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  1. Hi again all, I have 2 freeware aircraft, both likely from FSX or older, in P3Dv3. They have both worked previously, but now are exhibiting strange behavior: the CV580 will only reach about 60 knots, and is very slow to build up to that speed. the TC690B will start on the runway, and if any throttle has been indicated, it will pivot back onto it's tail. Dropping the throttle will bring the nose back down (with a satisfying "sproing" as it hits), but the AC will not move after that, in any direction. These both flew 6 months ago, and I am unaware of any updates that have been done (the system was powered off). Other AC on that system fly normally. Thanks, Anthony
  2. Hi all, Took a search, but missed anything conclusive. Have a couple questions: - throttle sensitivity seems to be inconsistent, is this simply an issue with the P3D engine and turboprops? 90% of the power control seems to be in the last 25% of the throttle range. Sensitivity seems to be ok I suppose, but it's all lumped together at the end - elevator trim - I have a model I am required to use, but it always seems nose heavy. Is increasing the value for elevator_trim_limit the most efficient way to change that? I will be trialing some values next time I am at the sim. - fuel cut-off and engine auto-start: the behavior of these seems inconsistent. Most of the time hitting the fuel cut-off button, well, cuts off the fuel. But... sometimes it doesn't. Same for the engine auto-start - it'll work sometimes. I have these mapped to a Logitech flight quadrant via P3D settings. General question - would I be better served mapping these through FSUIPC5 instead of the built-in P3D controls? Thanks, any help is appreciated. Anthony
  3. Conair_Anthony

    Put 2D instruments on 2nd monitor?? P3D v4.3

    Hi James, Sorry to resurrect this, but was wondering if you found a solution? Thanks, Anthony
  4. Good morning all, As the title states, I have a window that doesn't want to stay put. Win10, and P3D4.4 My setup has 4 LCD screens, and one emuteq GarSim unit. 3 of the screens are used to display 3 VCs in a wrap-around style, in windowed mode. The fourth LCD is used for controlling additional softwares, and is not used to display flight graphics. The Emuteq will be used to display Reality XP, again in windowed mode. So, the three VCs display fine, and are saved in my scenario. With P3D4.3, I had a very similar setup, but used the "free" GPS included in the aircraft, and displayed that on the Emuteq, which was also saved to my scenario fine. What am I missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated, if only to tell me what the correct phrase to search the forums is... Thanks,
  5. Conair_Anthony


    @RXP thank you for your follow up. In terms of Reality XP and FSUIPC functionality yes, everything is in order. I remain battling the remembered window placement, which is strange, as I know I've done just this behavior with the stock GPS on a prior install. That's a different forum to post in :) Thank you both for your time and assistance.
  6. Conair_Anthony


    As promised, feedback - @DavidP 's installation guide is very good. Much better than the official guides, and more cohesive than some of the posts I've looked through. Going from start to finish with one set of instructions makes it a lot smoother.
  7. Conair_Anthony


    @DavidP @RXP I will report back my findings after lunch. Looks to be a very good tutorial.
  8. Conair_Anthony


    @RXP I've actually followed along with a few of those threads, I was hoping that there was some information that may have been newer. I'm still trying to figure out what they did that I didn't (or vice versa). I will read through them again. I also have an email off to emuteq, in the hopes that they may have updated instructions, as their current don't fully apply to Win10. Shame about the save/restore positions. I found a freeware app that claims to do it, but requires undocked windows - does RealityXP offer a docked-state save? I'll re-read the docs on panel.cfg as well. Thank you. @DavidP PM coming at you! I've noticed in the other emuteq trends that you seem to be the problem solver, so I appreciate this. Help me, Obi-Wan...
  9. Conair_Anthony


    Hi all, I am having some troubles, and would appreciate any suggestions on where to look. I have recently purchased fsuipc and rxp to go along with my p3d and emuteq installation. i'm not 100% sure where the issue is. I've gone through the documentation, and there's some contradictory information. I have searched through here and deployed some of the "confirmed working" solutions. So, my issues- 1) How do I get the RXP instrument panel to stay deployed to a tertiary screen on start up? 2) Is there a trick to passing commands through FSUIPC? It does not appear to be interfacing between emuteq and RXP, beyond 2 knobs functioning to change views See, simple really... Would appreciate any suggestions, thanks. Anthony