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    Relatively new to flight simulation, but the last year I have been an active participant with the Air Hauler simulation whereby you build up an air haulage business. I specialise in Australia but expansion will soon see me in Asia and maybe the world
  1. Thanks again Andy & Scot for the prompt reply. Flight to test this new knowledge checked out perfectly. Cheers, John C, Crib Point, Victoria, Australia
  2. Hi all, I have a query regarding LINDA assignments to the MCP Combo II - Boeing. Looking at the MCP part of LINDA, the top item of the middle column refers to a CRS knob. However this section is greyed out and there is no Course Knob on the unit itself. So, I am wondering where you enter the course/alignment of the destination airport? I apologise if this is a beginners type question but I am new to autopilots, ILS, navigation and MCP Combos, having preferred VFR seat of the pants virtual flying in small GA aircraft. Cheers, John C, Crib Point, Victoria, Australia
  3. mbcans

    LUA (Linda), SPAD and Saitek panels

    Thank you Andydigital and Scotfieger for your prompt responses. I must say that your replies surprised me, but SPAD will stay on your recommendations. I have downloaded Linda 2.5 but I haven't progressed far at this stage. I will await the upgrade. Thanks for the tipoff Scotfieger.. Cheers until the next question arises, John C, Crib Point, Victoria, Australia
  4. Hi all, I have recently got a MCP Combo II - Boeing and have been encouraged to use Linda rather than VRiSim to operate the unit. I have downloaded the Official Linda Manual, brian 747's Introduction to Linda , lots of reviews and other miscellaneous articles from the internet which I will need to study more closely after the initial read. However, a question regarding my setup may be required before I start headlong into this project. I have the full Saitek kit used mainly for GA aircraft and small regional prop aircraft, namely; Yoke, extra TQ, Rudder Pedals, Trim Wheel and the Radio, Multi, Switch and Backlit Information Panels. The 4 panels are driven by a freeware program called SPAD (Saitek Panels Advanced Drivers), rather than FSX controls or FSUIPC. Would it be the recommendation to do away with SPAD and run the buttons and knobs with Linda? I must say SPAD has served me well to date but as I am going into the bigger Boeing jets, to be flown by the MCP Combo II using Linda programming, I might as well change everything to Linda if this is considered practical. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Cheers, John C, Crib Point, Victoria, Australia