear, you can't generally get in a state where you need to restart everything. It has happened to me on a couple of occasions today and I'm English English lol. The one that I get stuck on is where it tells you you are clear to change frequency when a controller is no longer controlling you, then as soon as you do change frequency it tells you to change back to where you just came from. I'm suspecting this maybe my noobness with P2A, I've only bought it in the last 3 or 4 weeks but I'm loving the immersion it provides with chatter in X-Plane, P2A is a must there as the included ATC in XP11 is beyond a joke..
  8. Hi I hope this hasn't been posted anywhere else on the forum, I couldn't find it, anyway Flight1 has released a new program called Sound Stream, its one of those features/programs that nearly all FSX users have been begging for for nearly 6 years. It provides the ability to hear FSX sounds even when FSX no longer has focus. This brand new module released today allows FSX sounds to continue playing and be heard even when FSX is minimised or if you are using another program in the foreground like EFB or a web browser for example.I have found one limitation with it already, the PMDG NGX has some custom sounds that are run outside of the FSX environment, some cockpit background sounds like avionics cooling fans for example are run outside of the sim, Sound Stream cannot handle these sounds so they are muted just like before when FS looses focus, all the rest of the internal FSX generated sounds continue to be heard though.For more details on this program see the Flight1 website, the App is called "Sound Stream". I am not affiliated in any way with this product or its developer, I just read about it on the AVSIM home page and then immediately downloaded it and felt the need to tell everyone about how cool it is, lol. This is definitely another add-on for FSX that goes in the same pigeon hole as Aivlasofts EFB e.g. A MUST HAVE PRODUCT.
  9. Andydigital

    vrinsight with pmdg 737ngx issues

    We have been waiting 3 years for PMDG to fix this, they (Robert himself) promised in person to a VRi developer at an FS Convention that a fix in an SDK update was coming after the 777 was released, but as you can see they still haven't honoured that promise. The door open annunciators don't work either, another missing and promised item in the NGX SDK SP2.
  10. Andydigital

    Course Assignment into MCP Combo II - Boeing

    Press DME on the radio section then turn the knob on the radio section and you will see the CRS adjust, press the DME button again to swap to the other DME radio..
  11. Andydigital

    LUA (Linda), SPAD and Saitek panels

    Stick with what you are doing now and just use Linda for joystick buttons and the MCP panel, SPAD is the best option for those devices you are currently using it with.
  12. Andydigital

    VRi MCP2

    You have to assign things twice in FSUIPC with the VRi hardware, that's the way they are designed, each button can have two functions assigned on alternate button presses. If you only want one thing you assign it to both press and release option in the FSUIPC GUI. The only VRi devices that don't work like that are the devices that are seen as normal joysticks, things like the GPS5 and TT Panel etc.
  13. Andydigital

    VrInsight 737 Overhead Panel

    It works with the iFly 737 and the PMDG 737 NGX via the included software. You cannot program it via Linda. It does have some software supplied by the manufacturer that allows you to assign the buttons and switch's to FSUIPC and FSX controls. You cannot assign the annunciator lights on the overhead yourself though.
  14. Andydigital

    linda soport prepard3d?

    Simply copy the whole of the modules folder in fsx over to p3d, most of the time its as simple as that.
  15. Check your spam folder perhaps the reply is there. Also use a free email address like gmail to contact them from, a lot of Mail doesn't even get through to them sometimes. Try both email addresses too e.g. Tech and Info @ Vri etc..
  16. Andydigital

    Invalid pointer operation ... again

    Test it with a mouse, it may be the drivers for the trackball that is causing the issue.
  17. Andydigital

    M Panel and the PDMG B777

    Sorry I've no idea I don't use the M-Panel, nor do I assist VRInsight any longer, hopefully someone else reading this can help you with your question, I'm not even sure what you are asking really. Is your problem purely cosmetic, i.e. there is a lack of animation of the dials turning in the 777 or do you mean that it does not allow you to turn or climb the aircraft.
  18. Andydigital

    Invalid pointer operation ... again

    Until you figure out which of your devices is causing Linda to throw the error then yes it will be unusable. Check none of your devices create a virtual mouse. Also to diagnose this some more unplug them all and see if Linda throws the error. Then use a process of elimination, plug one device back in and reload until you get the error again.
  19. Andydigital

    Invalid pointer operation ... again

    It was on the development tracker system, you would need to ask Artem for access to it, I can't even remember the name of the site where it was hosted to be honest. A search for "invalid pointer"on these Linda forums will find some info but not a great deal.
  20. Andydigital

    Invalid pointer operation ... again

    It's Linda itself that is giving the error. This is a long standing problem with Linda that was attempted to be fixed a long long time ago and we failed, and by we I mean by the developers of Linda and I tried to get to the root of the issue during the beta testing of the latest V1 of Linda,
  21. Andydigital

    M Panel and the PDMG B777

    VRInsight do, download the software from their website.
  22. Andydigital

    M Panel and the PDMG B777

    Download the latest software from Vrinsights webpage for support for the 777.
  23. Andydigital

    V1.1.3 jumping screens

    As I tried to explain previously the software inside the throttle quadrant converts the axis movement into a virtual button press when you move the lever to the red area below the detent. When the pot inside the lever gets old and dirty it becomes noisy and the axis jumps up and down on its own without the user touching the lever. This jumping sometimes is so great that it looks like it is moving into the red reverse zone, thus activating the virtual reverse button and it is this that causes Linda to jump to the quadrant page. Is that clearer now?
  24. Andydigital

    V1.1.3 jumping screens

    Just be really gentle with those thin wires inside and you will be fine.
  25. Andydigital

    V1.1.3 jumping screens

    You have a dirty potentiometer in your throttle quadrant, the reverse button range on the Saitek quads is actually done in firmware when the axis gets to a certain range of axis movement, there is no physical button, the firmware creates a virtual button press as you move the stick into the range below the detent. If the pot gets worn and dirty then the axis output will start to jitter and it is this movement that makes it look like you have moved the stick to the reverse range. If you look on YouTube you will see some simple video tutorials showing you how to take them apart and clean the pots, it is fairly simple, just a little time consuming.