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  1. What I didn't say, but should have, is you knew about all this! That's simply wonderful.
  2. Problem solved. For other who read this thread: Tried turning off the flashing beacon, and it helped. Tried turning on landing lights, and it helped. Still some minor blinks, but nothing like it was. Just occured to me that what I'm seeing now could be related to numerous lightning flashes in the area that are evoking the sort bug and causing the dust to flash I'll try changing the weather to CAVU and see what happens and will report back. But the problem is essentially solved as far as I'm concerned.
  3. Thank you very much for your thoughtful and thought-provoking response. I know enough about computers and programming to be dangerous, so your details about sort order were intriguing. I'll bet dollars to donuts my rotating beacon is the culprit. I'll try turning it off first and if that doesn't work I'll try turning on the landing lights. Again, thank you for your helpful (and quick) reply.
  4. I7 3.8Ghz, GTX760, Win 10, FSX Gold. My frame rate is 30 or better and smooth with few blurries and very rare stutters or glitches. But when flying off bush strips the dust cloud kicked up by prop wash flashes. Doesn't occur using DX-9. I've read and reread the Fixer manual but can't identify a tweak that might solve my problem. And I've studied tweaks for fsx.cfg, too, but it's not obvious what I might do to solve the problem that way either. Can anyone with more knowledge than I suggest a solution? You can see what I mean at 0:14 and 0:19. It's worse in the original clip 0:19-0:26, but I edited most of it out by cutting to a different camera. Please disregard the rough aircraft handling, lack of airspeed control, and cursor in the captures. ;-)
  5. Nope! That was it! Good call! Thank you.
  6. Much later...I did finally get AS16 and ASCA to work in FSX after they released an update or two. And then a product called EaseUS trashed my systems while creating a clone for safety sake. Grrr. So I started all over from scratch and decided if I was going to have to do that I'd do it with P3D4. After adding ENVTEX textures and PTA tweaker to AS16 and ASCA updates I'm happy very happy with the results except I can't get rid of the damn jaggies on the aircraft. But I'm working on it. Still, the clouds AS16 produces, boiling off that ridge in the background, are awesome!
  7. For the life of me, I can't get rid of jaggies on aircraft using GTX760 in P3D4 with all the P3D settings as recommended here. Note the window line in the image above. Sometimes I just want to take crisp screenshots and don't care about framerate, stutters etc but can 't seem to get a clear image. Does nVidia control panel supersede Inspector or vice-versa? I've tried default NI P3D settings to no avail, and tried tweaking the control panel settings but no joy. I have the feeling I'm doing something fundamentally wrong, but don't know what.
  8. tailspin45

    Missing default aircraft

    I just meant it was weird that some would be labeled Ai and some wouldn't be.
  9. tailspin45

    Missing default aircraft

    They're in my Aircraft folder, along with a couple others clearly annotated as AI. Weird.
  10. tailspin45

    Missing default aircraft

    After flying FSX since day 1, my system crashed (ironically while cloning my C: drive) so I decided to start afresh with P3D4. Poking around in the SimObjects folder I find numerous aircraft that do not appear in the selection GUI such as "Airliner", Goose, MV-22, etc. Are they only available to 'Pro" license users, did I screw up the install, or am I missing something obvious?
  11. Actually, your suggestion DID remove the flashing exhausts from the VC views. But not external views.They're in the aircraft.cfg file //---------effects below controlled by XML gauge----------------- //---------------port flash--------------------- //light.11=8, 3.45, -9.55, 0.00, fx_B25_BlueFlash1d //light.12=8, 3.25, -9.55, 0.00, fx_B25_BlueFlash2d //---------------starboard flash---------------- //light.13=9, 3.45, 9.50, 0.00, fx_B25_BlueFlash1d //light.14=9, 3.25, 9.50, 0.00, fx_B25_BlueFlash2d
  12. Well, rats. That didn't work. Commented the line out with the //, but exhaust flashes are still there. And I did verify that it's the right file in the right aircraft and the right line.
  13. Hi! You're everywhere! And so is you're great work! Whoever found a way to make those short B-25 stacks light up was a true artist! But I've never seen them during the day, and at night it's more a steady glow than flashes. Indeed, you can adjust the mixture by the color of the flame. Thanks for the tip! I'm lovin' this airplane. Figures you had something to do with it! Added Solomon V2 terrain and droppable bombs and reliving my Dad's childhood when he was flying over there.
  14. Search for but couldn't find the textures used to create the exhaust stack flashes. I'm not fond of them and would like to remove them. Does anyone know where they are and what they're called?
  15. tailspin45

    silly things you've done

    I wouldn't have commented except for a concern that someone might get hurt using the procedure described. A cable break at 300' is going to be exciting, sure. And getting the nose down is indeed the first priority even if there are miles ahead of you to land. Falling out of the sky can ruin your day. If you and your ship are up to it, pushing over at zero G after a cable break would be optimum because no G means no lift means no induced drag means no slow down so much—all designed to get into a best L/D attitude. And that attitude, it's worth remembering, means you have to pitch from about 45º nose up to say 10º nose down. That's almost 60º and will take a deliberate push to avoid slowing down too much during the maneuver. It's tempting after the extreme nose up attitude to be satisfied to just get the nose back to somewhere near the horizon. But with the nose still up and the bird still decelerating, your setting up a stall. That said, a stall at 300' won't kill you if you recover properly. An improper recovery—a pull on the stick instead of a push, stimulated by ground fright, inexperience, or poor training—can kill you, however. I read somewhere recently that at Fighter Weapons School someone told a class to always remember that the ground has a kill ratio of 100%. (Yeah, I know, that's not a ratio. But, give them some slack, they're Air Force.) But I digress. My point is the attitude required to get to best L/D is most certainly not achieved by pointing your aircraft at the ground nor looking for Vne. In fact, I doubt you could reach Vne from 300' in a sailpane anyway, unless the wings already came off. Why not? Induced drag again—and that's the reason why pushing to anything near Vne is a bad idea. You may gain some speed, but in doing so you'll have burned off a whole lotta energy as drag, energy that you can never get back. In short, things do break and you will make mistakes. What you do about it is what matters. Any time you have to succeed at some extreme maneuver to survive it's not something that should make you feel good because you've already flunked. Or said another way, "Truly superior pilots are those who use their superior judgment to avoid those situations where they might have to use their superior skills."