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  1. I've learned that as I get older, I need to write things down as it pertains to online purchases. Printing the receipts and filing them properly works as well.
  2. Added this update to the CII and although I'm not a real world pilot, I'm finding the extra abilities useful.
  3. I was a frequent flyer of the IK DC-9 as well. Until you mentioned it, I had forgotten about it. That was a lot of years ago.
  4. I'd be interested in the files as well if they are still available. The C421 has become my favorite piston twin.
  5. Very good. I was waiting for a twin with steam gauges to arrive. After I asked my question here, I noticed that another thread had been started about it. I really haven't been using my MSFS install as I'm not a fan of glass cockpits.
  6. It's been released in Marketplace. Has anyone purchased and given it a looksee?
  7. Seems to me he should have been awarded the Distinguished Landing Cross.
  8. Hi Bert. Just picked up Carenado's Hawker 850 and am interested in adding the GTN 750 to the panel. Thanks for your time and efforts making the Carenado products better.



    1. Bert Pieke

      Bert Pieke

      What is your email address?

    2. NormH3


      Sorry. Was rushing a bit the other morning. 


  9. Sale is also at Carenado's site. https://www.carenado.com/sitecarenado/
  10. I bet alcohol was involved.
  11. The distance between the two cities might be 18 miles, but in reality, the flight is much longer.
  12. I enjoy Christmas music. Was singing a few bars the other week. Will most likely switch to a 24/7 station after Thanksgiving. Don't tell anyone, but I enjoy Hallmark Holiday movies as well.
  13. Finding a pay phone in Philly that didn't have a missing handset was a chore at times.
  14. Trekkies!!! https://memory-beta.fandom.com/wiki/USS_Polaris_(Norway_class)
  15. I spent 32 years in the computer support field. As the technology developed, we were issued cell phones and pagers. If we got called or paged, we were expected to respond no matter the time of day or night. I've since retired from the field, I deliver auto parts part time, and relish the fact that I'm not tied to those leashes. I have a personal cell phone now, but I often leave it in the car or at home when running errands about town. As far as social media, I dumped FB about a month ago and don't miss it one iota. Have never done twitter or any other instant message service. Don't need them. I'm guessing there are many others out there that feel the same. Of...I had yogurt for breakfast. Thought about cutting the grass, but didn't. Cleaned my kitchen and am currently flying a Citation II to KSAA for FSEconomy. Not sure what I'm having for dinner...:)
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