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  1. I have not yet, but i'll give it a try.
  2. Good morning all, I am inquiring over at Sim Innovations, but am trying a 2-pronged attack on this issue: Previously I had been using 3.4, which yesterday started to nag be to update to 3.5. Partway through the day, it stopped displaying the Turbine Inlet Temps, so I thought it was a good time to install. Installed fine. 80% of the time, it won't start due to a OpenJDK crash. Half the time when it does start, it does not display the altimeter readings correctly (some digits won't display. It'll keep increasing/decreasing until it reaches the next number it can display though...). The other 10% of the time... it works fine. Any Air Manager uses here found a solution? 2 PCs networked, Win10, p3d v3.4 on main system.
  3. Hi all, has anyone had success gluing together a broken throttle lever on a Logitech quadrant? It's snapped off pretty close to the housing, so duct tape isn't an option. No one will tell me how it was broken, so I'm picturing Jeremy Clarkson slamming it forward going "POWERRRRRR"... Tried "LePage super glue liquid pro" which bought be about 4 days. I've seen a few similar posts, and no fantastic results, so i'm seeing if there's some new product available. Only needs to last about a month... Any suggestions? Thanks, Anthony
  4. i will provide another vote for RXP, I have used the GNS 530 software on two different P3D installs, 3.4 and 4.4. While I had some issues with configuration on the 4.4, they were more to do with FSUIPC and my Emuteq module. RXP works quite well in both systems now. As for updates... I am trying to resolve that as we speak. Partial success so far.
  5. Please let me know if this should be in the CPU/ETC forum. What's the most appropriate GPU for a 6700k? Stock speeds. I've seen a lot of ranging equipment from other users on this site, so I'm not sure what's the appropriate course of action. I'm sure RTX is overkill, from a CPU and CASH perspective. I'm getting the vibe that I can run something more recent than what was available when the CPU was launched, but am more interested in saving $200 than getting another single FPS. 770GTX to 1080ti being the approximate range of suitable cards? Any input is appreciated.
  6. Ok, thanks everyone. I'll take a closer look at my nvidia drivers, and see if I can move forward/backwards with any change in performance. Oh, and cross my fingers that MS releases an update that fixes their last update... Also, apologies for the formatting in my original post, i'm not sure what happened there..
  7. Hi all, I've got a bug that's cropped up that's starting to irk me. Got a system running screens in the following configuration: [left wing] [left front window] [right front window] [right wing] [instructor station] They are configured with a view group, windowed (due to instructor station), with triple buffering and v-sync enabled. Tried at unlimited FPS, 55fps, and 50 fps. The right front window flickers sometimes. Will flicker a number of times in a row, and then nothing for some time. Very inconsistent. It's not the whole display, just the P3D window. Thoughts on what to try next? None of the other windows show any signs of issue, and my standard solutions are already implemented (3x buff, v-sync, lock frame rate). Thanks, Anthony
  8. Hi again... I am so close to having everything squared away, but another issue is troubling me: I cannot get the COM/VLOC frequencies to "stick". I can alternate between the two, and I can change both before and after the decimals, but as soon as I stop rotating the knobs, it resets back to the default 118.000/108.00 I've tried all the options in the RXP gui, and I don't see anything obvious in FSUIPC. Can someone point me in the direction of where to point next? I have tried this with both the stock and RXP in cockpit, but mostly am focusing on the instrument pop-out. P3Dv4.4, FSUIPC5, RXP GNS530Wv2, Emuteq GNS530. Thank you for your patience with me, Anthony
  9. Hi Alan, It is the top entry here: https://simviation.com/1/search?submit=1&keywords=at802&x=0&y=0 (FSX AirTractor AT802 Package (Updated)) I am required to use the AT802 for this project. I know it's not an ideal model, but... it's what I need. (unrelated - if there is better air tractor/fireboss I can use, please let me know, as I haven't found it yet...) I have tinkered with enough of its config to correct the majority of the issues with it. Anthony
  10. Hi all, I get to play with some computers for work that run P3D, but would like to do something at home. Potentially p3d because I have enjoyed it, or x-plane 11 to see how the other half lives (or... both??? :O ) To save a few dollars, i'm scouring the local craigslist for used parts. What's the oldest CPU setup I should consider, before I acknowledge i'm just throwing my money away? I am looking to start around a 4770k / 4790k, although those seem to be holding their value (which is good I suppose? but if $100 moves me into a new 8700k...) Would aim for 16gb ram, would buy a new drive (m.2 if supported, otherwise a 2.5" ssd) Thanks for humoring me, and my frugalness. Anthony
  11. Good morning, Can someone please explain to me how the engine auto-start is supposed to behave? I find it very inconsistent. I have it mapped to a button on the Saitek flight quadrant, and... sometimes I push it, and the engine starts. Sometimes if I hold it down for a few seconds, it will start. Sometimes no matter what I do, it will not start. I am shutting down, by using the fuel cut-off, mapped to the "reverse" axes/button on the same Saitek. Hoping someone can shed some light. If there is a superior way to do this, please let me know. Thanks, Anthony
  12. Hi Jim, I appreciate the welcome. This site is a fantastic resource, and has a lot of great people to learn from. :)
  13. this is the behavior i'm expecting, and this is how all the other windows behave (they save position fine), it's just the one window that behaves like this. I have spoken to a few people around here, and they all seem to recall the previous install under v3 behaving in the same manner (not saving). I will chalk this up to Prepar3d having a mind of its own.
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