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  1. As it is strange to receive no response from the management!
  2. Ok I understand. Problem zoom :
  3. I had also suggested in a post this addition, but received no response!
  4. Bonjour , 1)Users who have a cockpit-simulator starts to be many.They have 3-4 screens where and one projection screen,and they use 2D panels to fly the aircraft. Then they have a higher screen for put the view 'Cockpit' simulator, (I specify Cockpit ' not 3D Cockpit view of the plane!). But 'chaseplane' displaying external views on the same screen or the user have put the 2D panels. is it possible you have an option in the software that would display the views external cameras (chaseplane) on the screen 2 or 3 depending on the users. I think many users would love to have this option available, and 'chaseplane' will be ten times better that EZCA. 2)In 'chaseplane' menu keyboard l'option zoom in a nd zoom out, is correct in cokpit 3d. but in external view , it does not work. Regards Thank
  5. Hi, On your site is write : --censored@oldprop.com-- 2 Once the message back to me Mail Delivery Subsystem ! tell me the email or send my message is urgent. Thank
  6. thank you for your information, it's very nice :smile: but still they are not correct, this should be clearly writting on the site at the time of paying the product.
  7. Are you sure? Explain how then do because since Friday, I tried this, but I have not found the disable option. I have' chaplane' reinstalled on my PC Cockpit, and my PC test whereI have installed chaseplan he was closed. And on 2° pc Cokpit the connection to my views was denied. Error message: Please contact your service. since Friday always no answer !
  8. it would really be more than normal, from the moment there is no 2 PC running the same software at the same time. Vrs practical simulation in this way and it's perfect.
  9. waiting to see; if correct all will be well, hope this is not a muddle there is information on this issue here , http://www.avsim.com/topic/497232-chase-plane-now-available/page-3#entry3501611
  10. I do not understand for what reason no manager takes the time to express their views on our demand about this problem. This is the 2nd post on this subject, the first I opened there over a week. 6 peoples had responded to this post in mind we are offered a second option. I searched the forum for 1 h .... and I can not find ANY TRACE of this post. All this is very disturbing, it is essential to talk about this problem around us on the forums to warn future users. No response, this is not correct from the manager.
  11. Bonjour , It would really intéréssant you put in place a system to disable our license when we need to make simulation on another PC. Example: I have a cockpit simulator and I have a second PC or I use the simulator to test scenes, of planes, various addons. If you plan on central Vtx a deactivation button 'des logiciels' use on our Pc or we are, for allow us to reactivate our account on another PC. Vrs Simulation uses this technique and really this is great. there is no need to contact the sav for reactivation and everyone he is satisfied. This afternoon, for example, I wanted to test 'chaseplane' on my Cockpit and it was impossible. I have a emailed the service I must So the answer. many of time lost, while with a simple activation-desactivation button would solve the problem. What do you think ?
  12. Hi, The views cameras moving all alone! Not possible to make external camera views around the aircraft. http://cd91.eu//VideosChasseP/video4.mp4 Regard
  13. Hi, The size chaseplane window is really too large on the screen, you have to constantly move the window to make fine adjustments. The optimization of this window is necessary. -a reduction in the sizes of fonts, column widths trimming, camera menu, you can optimize the lost spaces and reach a half size of what it is now. It would be a great service to us, we thank you. Regard
  14. Hi , Do you have the same problem ? http://cd91.eu//VideosChasseP/video3.mp4 Regards,
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