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  1. tailspin45

    Update 1.1

    lt all goes to the concept of customer orientation (or not). Not sure what is going on with them/him. Pity because they do create pretty airplanes.
  2. tailspin45

    Bug List

    My first Navy training flights were in a UC-45J. The inboard upper quadrants of both engines were black. Sadly my picture doesn't answer the question, but there are plenty online that indicate the Carenado texture needs to be fixed. Note that there's a weird moving shadow on the right wing (shown below) and on the tail, too. Not sure how the shadow textures work, but the one on the tail (not shown here) was clearly the engine nacelle and prop dome.
  3. tailspin45

    Update 1.1

    No idea why they haven't added it to the update page, peehaps because it's more a reinstall than simply an update. Login to your Carenado account and go to downloads. You'll find the link there along with the product key that'll need, too.
  4. tailspin45

    Bug List

    Apparently the did it on purpose under the assumption that people wouldn't have rudders pedals or multiple throttles. Nevermind that no Model 18 in its long history ever flew with a steerable tailwheel. Seems to me that's a slippery slope, designing for the lowest common denominator. Seems to me a better solution would be to make it a configuration option. Anyway, WH has the solution.
  5. tailspin45

    90 cylinders, 180 spark plugs

    If you aren't familiar with twinbeech.com you'll find the site and Taigh Ramey a huge help.
  6. tailspin45

    Update 1.1

    If you replace the default sound folder with the folder from Shupe's Beech 18 it'll sound great. Flies the same, near as I can tell, and a lot of the systems still aren't working (e.g. oil cooler, oil shut off, etc have no effect on oil temp) so you won't be challenged to operate her properly, you can just ignore them. With the replaced sounds and some CFG and AIR mods I'm enjoying the bird
  7. tailspin45

    Skysimworks Beech 18 Sounds

    Have installed update 1.1 (whole new install) and reinstalled the SkySong sounds. No joy. I put Shupe's back in.
  8. tailspin45

    Update 1.1

    To get the update you have to log in to your Carenado account and download the new installer. Be sure to save out your sound folder if you're using Shupe's and any files you've tweaked and then move or delete the original install. You'll need your email address and purchase key, both available on your account page. Lots of little fixes, the most obvious being the fuel pressure lights and mag switches that seem to work now. Yay!
  9. tailspin45

    Poor sounds and flight model?

    Some sample sounds in little video I made a few years ago, air to air shot from our SNJ. All the sounds are recording of real airplanes unmodified, but I took a lot of liberties where I put them when I edited these clips. I think they're all sounds recorded on the ramp of fly-bys. None were recorded in the air. Apologies for the terrible compressed video artifacts and awful unsteady camera.
  10. tailspin45

    Skysimworks Beech 18 Sounds

    Followed the directions carefully and doubled checked what I'd done, but they sound like a diesel tractor. Didn't hear any of the prop howl that is so characteristic of the Twin Beech at all. I wonder what could be wrong? Perhaps I'll reinstall the whole Carenado package and then reinstall the sound package and see what happens.
  11. tailspin45

    Skysimworks Beech 18 Sounds

    Yeah, that's what I bought.
  12. tailspin45

    Skysimworks Beech 18 Sounds

    Tried it, Mike, but Shupe's is still the best available, at least to my ear. Not saying you're wrong, just my opinion.
  13. tailspin45

    Bug List

    This ain't it, maybe it was in Flying. But here's another.
  14. tailspin45

    Bug List

    Good one! Years ago I saw one, also in AOPA Pilot I believe, titled Big Red. I'll see if I can find it.